Good Strong Workout today! Super simple green meals + some EY:)

Here is a quick intro video of Monkey Bar Gym Chicago:) Man i can feel the energy rising everyday!
Now with my boy Luiz Claudio joining us...Man it is off the hook bad ass!!
Each day we're getting tons of great folks coming in and learning tons of skills and technique for both our MBG fitness training and LCCT (Luiz Claudio Combat Team) training as well!
In our MBG classes each day we're really teaching alot of the stuff we do so well...Running, Jumping, Crawling and Climbing techniques as part of the warm up and then making those hard core for the workout:) Today we did handstand, kick up to handstands and then walking on their hands alternating with alot of simple to complex bar movements...a little side to sides, in/outs, bicycle up and downs:) all the good stuff!! Then we trained!!
For LCCT, man it is going great too, Luiz is the best BJJ instructor around, he's off the charts good and teaches with a ton of this is awesome to be together with him and i can honestly say we make an awesome 1, 2 punch for training and bjj:) I was lucky to get enough time to train with Luiz 4 times this week and roll for about 2 hours was awesome and the simple moves he's taught this week are for sure gonna give guys a very hard time i know:)
MBG 1 restoration - Taught and did Eischens Yoga in class today:)
MBG 2 training - Did one of my favorites:) J Rock!! 3 sets of 20 total reps
Handstand Push ups > Press Ups > Tricep layouts on the stall bars 1st bar
Muscle Ups > L seat chin ups > Jungle Gym XT muscle ups with slow neg
Man i love this one...simple and hard!!!
MBG 3 plant based eating! -
  1. maca cafe'
  2. bananas, dates, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, pecans, rice milk
  3. collard greens, bananas, apple juice, raw meal (by garden of life) i'm trying this out as i ran out of source of life and this was all i could get:) it's not bad:), some raw food bars
  4. spinach, edemame, onions, brussel sprouts, veggie patty (100% pure plants, nothing processed)
Super busy day, did alot of consultations today, taught 3 classes, wrote all march workouts, then filmed weeks 1 and 3, then took care of alot of business as well....productive...yes:) haha
QUESTION FOR YOU: what is your favorite movie that makes you want to train super super hard? Man there is so many this is a tough one:) I know i really like watching Bruce Lee movies for sure, like Enter the Dragon, Gladiator is good too....but my favorite for pure sick off the wall movement skills that makes me want to train MBG style and Martial Arts? That is "Ong Bak" man Tony Jah is wicked man:) if you havent seen it go rent it, make some of my favorite popcorn cooked in coconut oil, and the put some flax oil on it and then a bit of pink himalayan salt and ENJOY!!!
Can i get an AMEN my brothers??!!!!!!


  1. It's not in a movie. It's a youtube video of a 70 year old man who recently took up gymnastics. I see this and want to get going immediately, so I can catch up to this guy.

  2. Jon,
    Watching rocky 4 with rocky training in Russia and in the snow always pumps me up. Quick question, what would be a good warmup for the daily workouts?

  3. but after watching the video posted by letsgetabsforlife, I have to say that was muy impressive

  4. Ong Bak part 2 is good to watch.Takes place hundreds of years ago with Tony Jaa's character learning different martial arts. Some incredible fight scenes.

  5. true that!! all of you guys are on point with your answers:) ong bak 2 is awesome...isnt that the one where they steal his elephant? and then it has the most wicked 5 minute scene ever!!!:)

  6. oh boy, I'm gonna go with rocky also! Any of the montages are good but I do like 4. The music is great also ha!

  7. Jonny, I think that one is called The Protector.Ong Bak 2 was released 2 years ago maybe.Ong Bak 2 is Tony Jaa's best flic for fights.Takes place in the Siam jungle in the 1400's.It is basically a way for Tony Jaa and his fight team to go into the jungle, wear period clothes and kick the crap out of each other for 2 hours.


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