The Power Jumper, some stairs, insight of Eischens Yoga and Plant friends:)

Here i'm showing a super simple, but very challenging strength, power and balance drill called Power Jumper control stair jumps. This exercise take alot of control for you must have balanced technique to jump with control up to the next step, land with perfect balance so that you can control squat down and touch your fingers and then jump powerfully up to the next step. I jump this way until my fatique begins to change my form...remember "last rep is as good as the first rep":)
Today i'm feeling pretty darn good, ate clean and strong foods, did a great Eischens Yoga session and then had alot of fun training today...all simple, all strong, all good:)....that is a good mantra huh:)
MBG 1 restoration - Really tuned in big time to my Eischens Yoga session this morning and it felt great! Just paying attention to the simplest actions of each pose and really perfecting each as best as i can while moving...for those of you that do Eischens Yoga, we have 3 sequences on our EY dvd, the beginner is a straight sequence as is the Warrior sequence, the middle sequence is the partner feedback which is unique to Eischens part of each pose that you can do for any of the poses though is to bring movement to the pose...extremely subtle movement AND extremely powerful...this is a bit higher level and if you are ever around an experienced EY instructor make sure to learn some of this stuff...simple, strong, powerful!!:) For those of you that know what i'm taking about the movements are so amazing...the smaller the more powerful really:) Now that is wicked man:)
MBG 2 training - had fun training all my jumping stuff today!!
Power Jumper 120lbs control stair jumps....did about 3 x one and a half flights:) haha whew toughey!
Power Jumper 120lb hallway broad jumps...just jumped as far as i could all the way down the hall! Man i alternated these two for 3 rounds thru and it felt great! LOVE JUMP TRAINING!!
Then i just was thinking what would be a great simple strength exercise with the power jumper for hip extension???...a simple full extension movement done with controlled slow negative portion and then moving quickly up to full this felt awesome!! Just did one set amap and it felt great!:) Man i love the simplicity of training simple movements:) "True power in simplicity"
MBG 3 eating - feels good eating so clean, simple and strong:) ... common theme today:) haha
  1. maca cafe' (1 tbls maca, some almond milk, some stevia)
  2. green power drink
  3. kamut greens and hemp seeds, brazil nut protein, lecithin, banana, rejouvalac
  4. green power drink
  5. almonds, dates, banana
  6. raw vegan sandwich and chopped beets salad from this cool RAW restaurant in downtown chicago...if ever here check it out:) their food is off the hook...super good stuff my friends!!
  7. dates and walnuts
some of my friends replied to last nights question about which two exercises or skills would you train if you could only train two...after asking the question i thought how amazing all the skills are...any of the basics are amazing...running, jumping, crawling, climbing...all done at various angles, faster, slower, rhythmic, playful, combinations of skills, or just making them super challenging....all are great and all can be taken to higher and higher levels:) 
have fun my friends! keep life simple, eat simple strong foods, train and play simple skills:)
peace out my friends!


  1. Love those PJ control jumps! Gotta try them in my office stairwell or maybe the Santa Monica steps (might anger the supermodels).

    The simplicity thing is sooo key. So much of the industry is based on complexity. This disempowers individuals to take control of their health and fitness and puts them at the mercy of "experts". There are plenty of experts out there that you don't have to pay, animals and children.

    Looking forward to visiting Chicago in early Feb. Got a couple of great restaurants to check out!



  2. hey jon! finally tried to the beat workout and it's totally cool! thanks for sharing!

  3. haha:) awesome to hear guys:) yes the beat is a very cool workout...bringin' back the ol' school bboy days:) haha

  4. I have yet to try out the jump cables, but my main concern is that the resistance is greatly increased at the top of the jump (obviosuly). In many people, this would probably prevent them from getting full hip extension which I feel is vital in any successful jump program. In my experience, many people struggle enough not utilizing full hip extension and as trainers I feel that promoting shortened hip flexor training is not a great approach. Anybody who has used these cables have a comment on that?


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