MBG Chi bars go up! Stronger, Greener training, eating...Australia's next!!

Here's a video of MBG Chicago's new bar system that just went up! We're 17 days from
opening and today we set up the locations for the climbing ropes, traveling rings...YES still the
only gym in the country with traveling rings:), stall bars and the BXT's!! this place is gonna be
Wednesdays blog i talked about what a huge influence my brother greg was on me...
about how we got into music, house and bboy music, now i'm talking about back in 1982 when
breakdancing first came out. This time was amazing for music as hip hop and rap were just starting
and house music here in chicago had just really started too and was and still is amazing! So we
got into breakdancing big time by coming down to chicago from madison almost every weekend to
break with folks from cabrini green, the south side and the jessie white tumblers...then after that we'd hit the house clubs til about 4-5 am...man what a life. Breakdancing taught me tons of skills from
top rocks to head spins to windmills and more...awesome gymnastic sort of:) skills:) House music is a totally different type of dance, more tribal types of beats mixed with all types of other musics like gospel, r&b to soul music....aka Barbara Tucker to Frankie Knuckles is all good stuff.
So from these i learned acrobatics, crazy rhythm, social skills that still last me to today and all about all types of cultures too:) .... just amazing:)
Today had a really good day of eating, training and as always did my Eischens Yoga too:)
MBG 1 - did my Eischens Yoga beginner sequence early this morning and shoulder routine:) good!!
MBG 2 - did same workout as last fridays 5 minutes of amap reps of each of the following, rested a few minutes between each exercise.
  1. HSPU - 27 (last week 22)
  2. L chins - 27 (last week 23)
  3. Push Ups off pirouettes (feet on 36" box) - 60 (last week 46!)
  4. Jungle Gym XT muscle ups (handles at hips) - 54 (last week 45)
improved 32 reps over last week:) all clean strong reps:) although i like to focus on the pureness of movement this workout is really fun just challenging myself to improve from last week.
and this workout did that...very strong, simple workout 3.75 *'s :)
MBG 3 - strong green all day again!!:)
  1. maca cafe'
  2. wheat grass
  3. raw almonds, dates, raw coconut, goji berries, cacao, banana
  4. green drink
  5. green smoothie - green kamut, spirulina, coconut water, coconut meat, green powder
  6. raw collard green wraps, tomato, raw nuts, cucumber and a big kale salad, tomato, onions, pine nuts
Tomorrow we fly to Darwin Australia to begin our MBG Intensive from Feb 3-8th. We're very excited about it and look forward to having a great time:)
peace my friends,


  1. The gym is lookin' great my friend. Hope to check it out when I'm in Chicago next week. Have a great trip to AUS.

    What brand of green kamut and maca do you use?



  2. 4.Jungle Gym XT muscle ups (handles at hips)...what do you mean by handles at the hips?


  3. yeah brad for sure stop by and check it out as it should be really close to done next week. any top maker of green kamut is good. brendan braziers book and superfoods book both have the best sources of maca as well.
    bryan for the JGXT muscle ups (these are the assisted version so you measure the handles to even with your hips then place feet slightly infront of handles, then sit down like doing a row then do super slow (5 count each way) muscle ups...this really is hard:) peace my friends!!

  4. man, the light in that room is so beautiful!! just like the sports training room in madison, everyone glows in there.

  5. Jonny Bruddah that MGB is the straight up shiiizzzaaaa in the hiiizzzaaaaa!

    I will have to drive out and visit, ha ha

    Dude, did you hire someone to make the monkey bars / dip bars wall system?

    I NEED to rock that shiizzzaaa!


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