WOW! Can you say BUSY:)!! Todays Workout & check out my Strong Meals!!

Monkey Bar Gym Chicago 60 Day Fitness Challengers testing during their introductory week!!
Man this is a good group of folks here:) They're training super hard and already learning MBG 3 really well!! It's always so cool to see the heart people have to drive hard, to make positive change!
Well that is happening in spades here:) haha
Today for us was a very busy day as well, lots of work on Lifeline stuff, taught 4 classes today and had a long MBG Chicago meeting and then did about 3 hours of online work:) looong day!
Has to be done though:) This is what we expected and now it is upon us:) So it's important for us to pay alot of attention to making sure we do not over do the workouts ourselves, to make sure we eat great, and to make sure we get plenty of sleep. We're doing our best on all 3:)
MBG 1 restoration - taught the Eischens Yoga in class today and led it in 2 more classes and took a little snooze (5 minute power nap) on the yoga floor too:) haha
MBG 2 training - did todays Top of 90 seconds workout
  1. Press Ups: Did 5 sets of 9 reps with 70lb this was tough...but great!
  2. PUR Muscle Ups: Did 5 sets of 9 with PUR R8 (3)...was a bit tired on this one:)
rested a few minutes then did;
  1. Cliffhanger crawls: 2 sets of 3 times to the top! This Cliffhanger bar is about 6' longer than madison:) 
  2. Beat push ups: 2 sets of tons of various push ups to the
MBG 3 plant based eating -
Maca' Cafe
soaked oats, dates, banana, pecans, raw protein
green drink
lemon coconut soup, broccoli, spinach and then a raw bar (moms raw, which is very good)
2 more Moms Raw bars
home-made vegan pizza: corn meal crust, tomato sauce, garlic, sesame oil, lentils, spinach, onions, tomatoes,
QUESTION FOR ALL:) now the last one had some GREAT comments:) lets keep it going strong!! Okay enough talk....seems like Ong Bak was a favorite, Bruce Lee a close second, then some Rocky and Gladiator ..... OKAY, this is a tough one:)   
What movies have made you want to fight/train and also made you cry?:) haha  No doubt their is some easy ones here:) and yes i've cried watching these movies:) haha Rudy, Gladiator....feel free to explain why too:) haha Gladiator at the end cause it was serious honor and he lived righteously, Rudy cause it was just cool as hell the little guy makes the play at the end and gets carried off....i was always the little guy til i turned 20 and began to 19 i was 5'8" 130lbs and weak as heck:) So i felt for him big time:)
let me hear you ALL!!!:) haha
peace my friends!


  1. Ok so the movies that make me want to train are once again the Rocky movies, Never Back Down. Some emotional movies are Miracle, when they win there is just something about it. It's a Wonderful Life is definitely an emotional movie.

  2. Rudy almost always makes me cry! All the adversity he had to face and the length of time it took him...he never gave up!

    The Natural also gets to me for the same reasons as Rudy.

    For motivation: The Rocky movies are an easy pick. 300 gets me charged up as well.

  3. Hey Jon,

    I'll think about the movie thing for sure.

    I am also curious if you have any KBs at the new gym. I know you are moving away from them yourself and I haven't seen any in the shots of the gym do far. Just curious. Keep up the great work!

  4. D' oh! Just saw the new workout. Guess that answers that question. :)

  5. Hey Jon

    My vote for best Martial Arts movie has to be the original Karate Kid!
    Geeky kid learns Karate from Master/Mentor, learns self control, inner peace, discipline = basicly becomes a better person = essentially what the martial arts allow us to do, lose our egos and help us become the people we should/want to be + he beats the bully and gets the girl!

    Great blog post!
    Please give Luiz a big hug for me and could you post how to prepare soaked oats please! Been reading the benefits but not 100% sure how to prep.


  6. Running Brave - not a great film, but a true & inspiring story of Billy Mills, a Native American who overcame a lot to win gold in an amazing come-from-behind moment in the 10,000 M run at the '64 Tokyo Olympics. Check out this great video of the real Mills talking about how he visualized that moment for 4 years before it happened and how he worked to shave 2 minutes off his time - dedication! If you aren't crying by the time the announcer in the footage shouts "Look at Mills! Look at Mills!" Well, then I don't think you are human.

  7. man awesome feedback my friends!!! great ones!! karate kid i just watched last night:) man i love that movie, the billy mills movie is big time inspiring...rocky, rudy for sure are great too!
    micah - man good to hear from you! i'll hug luiz for you in about 20 minutes we're training!!
    on the soaked oats...put them in some water, rice milk, coconut water the night before and throw some raw nuts in as well so they can both soak overnight...then when breakfast comes around, throw your other stuff in and mix it up and it's super good and great!!! for you:) wish you all could come and train with us here:) MBG Chicago is going really good and the energy is awesome!!! got my hand up for a high five!!!:) try something crazy hard today!!!


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