Sad day in the health & fitness world:( my thoughts on the great jack lalanne

This morning i heard the news that the late great Jack Lalanne had passed away. What an amazing man he was and how many millions of people he touched and helped to change their lives for the better.
He influenced me from the time i was 6 years old...yes, 6, we use to have the Jack Lalanne TV show on and he'd tell us how to live a healthier life....he actually told us...jef, jil, juli and jon stop jumping on your parents bed and sit and listen to what i have to say once and we all looked at each other in total shock:) He continued to influence my life as i saw the amazing physical build he had and i wanted to have that same strength and vitality:) As my dad began to invent exercise equipment in the early 70's...the Lifeline Jump Rope, then the Lifeline Portable Deluxe Gym, Jack Lalannes name always came up....he was a pioneer in the invention of fitness equipment and later as i became a trainer he was still influencing my life as he was the guy that started all the personal training as well. When i opened my first Monkey Bar Gym in january of 2001 he was the guy that inspired me a ton....i invented our favorite workout the MBG 15/15 workout because of him. I had read how he did 1000 push ups in 23 minutes at the age of 43. Man that stoked my i planned to do 1000 push ups myself in 40 minutes and over the month that i trained for that day i realized the 15/15 workout was the way to go to attain that number as quickly as possible....and i did it! I called him to tell him how amazing he was and what an amazing inspiration he has been to me but did not get to talk with him but at least got the message to him:)
He influenced me into juicing more and the amazing benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Why did he always make such a huge impact? Because HE WALKED THE WALK, he did not stray and eat crappy foods for a few weeks, he stayed the course, he showed people thru his physical feats to the energy he had, to the long life he lived to the way he ate:)
Last year i was speaking at a fitness seminar in chicago and he was the opening speaker and man for sure i wanted to see him and it was great! He had all these great stories about how he got started from a sick young boy to a energized powerful man:) How he helped kids become confident and strong. Well Jack you made a believer in me as a boy and will always continue to influence my life! You were a great man and YOU MADE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE:) Thank you for paving the way for millions to follow to a better world:)
jon hinds


  1. Jon, very true. He was a true inspiration in many ways. He walked the walk and lived his life to fullest. He treated his body, friends and family with true respect. He will be honored and remembered for many years. On a side note, what brand and form of maca do you recommend or use. I would like to try the cafe but am confused on what to buy for the maca. Any direction would be appreciated. Keep up the good work Jon. Don't forget, MBG in Fort Collins would be very cool. Your kind of town!


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