Jungle Gym XT, the BXT and Pull Up Revolution blowing it up down under!!

today we spent the first 3 hours of the course teaching our Eischens Yoga, then spent all afternoon basically showing and playing on the Jungle Gym XT, The BXT (body x-treme trainer) and the PUR (pull up revolution)....man we had a blast....got to say that was one of the funnest days of teaching and playing we've ever had at a course...they loved the simplicity of the movements, doing tons of stuff they'd never done before and then mixing it up big time...flowing with music, doing crazy movements and having a blast.
The Jungle Gym i'd have to say the fun stuff is doing things like assisted muscle ups...super slow feels just like a regular muscle up...then PUR muscle ups...then BXT planche push ups, handstands and press ups.
got to say when i asked them to go for it and get way outside the box of traditional movement the aussies did not fail!!:) haha
besides teaching for 9 hours straight for 6 days straight this week i'm not really doing much else besides chillin like a gorilla:) and eating lots of greens:)
basically what i'm eating while here is some:
  1. spirilina (man this stuff is INTENSE:) haha
  2. maca cafe'
  3. soaked oats, raisins, walnuts, SOLife, banana
  4. wheat grass
  5. banana
  6. green drink
  7. chorella tablets
  8. green drink
  9. lentils, sprouts, spinach, hummus, sprouted bread, avocado
felt good energy all day and that is cool as teaching for this long day after day can be draining, maybe it's the people:) or the good food:) or both:) haha both are great!!!
QUESTION: ever train to the beat? rhythm reps? i know some of you have...and some havent...why for each is the question:)
hope you all are doing great!! sending you all some sun and love from down under!!:)


  1. Jon,
    I have yet to workout to the rhythm. But I have been using the power jumper twice a week and its awesome. Is it better to vary the jumps or stick mainly with vertical and broad jumps? I've also been working on gymnastic movements by following Coach Sommer's site and book. I can do l-sits on rings, bent knee front lever, straight arm planche with my legs in, handstands. It feels awesome and I'm just trying to improve little by little everyday. Love following your site and blog... I gotta go find some maca because im dying to see what its like because im big on coffee. Also, do you sell the BXT? I cannot seem to find it?



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