Giving a holler from down under! MBG Intensive starts tomorrow, MBG 3 daily:)

hey my friends, man it's hot here:) alot is happening here if you've seen the storm coming to hit the east coast. Level 5 hurricane, pretty scary stuff, the folks on the east coast are very scared and it's the only thing on the news...going to hit tonight and tomorrow am.
since arriving we've been enjoying Darwin and trained with Paul Fogg yesterday, what a nice guy! If you all can ever make it here you got to look him up!! we did a crushing leg workout yesterday that literally wiped me out for today:) i mean wiped out:) haha, well not soo funny, i'm hurting:) the heat, the jet lag, and the hard workout...= 1 very tired jon:) so just messed around on todays workout and that was still too i'm chillin' this afternoon to rest up for tomorrow...first of six 9 hour days:)
yesterday paul and paul junior (big pauls assistant trainer) all trained.
5 minutes of each section
Power Jumper + 120lb (2 reds) for 50 jumps to touch a 9'6" ceiling...this was actually very very hard!!
then we did 5 minutes of 64kg deadlifts for 53 reps in 5 more minutes. this one was for sure hard but not a surprise:) actually happy to handle the 128kg so easily for the 5 minutes
then rested and did some more fun stuff
Power wheel rollouts amap in 2 love this a good number 61:)
we also played around before training with, parallel bars, planches, levers, etc too...paul is like me that he loves doing the fun skills:)
MBG 1 doing the Eischens Yoga new beginner sequence we'll show you all next few months...added a few nice challenging poses to the mix...about 30 minutes i took on it on the boardwalk...good sweat and nice and quiet place to do it too:)
MBG 2 workout listed above
MBG 3 been keeping to our eating really well...jess made sure to bring some of our greens and paul took us to a very cool little organic store where we got great veggies, nuts, seeds, even an awesome veggie patty that is all pure plants:) carrots, onions, mushrooms, some nuts, great!!!
we've been drinking the green powders daily, lots of coconut waters and still starting the day with our favorite maca cafe!
it has been a bit of a challenge getting online my friends but we hope we got the problem solved:)
remember my friends, love your training, enjoy movement and challenge, eat for you and the planet and restore daily with the simple poses of Eischens Yoga to bring balance and strength to your mind, body and spirit:)
peach my friends:) haha


  1. Hey Jon,
    Hope all is well, and best of luck in Australia. I have a quick question for you, I've been using SOL with water as a sort of green drink and like it, but was wondering what sort of green powder (im assuming powder) that you all have been using? Best of luck with the intensive.
    Bien salud.


  2. have a GREAT trip Jonny & Jess, much love!


  3. Hope you guys have an awesome trip down under...filled with great training, meeting new friends and lots of laughs!

    Bro, like you told me last year...WE ARE opening people's eyes with our training and lifestyle. I've been all over the local TV channels and mags talking about the type of training and eating we follow @ BRIGA.

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks again for being such a huge influence in our lives...we wouldn't be who we afe without guys like you, Mike and the "Z" man himself...if you tead this ZACH, thanks for everything bro...see you soon @ the CFE Cert!

    Blessings my Soul Training brother!

  4. Have an awesome time down there!

    Can't wait to see the new EY Beginner's Sequence!




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