Super Simple, Very Strong, Soul workout! Jungle Gym XT 5 min sets x 4

Yesterday was simple, so was living a simple life:)
Love keeping my MBG 3 simple as i always strive for that in my workouts.
QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY....DO YOU FEEL CLEAN AND STRONG? If not why not? Think of all the stresses that may be affecting your life...pollution, poor foods, stressful job, stress at home. Then do you have a plan to turn it around? To re-energize yourself and your life?
For me no doubt if you've read my blog you know i'm doing alot of business and traveling and moving to another city, etc...all stresses big i really do my best to listen to my body and pay attention to when i need to rest and recover...sometimes i also talk to my friend john allen mollenhauer (a regeneration expert:) and he'll give me a candid point of view...JON you're over doing it is usually what he says:) haha....YOU GOTS TO CHILL!! is what he a plan of rest and recovery is key...just like training, eating, etc, you let the body recover...same here...get a plan and follow that plan! Hope you're feeling clean and strong my friends:)
MBG 1 Eischens Yoga front warrior, prone mountain, back dome...a whole bunch again...want to get that back handspring and other movements like that:)
MBG 2 skills & strength today!
1 arm Handstand holds balancing 2nd hand on a 18" bar x about 5 sets of as long as i could hold each one...basically about 10 seconds...getting better at this:)
1 arm chin up hold with 2nd arm out straight and just slightly assisting...did same 5 sets for 10 counts:)
Then the workout usual i want to keep improving my handstands and chin ups and since i'm in my place in a door way doing around the worlds and stuff is to help my strength for when i get my MBG Chicago open i'm just doing L seat chins to chest and HSPU's...both great skills!!
So i wanted to train these two skills but really put a focus on pure form and getting as much as possible work done in 5 minutes:) it was awesome:) haha. HSPU and L seat CU's for 22 and 23 respectively:) for 5 minutes each...Jack Lalanne i heard actually did 80 HSPU's in 5 minutes...that is bad ass!!:) haha so i got about 60 more pounds on him:) haha just makes me stronger in the long run huh!!:)
Then did the same with JGXT muscle ups at 90 degrees (just to dip position) for 5 minutes and then did 36" box pushups off pirouettes chest to thumbs to help planche push ups for 5 too...did 45 and 46 respectively here too...this was really a fun workout, focused on pure clean reps, nothing forced or cheating on and it really felt great...getting a good feel on all these skills:)
MBG 3 eating -
  1. maca cafe'
  2. green smoothie (hemp seeds, green powder) mangos, spinach, goji, bee pollen
  3. coconut water from the source...a coconut!!! nice and cool!
  4. green drink
  5. soaked oats, pea protein, cashews and dates, goji powder
  6. green drink
  7. raw vegan wraps (cucumbers, nuts, tomato, zuchini, hummus)
  8. popcorn, flax oil, pink himalayan salt
felt good, clean and strong today:)
hope you did too,


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