Big MBG Chicago 60 Day Fitness Challenge! Jungle Gym XT, Power Wheel

Today was a super busy day, jess and i were up for the 6am class, then worked, then trained BJJ with my good buddy Luiz Claudio who moved from Rio to teach here at the MBG!! Then i trained, then pretty much worked and had meetings the rest of the day til teaching again at 5pm and then teaching the 60 day fitness challenge at 6pm tonight! Man this is a busy day:)
Luiz is amazing! his technique is simple flawless and combined with his fluidity makes for a true master of brazilian we're very lucky to have him here at MBG Chicago. 10 years ago when i opened up my first Monkey Bar Gym in madison wisconsin he had just begun teaching brazilian jiu-jitsu...we trained at rickson gracie's academy on west pico blvd in west LA together (he was a purple and i was a white belt back in 95' when we met and we became good friends then and re-united again when i flew back to LA for rickson's championships at the UCLA campus in 2000. His team from Rio dominated, i was teaching in madison as a blue belt with no one to teach me so he once again became my instructor and came to madison 2 x year to teach seminars and it was awesome! Because of him (without question) i won the pan american and international world championships. 10 years ago, he and i talked about someday having a place for us both...and now it has arrived and i must say we both bring alot to the table....more than alot!!!:) It's awesome and we're gonna change the world!!
MBG 1 restoration - taught and did the Eischens Yoga today and that is always great!!
MBG 2 training - did some nice heavy work using a 24k attached to me while doing about 5 sets of cliffhanger crawls and planche dips...this was good simple hard work. after that did some rhythm reps for pulls and pushes...lots of side to side, in out and circle chins alternated with basically the same type movements but for push up variations...side to sides, tigers, alligators and all types....actually very hard workout:)
MBG 3 plant based -
  1. maca cafe'
  2. rejuvalac and green kamut powder
  3. collards, corn, vegan wrap with black beans and kale and bell peppers
  4. banana, orange, dates, seeds
  5. collards, banana, raw protein powder, apple juice, bee pollen, flax meal, sunflower seeds
  6. vegan pizza (home made) corn meal crust from whole foods, tomato sauce, collards, bell peppers, garlic, onions, spinach
got to get some rest now:)


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