Weekend Warrior 300 Workout! 100 stair pushups, pullups(JGXT), stairs and Vegan seminar!

My Back Stairwell push ups!! Wicked Man!!:)
Good day today (saturday)! Bit late posting as i had no internet last night:) But good thing for local cafe's:) Getting situated and we're meeting alot of cool people here in the Chicago area and it's very
cool to meet and talk with people here about health and fitness and get some energy going about the
MBG Chicago! You might notice also that i'm training in my home and not at the mbg right now:) Cause it's not done yet and so been training in the stairwell and in my condo which is cool anyways. Just miss all the super fun stuff to play on...but no worries i have stairs, walls, doors and floors to play on and been having some really fun workouts. One thing i love to do is train full body on stairs and so todays workout was pretty much all on stairs:) hope you all like it!
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga back domes x 30 seconds x 5 sets, prone mountain 3 x 60 seconds
MBG 2 training - Warrior 300 workout:
Backwards up stairs push ups: 10 sets of 10 reps (step step, push up, repeat x 10:)
L seat chin ups: 10 sets of 10 reps of (L seat chins, JGXT muscle ups, regular chins) mixed reps of all
Then later on did 6 x 151 stairs to the top (every step, every other, every 3rd step alternating fashion)
Then did some playing on handstands and levers after doing all the backdomes after training.
felt good!
MBG 3 eating -
Maca cafe' (this is a great substitute for coffee drinkers out there) Maca, hot water, some almond milk if you want and some stevia and mix...awesome and great for you!!
soaked oatmeal, raisins, walnuts, banana
mango, banana smoothie with pea and hemp proteins in it and some almonds
mixed salad, beets, onions, avocado, sprouts
manna bread(sprouted and excellent), organic hummus, tabouli, tomato,
hemp muffin (from karyns on halsted) amazing, sprouted muffin, 100% strong!!
Good day, good energy:)
peace my friends!


  1. Hi Jon, I sent you the youtube video link last week for the buzzsaw challenge. The one event that was not on the video was the Jon Kolb special, you will love it! We did it at the stadium and there are 38 steps to the top. Start in push up position at the bottom of the steps with hands on the floor and feet on the first step. Now work your way to the top step until your feet reach the top step and then return to the bottom (1 step at a time)!Hands hit the floor, then both feet and time ends. Fastest time wins!

  2. thanks guys:) yeah i saw the video, we've been doing that backwards crawling up and down stairs as well since i opened 10 years ago...awesome exercise and it waxes you:) did you do it just crawling every step or did you to it with push ups each step, cause that would crush em for sure:) haha

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