Back home and opening MBG Chicago at 6am tomorrow!!!!!

Paul and Des Fogg, Jessica and I in Darwin, Australia!!:)
Hey hey hey!!!! MBG Chicago is opening at 6am tomorrow morning!! Man this day is finally coming:) Alot of work, still got alot to do....but we're opening. Jess and i just got back last night after 36 hours of traveling:) haha man that was a long trip:) and that is after getting a quicker flight from sydney to LA....would of had a 10 hour layover otherwise....dang!!! haha
So tomorrow we open...we will be teaching MBG 3:)
I'm getting back to my own training as when i teach intensives (six 9 hour days in a row) i usually do not train beyond the i'll begin tomorrow again and so will begin blogging again.
when traveling it is really interesting, the stress of flying so far...planes are big time i usually really load up on the green drinks, chorella and water, fruit and more water.
being in a super super hot to respect it and the i learned a tough lesson:) haha i went and trained right after getting there and of course it had to be a tough one at about 2pm and it was about 95 out and 95% humidity.....did it strong....but it crushed me after....lesson learned? when you travel along ways and it's hot....chill, focus 110% on recovery...that is just what i did after that and it worked fine...i felt better each day:) haha
a few good lessons i learned:)
my question to you is what are your travel and training techniques that work well for you so you dont bonk?
big day tomorrow, gonna sleep now:)
good night my friends!


  1. Hi Jon and Jess. I just wanted to wish you good luck with the openeing of your new gym and to also say that it was inspirational being around you and Jess and Paul and Despina while you were doing the MBG intensive course in Darwin.

    Jamie. MBG Australia, Darwin

  2. thanks jamie, it was a real pleasure meeting you and i'm impressed by how well you did...silverback my friend!!! represent down under and keep up the good work mate!!!


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