15/15 x 6 minute workout: JGXT rocks the bells!!

                        Video doing some more to the beat training, some serious soul training! 
Hey my friends today got caught up on alot of work, the MBG Chicago is coming along fine and will be painted this week and the bar system (Monkey Trees) go up this week or early next week!! So i can start training at the MBG again! Today jess and i did one of the MBG workouts from this week. This one is super simple and strong! did it a few weeks ago and upped the numbers for sure today!
My Lesson Today: i was listening to some Dale Carnegie while doing a little stairs to get a serious sweat and he was talking about getting out of tough times, mental drag, depression. He was talking about making lemons out of lemonade. He spoke of a whole bunch of stories but one quote really struck a chord (sorry if i mess this up:)..."two men look out from a prison cell, one sees the mud, while the other the stars". We so often look upon any bad event in our life as something happening to us, that it is a bad thing thrown on us. Truly becoming strong from fitness or life requires us to stand strong against these negatives and look at them as making us stronger, better, wiser. It requires strength of character and patience most of the time and that is where many faulter...giving way to drugs, poor foods, bad people, vices or addictions. One time awhile ago i mentioned one of my greatest moments in my life was one of the worst moments in my life....i had recently opened my Monkey Bar Gym, bought my first condo, got engaged....soon after 9/11 i lost 8 close friends to death from sickness or being killed, lost my fiancee and almost lost myself....without question it was the hardest time of my life. But right before this all happened my ex asked me a wonderful question...what do you want to be? I answered a loving, wise man who others can look up to for guidance, strength and wisdom. Then she asked well what do you need to go through in order to become this man...i answered hard times, i must have experienced hard times in order to help myself and others to become stronger mentally, physically, spiritually....and then it all came down....it is odd how this all happened but after it happened i realized all of this will show what i am made of...how i react to these events in my life. So right then and there i said be that man you want to be right now! Looking back i made lemons to lemonade....i could have gave up on the MBG, my family, my life....literally heart wrenching is fitting here. So all i would do while going thru this time (over 2 years) i just kept saying to myself, be strong, it'll only make you stronger, this is what makes the man you want to be....now be that man and show others how to face adversity with character and strength. These lessons made me a much better man and i know you all have similar ones as well...take a look at how you responded to each event.
I know i got alot of strength from all in my life, my mom and dad, my family and the countless friends are all a part of me today....take there strengths and use them, then shine and be an example of what is possible for others!
QUESTION FOR YOU: tell me how you made lemons into lemonade:)
MBG 1 - back domes, supine bridges, handstand holds x 2 x 60 seconds each
MBG 2 - 15/15 x 6 minutes each of (2 min of each station x 3 stations each = 6 min total)
  1. HSPU - 3,3,2,2 = 10
  2. planche dip / push ups - 11,11,11,11 = 44
  3. parallel bar push ups - 10,10,10,10 = 40
then did:
  1. kips - 11, 11, 11, 11 = 44
  2. JGXT muscle ups - 6, 6, 6, 6 = 24
  3. JGXT body rows - 7,7,7,7 = 28
MBG 3 - 
soaked oats, banana, raisins, SOLife, soaked almonds
collard greens, zuchini, sweet potato, raw corn, pecans
soaked oats, banana, raisins, goji berries, pea protein, cashews
brussel sprouts, raw nut hummus, veggies, corn meal

peace my friends


  1. Lemons to lemonade...
    Not to uncommon of a story, pops left, eldest of the three kids my mom raised. Turned to food and blinding anger to 'heal' the pain, fast forward about ten years, had gone off the other side, barely any food or emotion in an attempt to become 'healthy'. After nearly dropping out multiple times, forced to medically drop nearly all my classes in the spring of my junior year, probably one of the lowest times of my life. From this, started eating lots more good food, focusing more on MBG3 type training, focusing on la salud integral (my holistic health), became certified as a Natural Trainer at the MBG, made it through another hella difficult semester... And now, i'm on a trajectory past the moon, now i'm going to climb literal mountains, spread the practice of real health, based in using whole natural movement training, beautiful whole foods from the planet, and natural ways of restoration, ie, Eischens Yoga, good sleep, lots of water, good friends and conversation.

    Shout out to MBG, specifically Jon and Jessie for their work, MBG has limitless possibilities of doing real good in this world.

    A amazing quote I came across the other day by a Detroit poet Will Copeland:
    "Now imagine, on the blackboard is the symbol for infinity, and the teacher asks the students, "what's your greatest possibility?"
    And imagine, on the blackboard is the symbol for infinity, and students ask the teacher, "what's your greatest possibility?""

    Bien salud a tod@s,
    tyler fleming

  2. love to hear stories like this tyler:) much appreciation to hear yours. thank you tyler and i'm very happy to have met you and have you join us and helping people all over the world to become happier and healthier:)
    ah salaam a lackum


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