Pure Skills, Strong Plants, Powerful Plants!!:) Back domes!!

Handstand Skill...man i miss being outside:) haha, it's cold here!!
Dang i love training skills!!:) Feels good doesnt it!! Now give me some love on what is your favorite skill to train...what would it be if you could only train one? This is a tough one:) Climbing is cool with all types of chins, rope and pole climbs...Crawling is great too with handstand walking, push ups of all types... Jumping and running...man picking one, i'd have to say sprinting is it, it does it all, it's full by my friends if anything ever was...but lets make it harder...two skills, what would they be? haha, this should be fun!!
MBG 1 - restoration as usual was my Eischens Yoga...did feedback with jessie on supine bridge, incline plane, prone mountain and then did tons and tons of back domes...mission 2011...back handspring and i'm so happy i can now do back domes pretty good (for those that did not know i could not even get my hands on the ground before:) now cold i can do back dome:) It's been a long road but i continue to improve...so i got a good goal for that one this year:)
MBG 2 training - man had a good old simple workout today...pure skills my friends!!
  1. planche push ups on pirouettes alternated with slow muscle ups (after getting enough of this i then did the following two til i felt done:)
  2. handstand push ups alternated with no leg body rows
this was a simple, strong workout that felt great! Another goal for 2011, handstand push up from parallel bars...man this is a tough one too, but!! i'm getting higher and higher:) haha just hitting that sticking point...got to have the balance and the strength...got the balance now, now just working the pure strength and pureness of the movement:) i love doing this:) it's super fun training!!
ALSO got word today the bars will be going up most likely monday!!! ah finally i can workout in the new MBG Chicago!! Training here at home is fun but dang the MBG rocks the bells:) hahaha
MBG 3 eating - clean and strong plants...again!!:)
  1. maca cafe'
  2. green drink (chorella)
  3. soaked oats, soaked almonds, SOLife, banana, dates
  4. green drink (chorella, spiralina)
  5. acai, banana's, sesame seeds, honey, SOlife
  6. kale, tomato, bell peppers, onions, avocado, sunflower seeds
  7. popcorn, flax oil, pink himalayan salt
man folks patience is a virtue and man waiting to get MBG Chicago open is testing my patience big time:) haha....breath, relax:) haha


  1. Jon-

    What do you think about chia seeds? I am reading "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall and saw where the Tarahumara make a drink with chia seeds, water, lime, and honey. I couldn't remember if you mentioned chia seeds in past posts or not and if you had an opinion on them. Thanks.

  2. Oh yeah! If I had to pick just one skill...I guess it would have to be jumping. If I had to pick just 2 skills, then it's jumping AND sprinting. But I love climbing too!

  3. If I was going to pick two skills, it would definitely be handstand walking and jumping, both are so much fun!

  4. haha:) yeah isnt that a tough choice:)
    james the chia seeds are great for you! soaked and sprouted really great! no doubt the tarahumara know how to use them properly...the lime is great and honey...man that is a great plant strong drink!
    on the skills isnt that crazy when you think about just two and how many great combinations of movement we can do with them...jumping and sprinting is awesome but then you miss the fun of climbing and being on your hands:) It's all great!! I just like to ask that sometimes to see the true power of simplicity of movement that we have:) Great choices all:)!!!

  5. oh boy, climbing and sprinting maybe. i really enjoy pole climbs and rope climbs when i get the chance.


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