Whew!! Strong MBG 3 Day:) Gorilla workout, eating, restoration!!:)

My after workout meal today:) hahaha AWESOME!!
Today was MBG 3 Strong!!:) Before i tell what my MBG 3 was today i wanted to talk a bit about a topic a friend asked me yesterday....Why is Eischens Yoga better than stretching? He was just wanting a answer for others who ask him this question...similar to when people ask you guys maybe about why plant based of which i hope was answered for you a few days ago:) Here is why EY is better by a long shot over any stretching routine and any other means of re-balancing the body. You probably already know alot of this but i'll just cover it all just incase:)
First EY is active stretching, almost all other forms of stretching are static, including alot of forms of yoga. So why is active better?  
First ALL ANIMALS ACTIVE STRETCH EXCEPT HUMANS!!! That should get their attention:) ...they wake up and do a bit of up dog, down dog and a few simple other yawning type of opening up movements....except snakes, not sure if i've ever seen one of them stretch:) yawn yes!! So yes 100%:)
Second it is impossible to balance muscles with static stretching because while static stretching the body naturally reacts to the stretch by tightening up (think back to falling asleep in your chair in school and your head sort of bounces back up and you wake up) when stretched statically...so why do it? Other points: Static does not increase blood flow, does not warm up the body, does not balance the muscles around joints and contrary to belief, does not prevent injuries...so why do it??
Static cannot create balance because when you stretch one muscle fights the stretch but can still eventually be lengthened BUT the opposite muscles are NOT engaging, not shortening, not being active at all. So you do not get the opening in a relaxed balanced manner. As well because it is done in an isolated manner NO alignment or stability comes into play either...so end result? You fight the stretch, you dont balance the muscles, you dont work your alignment:)  
Another negative result is all the static stretching opens up joints more than the body can stabilize and align SO causing joint laxity which results in mis-alignment and then strains, sprains, tears and all types of INJURIES.  
This is the truth! Most people think that injuries come due to lack of ROM, this is almost never the problem. Injuries occur about 90% of the time from in-ability to stop ourselves and stabilize when coming into contact with resistance like the ground, another person, a weight, anything...IF the body cannot stabilize & balance quickly (because of the looseness of the joint) the result is a strain, sprain or tears of muscles and tendons.  
Now the other side...active stretching...like yawning and opening up your arms, your back muscles contract to pull your arms open, while this happens your frontal chest, shoulder etc muscles relax and open up completely, the muscles do not fight the active stretch! This is good for the body and increases blood flow which warms up the body AND prevents injuries better as well!!
But there is more to it....due to our constant mis-aligning of our body...through shoes, chairs, lack of confidence, etc., etc, etc. we need a bit more re-alignment than that 100% of animals. Because of this we HUMANS:) need ALIGNMENT + ACTIVE STRETCHING COMBINED!! That is why Eischens Yoga is king! Because every EY pose we actively engage muscles so that all the poses are active and alignment focused. These same active poses are improved even more with the aid of partner feedback of which EY is the ONLY yoga to do so.
So in closing, we want to re-align our bodies daily or as often as possible because daily we get out of alignment from poor posture from shoes, chairs, poor alignment while training and training out of balance and one of the biggest ones...poor self confidence. So we need something to re-align daily and in my 31 years of being a strength coach, nothing does that like Eischens Yoga:)
Eischens Yoga     v.      Static Stretching (include in this PNF as well)
active                             static
warms body                  does not warm up body
prevent injuries             does not prevent injuries
creates balance             creates more im-balances
100% animals do it       only humans do it:)

MBG 1 RESTORATION - Eischens Yoga beg sequence (7 breaths each pose), shoulder routine with chest expander, indian clubs, 10 minute cold shower and loofa!!
MBG 2 TRAINING - Shot all of january and february workout videos from 1-3:) then trained:)
Jessica, Steffan and I did the BET workout....DOPE ON A ROPE MY FRIENDS!!
  1. HSPU's assisted with BXT 2 yellow bands x 25 reps (BET was 25)
  2. Kips or chin ups x 31 reps (BET was 30)
  3. Box Planche Dips x 30 reps (BET was 25)
  4. Jungle Gym XT Muscle Ups (no dip part) x 20 reps (BET was 20) very hard!! haha
  5. Push ups x 60 reps (BET was 60) man this too was very very challenging!
  6. Body rows x 32 reps (must touch hands to chest) (BET was 25 reps)
  7. Tiger push ups x 32 reps (BET was 30 reps) another challenge for sure!
  8. 90 degree assisted JGXT chin ups x 30 reps (BET was 25 reps) awesome!!:)
Awesome workout!! Glad i hit every BET cause i was starting to hit a wall big time at the end:) haha
MBG 3 EATING - man today was good strong and fun:) foods:) hahaha
  1. 20 oz of spice tea with some raw protein in it (maca, brazil nuts, goji berries)
  2. Blanched spinach, corn, edemame, broccoli, dulse flakes, veggie patty, arugula, pumpkin & sunflower seeds
  3. RAW bars at starbucks (these are actually very good! and a solid small meal:) plus some raw almonds
  4. 20oz spice tea and raw protein after workout
  5. 3 slices of Earth Cafe lemon cheesecake:) yes, this is true:) and it was off the hook!! haha:) this is actually not what you think, this amazing cheesecake  is made of simple pure plants; soaked almonds, soaked pecans, coconut, agave necter and some sea salt...that is basically it and it's the best out!! Good point here is this as well...i felt great after this:)
  6. Arugula, spinach, veggie patty, dulse flakes, corn, onions, sweet potato, wild rice, pecans, seeds

Good strong day:) Hope yours was too my friends:)


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