Why so scared? the fear of losing muscle? Step outside the box!!

What is the deal with people being so scared to step outside the box?
FIRST - people are afraid to train bodyweight or full body stuff cause they're scared their gonna lose size:) what a joke, for one that is totally bogus and two why do you really feel like you need that size so much anyways?? are you a professional athlete that requires this size like you pro football? Still the answer is bogus, training full body movements progressively harder and harder will build up your size and strength.
SECOND - people are afraid to eat just plants...scared again why? they're gonna lose size:) hahaha Man this is bogus again, plants are the source of size and strength for all primates....AND WE'RE PRIMATES!! Before i became a vegan early  in 2004 i had been 212 lbs and 10-12% bodyfat (21.2 - 25.4 lbs) for about 10 years prior unless i cut weight for a bjj tournament or something...so lean body mass about 187 to 191 lbs (212 - 21.2 = 191) to (212 - 25.4 = 186.6). THIS THE THE SAME AS TODAY!! EVER SINCE I BECAME A VEGAN 7 YEARS AGO!!) So the ideal that you lose your size and strength is totally bogus!!
THIRD - people do not want to step outside of their current comfort zone...coffee (starbucks), milk, cheese, meat, sugar, etc....if people only knew that these toxic filled substances are filling our bodies with the ingredients to hurt us in the long run. Coffee, milk, sugars, salt....all addictive and all can be found at your local addictive crack houses all over the world! Now i dig if you have a coffee once in a while but if you're gonna do it lighten up on the killer stuff and make a change or two like rice or soy milk instead of cows milk...stevia instead of sugar....no way have the splenda crap!! that stuff is straight up poison!! Try the Maca Cafe' instead too...hot water, maca, stevia and maybe a dash of almond milk and it's awesome for a coffee replacement and makes you feel great and it's good for you!!
OVERALL - i'm just asking you is what you're doing working? are you pain free? are you happy and healthy? Is what you are doing making our planet a better place? Also what do you have to lose if you step outside what you're currently doing? Step outside the box a bit, alot:) Experience something totally different! The MBG 3 does that! I'm not saying it's the only way...it works:) experience something different and new and feel how your body responds to it!! That is all i'm asking!
MBG 3 - 
  1. maca cafe
  2. raw/live granola, almond milk, soaked almonds, banana, dates
  3. manna bread, honey, cashew butter
  4. vegan pizza; corn meal crust (from whole foods), vegan pizza sauce pure and powerful!, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, seitan, vegan cheese
  5. maca cafe
  6. green drink
  7. raw sandwich: nut bread, onions, greens, cashews (simple and super!)
MBG 2 - 
Prison 7-1 workout afap
Handstand push ups x 7 / 4,2 / 4,1 / 3,1 / 3 / 2 / 1
L seat chin ups to sternum x 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1
felt good and strong!
Full tricep layouts (JGXT) 7 - 1
Super slow JGXT cleans 7 - 1
felt good and strong too...did full hip extensions and head to floor on the JGXT cleans and it felt good!
MBG 1 - 
Eischens Yoga and tons of back dome work after training today!

peace and good night my friends:)


  1. Hey Jonny,

    Not quite sure what inspired that post however it sounds like something triggered you off.

    I can certainly vouch for the maintenance of size and strength on a vegan diet and bodyweight only training. I have been full vegan now for the past 6 months with the last 3 months also being purely gymnastic style bodyweight only training. In that time, like yourself, I have maintained my old bodyweight (of 105kg) with no concentrated effort and eating less than half the protein I had consumed in days gone by.
    Today I came across an old workout you told me about at the CNT course last April 20-2 reps / 2-20 reps of double front squat with the 32,s alternated with deads with the 64kgs for time. Now considering I had not touched a KB in approx 3 months I had presumed this was going to be a massive ask.
    I got the workout done in 35 mins albeit with the 55,s for deads but it just goes to show you how far BW training carries over into the world of external loading. I felt especially strong in the core from all the Gymnastic work and I have no doubt I have the 64,s in me for deads.

    Keep up the good work mate you continue to inspire with this blog.


    nailed 25m handstand walking, I am after you when you get over to Oz, ha ha

  2. Hey Jon, great post! It was a great reminder for me personally because I from time to time get paranoid about lean mass gains (which is almost funny since I'm only 5'10", 170, 11-12%BF). You're right! Full body training rocks! I train almost exclusively bodyweight (with occasional barbell & kettlebell work) and I feel (and look) better than I have in a long time!!

    I'm going to have to try that 20-2/2-20 KB front squat & deadlift workout...sounds fun!!

  3. It does seem like something triggered you off, and that's really too bad because I've enjoyed the "no ego" atmosphere of MBG and your theories. It seems to be dwindling with this post and some of the emails I've gotten from MBG lately. Too bad, because it's pretty offputting. I've really enjoyed the no ego, down to earth feel of the MBG.

  4. It's a shame you feel that way Nota. I hope you are not mistaking ego for passion??

  5. I agree with OZMBG! I don't find anything Jon said having anything to do with his ego. In fact, I rather appreciate his honest opinions and viewpoints when it comes to training and nutrition.

  6. hey everybody, thanks for your posts:) all of you:) my post was purely meant to be positive and simply challenging folks to not worry about losing their muscle...i went thru this and many others have also that became plant based AND train whole body like we do at the MBG...training in isolation and using tons of whey protein, etc is tough to break from and all i was saying was no need to be scared my friends, it's been done now by many and no worries man...you'll be more than okay:) you'll be great!!:) hope you understand my friends:) appreciate you all a ton and am doing my best:)

  7. Keep it up, Jonny. I appreciate your efforts and your insight. It's refreshing to see people who live what they preach, train for performance AS WELL AS health, and all while having fun doing it. I strive to do the same, and help others in the process. Cheers!

  8. Hey Johnny,

    thanks for all YOUR great posts, past posts of january where just what i needed to read (especially the one about going thru hard times and how see it and wat you do with it)

    But how do you do the Full tricep layouts (JGXT) and the Super slow JGXT cleans?
    Is it explainable or perhaps showable in a video? I understand you are all very busy, i can also think of two substitute exercises for your prison workout.

    Many thanks for all the inspiration, good vibration and more important, fun!


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