B-boy memories, JGXT skill training, super strong plant eatin'!!:)

Cabrini Green getting torn down - my brothers ol' home
Driving by this place today reminded me of where my old brother came from...this was his home. Looked at as the worst projects in the country back in the day...he had a tough life, grew up in projects, always struggling to make ends meet, then for a few years he and i had it great! Breakdancing all over
the streets of chicago...man we'd be breaking from 8 or 9 at night til 1pm friday and saturday nights:) Some nights we'd make about $250 bucks each:) not bad for two teens:) We were in a crew called the hard times breakers...greg, me and a bunch of dudes from cabrini green and the jessie white tumblers. man talk about 'wicked man'....man the best times:)
It also reminds me of the hard times...greg, my brother was killed by cops early one morning after stopping by my place and saying good bye...they called it suicide by police...i call it just sad.
he was a gem, we had great times i'll never forget and seeing this building being torn down today made me think of him, the good and bad.
It makes me think of the choices we all make each and everyday of our lives...to live OR die.
This was a chapter in my life and the experiences and strength it gave me i'd never change for anything...the good and the bad times made me who i am today.
To live...means stepping up, taking the challenges life throws at you no matter what and facing them head on...hell yeah life can be hard...but it's what you make of it no doubt. Choose to live it, choose to be strong and make those hard times teach you life lessons and make you stronger mentally, physically, spiritually! To die...means not facing challenges in your life, choosing to let drugs or others take on the challenges for you .... this only makes you weaker in the long run.
Now in my life i've had to learn from these hard times and learned love them while you got em! Live passionately, do all you can now and face lifes challenges.
this is the same for folks out of shape mentally, physically, spiritually...think about your challenges and face them....LIVE...step up and take them on....it will make you stronger my friends....THAT is what takes you to the higher levels and THAT is what can help guide others as well...they see that confidence of knowing...Dang, this guy is not guessing he can do this or that...he has done it...it's something you cant fake and when folks see this you are a light shining bright my friends...a light to guide others to know that they too can do it too and attain that same light if they stay the course and live strong and take on life and learn from what she throws at us and smile...because it's all lessons my friends...the good, the bad...all lessons.
My brother Greg is gone, but never forgot, because of him i have a deep love of music, dancing, movement and the knowledge of a world seen by very few...thank you so much my brother:)
So love hard, train hard and take the challenges head on:) good, bad, either way, you learn and grow!!:)

MY QUESTION FOR YOU: Who were the people that most shaped and inspired you to be stronger mentally, physically, spiritually?

MBG 1 - did my Eischens Yoga sequence early this morning:) felt good:)
MBG 2 - great super strong workout today:)
Jessica on my back push ups:) 5 x 3s
JGXT chin ups + 16k: 5 x 3
alternated these two til done
pirouette high box HS push ups: 5 x 5
super slow 5 count up/down JGXT muscle ups: 5 x 5
this workout felt great, felt great during and after:) give this workout a 3.7*'s
MBG 3 - eating super strong!!
  1. maca cafe'
  2. green drink (kamut, hemp seeds) tastes like healthy clean grass:)
  3. soaked oats, banana, brazil nut protein raw, goji powder, pumpkin seeds
  4. green drink (spirulina)
  5. green smoothie: green kamut, banana, pea protein, mangos, fresh coconut water) GREAT!!
  6. raw collard green wrap, tomato, cucumber, onions, raw hummus
  7. rejuvalac
  8. dates, raw pecans
did not sleep well last night but i feel because i'm eating so well i actually improved quite a bit today:) i felt really good while training and feel my handstand and chin up strength gaining alot:)
peace and strength my friends:)


  1. Jon,

    So glad you shared that beautiful story, Life, she has her way of presenting us challenges, but you are so right, when we face these challenges, and realize that every moment is a moment from which we can grow, amazing amazing things can happen.

    As for the question,
    my mentor and professor Dylan Miner, his partner and another of my professors Estrella Torrez, have both really challenged me in the past three years to constantly grow in my mental capacities, in my creativity, and moving from talking about ideas into action, praxis.
    Jonny Copp, rest in peace, a climber, artist and activist inspires me to do the physical things I am called to, Bruce Lee, "having no way as way no limitation as limitation", and You and Jessie, for constantly challenging the notion of what is possible, what we are capable, Physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.
    My mother, without her I would not have the gift of life, and from her actions in raising us by herself was I able to understand greater ideas. That we must always strive to grow, and that we should have faith in Life, because it is a beautiful gift, and she has some pretty amazing opportunities, if we just open ourselves, and challenge ourselves to go at them head on.
    Through my interactions and experiences with all of these people, and all the people not named, paired with the flow of life, I have come to practice a life of growth, and am so thankful for all of these people, experiences and creating energy which have helped guide me down this path.

    Bien salud a tod@s,


  2. Jon, very sincere entry. Thanks for sharing. I am looking to find out what brand and form of Maca that you recommend. I am interested in trying the Maca cafe. Thanks

  3. Great article Jon. I am saddened to hear the story of your brother. Great analogy on things and how to look at it. You are correct about the choices in life. You have inspired many and will inspire many more with your choices. Keep up the incredible work you are doing.

  4. Amazing Jon. At a loss for words now but will write more later. Thank you for being so open and honest.

  5. thank you my friends for your kind words:) now you go out and be that inspiration to someone else, challenge them to be great!!:) much love:)


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