Great BJJ training with Luiz, Great workout after, strong foods!! BXT, JGXT, PUR!!

This morning i got to sleep in and got a good 8 hours of sleep:) been working hard each day and it is good to see the folks enjoying the classes and now the brazilian jiu-jitsu too! Today in class we were training handstands and some bar it is so simple and brings such happiness to folks it is really cool to see:) For example today, after training...luiz, mark (cool dude who is also a badass in muay thai) and i worked out as we had a great workout...mark and luiz both super strong at body weight did muscle ups on the bars using the Pull Up Revolution (PUR) and man they loved it! They both got it immediately and were doing sets of 6 with the PUR immediately!  Then we used the Body X-treme Trainer (BXT) and we did some assisted planche push ups and they loved those immediately too:) To me this is just a blast, cause we're training dope movement skills!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - did a bit of Eischens Yoga after the noon class
MBG 2 training - PUR muscle ups & BXT planche push ups....then did cliffhanger slow crawls & BXT tiger handstand push ups (this one was done using 1 bxt band, facing the wall and going down to a handstand push up, then back onto the elbows, back to head touching again between hands and up) MBG 3 plant based eating -
  1. rejuvalac and green kamut
  2. maca cafe' 
  3. banana, dates, pecans, raw protein powder, quinoa flakes 
  4. kale, garlic, sprouted tortilla wrap, spinach, bell peppers, black beans
  5. dates, cashews
  6. mixed greens, mung beans, sweet potato
  7. rice dream:)
Just so you all know i'll be putting more videos and pics up soon, my internet isnt working too well so it's not loading pics and videos at week i'll have some good ones for you though:)


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