Stairs full body workout! JGXT,

Here is a video i promised you all from one of my last workouts last week in madison. Jess and Stef are doing some pulling work to the beat and it was crazy fun:) Try it out my friends:)
The answers to my question from monday were great! Push ups, Chin ups, 15/15, kb's, all at the tops of the lists....for me my favorites are cliffhanger bar climbs mixed with backwards up/down push that combo is off the hook! For an at home workout, my favorite is 15/15 x 10 minute Jungle Gym XT push ups and chin ups for 5 minutes each section for 100+ reps each, simple and strong:) Hardest simple workout i've ever done is the 15/15 x 10 minute clean and press with the 32k's for 80 reps...that was off the charts hard! Hardest complex workout i've ever done is probably the card deck workout doing 32's clean, 32k press, 32" lateral hurdle jumps and 30" box jumps....nearly destroyed me and tim clavette:) haha...took 1 hour to finish and we were out for the count after that:) Man there is soo many great ones:) now that i'm thinking it's super hard to narrow it to those two:)
SO that is my question for tonight:) What is your hardest single workout(s):) AND results that you've ever done:)
MBG 1 restoration - rolled around on the floor alot, then did supine bridge and prone mountains, then some back domes:)
MBG 2 training - wanted a good sweat today so ran the stairs in my new building 7 flights...did it 6 times and got a sweat started then began the workout:
backwards stairs push ups for 3 sets of 10 strict reps on some seriously steep stairs:) haha
L seat chin ups touching forehead to wall for 3 sets of 7
then wanted to practice some other movements and alternated tiger beat push ups and JGXT beat body rows for a few more sets and that was it....good training today:) haha
MBG 3 eating - had good day of eating and a fun one too!
mixed greens, arugula, pine nuts, walnuts, flax oil, tomato, seitan sausage (awesome salad!!)
kale, nuts, quinoa, bell peppers, onions, beans
edemame soup with lots of veggies
karyns pecan chocolate bar (all raw bar and super tasty)
jessies awesome raw pizza! OFF THE HOOK!! corn meal crust, tomato sauce, garlic, peppers, onions, seitan sausage, vegan pizza i've ever had!!
Getting more acclimated here in chicago and learning our way around too. Got some not so great news today...the city of chicago is wanting some changing to our building:) not our space, but our building that we are a part of!! So we got to get the owner of the building to make these changes...they think 2 more weeks, then most likely we're good, by that time jess and i will be on our way to australia to teach our 1st over seas MBG Intensive feb 3-8th, then we'll open MBG Chicago Feb 14th when we return....for sure it will be all clean and polished and looking sharp!! So it's gonna open later than expected, but I  promise, it's gonna be off the hook!!!
Hope you all can come and visit us:)
your friend,


  1. Hey Jon, you still working on your book?

  2. :) yes, not very fast but yes i am doing my best:)


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