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MBG Chi bars go up! Stronger, Greener training, eating...Australia's next!!

Here's a video of MBG Chicago's new bar system that just went up! We're 17 days from
opening and today we set up the locations for the climbing ropes, traveling rings...YES still the
only gym in the country with traveling rings:), stall bars and the BXT's!! this place is gonna be
Wednesdays blog i talked about what a huge influence my brother greg was on me...
about how we got into music, house and bboy music, now i'm talking about back in 1982 when
breakdancing first came out. This time was amazing for music as hip hop and rap were just starting
and house music here in chicago had just really started too and was and still is amazing! So we
got into breakdancing big time by coming down to chicago from madison almost every weekend to
break with folks from cabrini green, the south side and the jessie white tumblers...then after that we'd hit the house clubs til about 4-5 what a life. Breakdancing taught me tons of skills from
top rocks to head …

B-boy memories, JGXT skill training, super strong plant eatin'!!:)

Driving by this place today reminded me of where my old brother came from...this was his home. Looked at as the worst projects in the country back in the day...he had a tough life, grew up in projects, always struggling to make ends meet, then for a few years he and i had it great! Breakdancing all over
the streets of we'd be breaking from 8 or 9 at night til 1pm friday and saturday nights:) Some nights we'd make about $250 bucks each:) not bad for two teens:) We were in a crew called the hard times breakers...greg, me and a bunch of dudes from cabrini green and the jessie white tumblers. man talk about 'wicked man' the best times:)
It also reminds me of the hard times...greg, my brother was killed by cops early one morning after stopping by my place and saying good bye...they called it suicide by police...i call it just sad.
he was a gem, we had great times i'll never forget and seeing this building being torn down today made me think of him, t…

Sad day in the health & fitness world:( my thoughts on the great jack lalanne

This morning i heard the news that the late great Jack Lalanne had passed away. What an amazing man he was and how many millions of people he touched and helped to change their lives for the better.
He influenced me from the time i was 6 years old...yes, 6, we use to have the Jack Lalanne TV show on and he'd tell us how to live a healthier life....he actually told us...jef, jil, juli and jon stop jumping on your parents bed and sit and listen to what i have to say once and we all looked at each other in total shock:) He continued to influence my life as i saw the amazing physical build he had and i wanted to have that same strength and vitality:) As my dad began to invent exercise equipment in the early 70's...the Lifeline Jump Rope, then the Lifeline Portable Deluxe Gym, Jack Lalannes name always came up....he was a pioneer in the invention of fitness equipment and later as i became a trainer he was still influencing my life as he was the guy that started all the personal tra…

Super Simple, Very Strong, Soul workout! Jungle Gym XT 5 min sets x 4

Yesterday was simple, so was living a simple life:)
Love keeping my MBG 3 simple as i always strive for that in my workouts.
QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY....DO YOU FEEL CLEAN AND STRONG? If not why not? Think of all the stresses that may be affecting your life...pollution, poor foods, stressful job, stress at home. Then do you have a plan to turn it around? To re-energize yourself and your life?
For me no doubt if you've read my blog you know i'm doing alot of business and traveling and moving to another city, etc...all stresses big i really do my best to listen to my body and pay attention to when i need to rest and recover...sometimes i also talk to my friend john allen mollenhauer (a regeneration expert:) and he'll give me a candid point of view...JON you're over doing it is usually what he says:) haha....YOU GOTS TO CHILL!! is what he a plan of rest and recovery is key...just like training, eating, etc, you let the body recover.…

The Power Jumper, some stairs, insight of Eischens Yoga and Plant friends:)

Here i'm showing a super simple, but very challenging strength, power and balance drill called Power Jumper control stair jumps. This exercise take alot of control for you must have balanced technique to jump with control up to the next step, land with perfect balance so that you can control squat down and touch your fingers and then jump powerfully up to the next step. I jump this way until my fatique begins to change my form...remember "last rep is as good as the first rep":)
Today i'm feeling pretty darn good, ate clean and strong foods, did a great Eischens Yoga session and then had alot of fun training today...all simple, all strong, all good:)....that is a good mantra huh:)
MBG 1 restoration - Really tuned in big time to my Eischens Yoga session this morning and it felt great! Just paying attention to the simplest actions of each pose and really perfecting each as best as i can while moving...for those of you that do Eischens Yoga, we have 3 sequences on our EY …

Pure Skills, Strong Plants, Powerful Plants!!:) Back domes!!

Dang i love training skills!!:) Feels good doesnt it!! Now give me some love on what is your favorite skill to train...what would it be if you could only train one? This is a tough one:) Climbing is cool with all types of chins, rope and pole climbs...Crawling is great too with handstand walking, push ups of all types... Jumping and picking one, i'd have to say sprinting is it, it does it all, it's full by my friends if anything ever was...but lets make it harder...two skills, what would they be? haha, this should be fun!!
MBG 1 - restoration as usual was my Eischens Yoga...did feedback with jessie on supine bridge, incline plane, prone mountain and then did tons and tons of back domes...mission 2011...back handspring and i'm so happy i can now do back domes pretty good (for those that did not know i could not even get my hands on the ground before:) now cold i can do back dome:) It's been a long road but i continue to i got a good goal for th…

Why so scared? the fear of losing muscle? Step outside the box!!

What is the deal with people being so scared to step outside the box?
FIRST - people are afraid to train bodyweight or full body stuff cause they're scared their gonna lose size:) what a joke, for one that is totally bogus and two why do you really feel like you need that size so much anyways?? are you a professional athlete that requires this size like you pro football? Still the answer is bogus, training full body movements progressively harder and harder will build up your size and strength.
SECOND - people are afraid to eat just plants...scared again why? they're gonna lose size:) hahaha Man this is bogus again, plants are the source of size and strength for all primates....AND WE'RE PRIMATES!! Before i became a vegan early  in 2004 i had been 212 lbs and 10-12% bodyfat (21.2 - 25.4 lbs) for about 10 years prior unless i cut weight for a bjj tournament or lean body mass about 187 to 191 lbs (212 - 21.2 = 191) to (212 - 25.4 = 186.6). THIS THE THE SAME AS …

Strong Plants + Jungle Gym XT workout = Strong Primate!!

Hey everybody, yesterday i was talking to Karyn Calabrese of Karyns Raw restaurants, she is an amazing lady. We had a really good talk and it's really exciting to be talking with her as she is a nutrition legend here in the Chicago area by leading the plant based scene here for almost 40 years! If you're ever in Chicago you got to go check out one of her 3 places, they are amazing!! (Karyns Raw, Karyns cooked and Karyns on Green) Today was spent eating super simple & strong foods and training super simple and strong movements with the Jungle Gym XT...then for sure my simple restoration stuff:) It was a good day, got alot done and helped me recover from our day trip out east (Boston) yesterday for business. So listening to my body was really big today so that i felt better and recovered better from all the stress of training.  MBG 1 restoration - shoulder routine x 8s with chest expander, then my 10s with the indian clubs, then some strict front and side warriors, prone mo…

15/15 x 6 minute workout: JGXT rocks the bells!!

                        Video doing some more to the beat training, some serious soul training! 
Hey my friends today got caught up on alot of work, the MBG Chicago is coming along fine and will be painted this week and the bar system (Monkey Trees) go up this week or early next week!! So i can start training at the MBG again! Today jess and i did one of the MBG workouts from this week. This one is super simple and strong! did it a few weeks ago and upped the numbers for sure today!
My Lesson Today: i was listening to some Dale Carnegie while doing a little stairs to get a serious sweat and he was talking about getting out of tough times, mental drag, depression. He was talking about making lemons out of lemonade. He spoke of a whole bunch of stories but one quote really struck a chord (sorry if i mess this up:)..."two men look out from a prison cell, one sees the mud, while the other the stars". We so often look upon any bad event in our life as something happening to us, th…

Weekend Warrior 300 Workout! 100 stair pushups, pullups(JGXT), stairs and Vegan seminar!

Good day today (saturday)! Bit late posting as i had no internet last night:) But good thing for local cafe's:) Getting situated and we're meeting alot of cool people here in the Chicago area and it's very
cool to meet and talk with people here about health and fitness and get some energy going about the
MBG Chicago! You might notice also that i'm training in my home and not at the mbg right now:) Cause it's not done yet and so been training in the stairwell and in my condo which is cool anyways. Just miss all the super fun stuff to play on...but no worries i have stairs, walls, doors and floors to play on and been having some really fun workouts. One thing i love to do is train full body on stairs and so todays workout was pretty much all on stairs:) hope you all like it!
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga back domes x 30 seconds x 5 sets, prone mountain 3 x 60 seconds
MBG 2 training - Warrior 300 workout:
Backwards up stairs push ups: 10 sets of 10 reps (step step, …

Stairs full body workout! JGXT,

Here is a video i promised you all from one of my last workouts last week in madison. Jess and Stef are doing some pulling work to the beat and it was crazy fun:) Try it out my friends:)
The answers to my question from monday were great! Push ups, Chin ups, 15/15, kb's, all at the tops of the lists....for me my favorites are cliffhanger bar climbs mixed with backwards up/down push that combo is off the hook! For an at home workout, my favorite is 15/15 x 10 minute Jungle Gym XT push ups and chin ups for 5 minutes each section for 100+ reps each, simple and strong:) Hardest simple workout i've ever done is the 15/15 x 10 minute clean and press with the 32k's for 80 reps...that was off the charts hard! Hardest complex workout i've ever done is probably the card deck workout doing 32's clean, 32k press, 32" lateral hurdle jumps and 30" box jumps....nearly destroyed me and tim clavette:) haha...took 1 hour to finish and we were out for the count aft…

Our New Chicago place! Strong JGXT workout, 2 BIG Q's

Hey y'all, well jessie and i have finally gotten all moved in! for the last 3 days we've been packing, driving/u-hauling, un-packing, buying tons of stuff for our place and even found some time to workout today. Also met about MBG Chicago today too which i'm very excited about and today was the day the city assessment people review all the various parts of the it's cutting it close to the date we wanted to open, we'll see by the morning if it's a go or if we got to change things up a bit. Man alot different here than in madison:) haha It was very interesting over the last 3 days the packing, lifting, carrying and how fun it actually was, i mean it was really fun to pick heavy stuff up, carry it all over the place, climb up on things and basically do MBG workouts spaced out over 3 days:)
Today we're catching up on things and so we got a workout in too which felt really good!
MBG 1 - restoration: morning shoulder routine with chest expander, ind…