Our New Chicago place! Strong JGXT workout, 2 BIG Q's

View from my new Chicago back porch:) cold but still beautiful:)
Hey y'all, well jessie and i have finally gotten all moved in! for the last 3 days we've been packing, driving/u-hauling, un-packing, buying tons of stuff for our place and even found some time to workout today. Also met about MBG Chicago today too which i'm very excited about and today was the day the city assessment people review all the various parts of the buildout...man it's cutting it close to the date we wanted to open, we'll see by the morning if it's a go or if we got to change things up a bit. Man alot different here than in madison:) haha It was very interesting over the last 3 days the packing, lifting, carrying and how fun it actually was, i mean it was really fun to pick heavy stuff up, carry it all over the place, climb up on things and basically do MBG workouts spaced out over 3 days:)
Today we're catching up on things and so we got a workout in too which felt really good!
MBG 1 - restoration: morning shoulder routine with chest expander, indian clubs and then this afternoon did Eischens Yoga favorite 5s:) Front Warriors, Warrior 3, Elbow Stand, Supine Bridge and Back Domes...did all for about 60 seconds each and repeated the ones i wanted to focus more on for a few sets each...love this simplicity and the feel afterwards...GREAT!!
MBG 2 - training: simple Prison 6-1 workout afap
  1. Handstand push ups: 6/5/4/3/2/1
  2. L seat chin ups with Jungle Gym XT bringing hands to low on chest: 6/5/4/3/2/1
made all in straight sets:) and felt good for being a bit tire from the last few days:)
Then alternated German hangs on the JGXT for 2s AND L seat to planche holds for 2 on boxes and repeated these for about 4-5 sets each...loved the skills and strengths today...simple and strong!
MBG 3 - eating: 
  1. vegetable soup with cilantro on it and pumpkin seeds (jessie made it and it was dizope!!:)
  2. garlic kale, walnuts, seaweed, beans, edemame, cranberries, kamut (got it at whole foods which i love to eat at almost daily. today though the kale had too much oil on it and man it hit my stomach and did not feel good right after eating....so went and got some Suzies Kamut puffed cakes and man that helped immediately) One thing i got to watch for is too much oil and that lunch had it...unusual as i eat that daily almost:) So this sort of killed my desire for food most of today, so did not eat that much.
  3. So add about 10 of those Kamut cakes:) haha they tasted awesome! This helps for sure!
  4. red cabbage, grilled onions, garbanzo beans, collard greens
Feels good to get situated today in our new place and discuss the MBG Chicago. Right now in addition to our MBG 3 (training, plant based, eischens yoga) we will also have Luiz Claudio Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Capoeira (75% sure), Muay Thai (75% sure) and even some other very cool movement classes as well! This place is gonna be off the hook i know it:)
QUESTION FOR YOU: 1 workout to do what would it be...for the next year?
Pick from anytime anystyle you like, i'm not feeding you any answers here, but just want to hear what you all think:)
SECOND QUESTION FOR YOU: 1 training tool for the next year...just 1...what / which would it be?
again, i'm not giving any, just want to hear your favorite:)
look forward to hearing your answers!
peace and patience:)


  1. KB snatches, and Kettlebell. I can bring it anywhere.

  2. exercise for the year is handstand push ups and one arm pull up

    1 training tool a kettlebell

    happy new year guys

  3. Hey Jon,

    Best of luck with MBG Chicago, I'm sure its going to sweet.

    Not sure if this will count, but; rock and tree climbing, and for equipment, rocks and trees.

    Or, simple but effective, push-ups and pull-ups with lots of variations. Tool, Jungle Gym 2, sorry its all i got right now, eventually i'll update.

    Bien salud.


  4. For me it would be the 15/15 workout, using any opposing upper body and opposing lower body exercises (or one that uses everything). I say this since Jess just started me doing this workout and I've seen the videos but never tried it and it is way tougher than you would think and I have enough room to improve that it would be reasonable to do that workout for a whole year. For a piece of equipment, I would say the Jungle Gym (I can't say the XT because I don't have one yet and they are on backorder). Peace, and welcome to Chicago!

  5. For me, it would be any workout involving alternating push-up and pull-up variations, followed by jump training. My one piece would be either PPJ or my weighted vest...I can't decide between the two. :)

  6. Any of the 60 AFAP workouts (pull, push, squats). They are simple, quick, effective and can be done anywhere. Probably have to include the jungle gym to add some variety to the pulls.

  7. Handstand pushups- as a women it is awesome to challenge my upper body stength simultaneously testing my balance and core. I'm trying to work towards doing this without a wall support...fun :) I live in South Africa so haven't tried out any of your particular lifeline training tools but for me a jump rope is currently my top training tool.

  8. man awesome answers! push ups and chin ups seem the tops and following my blog that is good:) haha and the KB's got alot of love too:) no doubt the kb's are a great training tool...i got to side with the bodyweight and something that gets my HR going a bit too...the 15/15 push ups, chin ups and jumps is a great one...doing the top of the minute for those and some kneeling GHD's is awesome too. got to say the hardest 10 minute workout i've ever done though is the 15/15 x 10 min kb clean and press with the 32s for 80...that was off the hook hard:) that is my question for tonight:) Hardest single workout AND results of it that you've ever done:)

  9. I would choose the Eischens Yoga For Warriors sequence as the workout.

    The training tool is a tough one, I would have to say the 1 training tool would be myself (the human body). It was, at first, a toss up between the kettlebell or the power wheel, but after thinking about it- mastering myself has been the toughest training implement no matter what other external tools I use.

  10. Hey bro, I'd have to say all types of pull-ups...and you I love my KB's, they're my fav training tool. As far as the workout I'd have to stick with the 15/15 kb clean and press for 10 min. And if I'd have to pick a single meal, a huge salad would be my choice...

  11. Hey bro, I'd have to say all types of pull-ups...and you I love my KB's, they're my fav training tool. As far as the workout I'd have to stick with the 15/15 kb clean and press for 10 min. And if I'd have to pick a single meal, a huge salad would be my choice...


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