Strong Plants + Jungle Gym XT workout = Strong Primate!!

cool view from my porch:)
   Hey everybody, yesterday i was talking to Karyn Calabrese of Karyns Raw restaurants, she is an amazing lady. We had a really good talk and it's really exciting to be talking with her as she is a nutrition legend here in the Chicago area by leading the plant based scene here for almost 40 years! If you're ever in Chicago you got to go check out one of her 3 places, they are amazing!! (Karyns Raw, Karyns cooked and Karyns on Green)
   Today was spent eating super simple & strong foods and training super simple and strong movements with the Jungle Gym XT...then for sure my simple restoration stuff:) It was a good day, got alot done and helped me recover from our day trip out east (Boston) yesterday for business. So listening to my body was really big today so that i felt better and recovered better from all the stress of training. 
MBG 1 restoration - shoulder routine x 8s with chest expander, then my 10s with the indian clubs, then some strict front and side warriors, prone mountain, supine bridge and back domes. Then read alot and relaxed and chilled too:)
MBG 2 training - super strong and simple workout!!
  1. Feet on 36" box Down Dog push ups on pirouettes (18") for 8 sets of 2
  2. Straddle L seat JGXT chin ups super strict and slow to chest for 8 sets of 3
did 1 right to 2 and these felt great!!
  1. JGXT tricep full layouts for 10 sets of 3
  2. JGXT clean for 10 sets of 3 (this exercise was a new one...sort of like a body row mixed with hip extension mixed with a curling motion towards the head...actually really cool exercise:)
Started the workout a little tired from our long day yesterday ... about 55% and ended feeling alot better and felt good (about 75%) and strong the rest of the day which is really great!! 

MBG 3 eating - man eating strong like this makes you lean, green and mean:) haha
  1. Maca cafe', almond milk, stevia
  2. Greens Juiced: carrots, beets, spinach, parsley
  3. Mejool Dates and sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  4. 2 bananas, pea protein, goji berries smoothie, oats milk
  5. Collard greens, brown rice, carrots, broccoli, seitan sausage, beans
  6. Coconut oil, organic popcorn, flax oil, pink himalayn salt
Really good day of recovering my mind, body and spirit after a very long 4am to 11pm travel day yesterday...i feel i did a really good job today of all MBG 3 and i feel really really good:)

QUESTION FOR YOU: when you feel exhausted what do you do to reclaim your balance and feel good again?

Peace my friends:)


  1. Sounds like a great day Jon. I'm gonna be in Chicago Feb. 2-5. Gotta checkout Karyn's!

    When I am wiped-out from work and travel I focus first on rest followed by EY and really strong nutrition. Strong, simple workouts are key too. Nothing tricky or complicated. Overall, simplicity is key for me as it is often too much complexity that causes my stress and exhaustion.




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