One of the Coolest workouts of my life!!! Got to see this!!

Here is one of the very very cool routines we were doing today! This one is from the start of the workout...basic:) as we went we opened it up ALOT!! The video below shows Jess and Stef crushing it!!! We did rhythm reps for the whole workout! Not counting reps just reping to the reminded me of my ol' bboying days combined with our "Soul Training":)!! It was off the hook, we just kept training and training. I'll put the pulling video up next blog, put the pushing sets on this video:) It's off the hook!!!
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga back dome, supine bridge x 60 sec ea x 2 each...good! Indian clubs and shoulder routine with chest expander.
MBG 2 training - man today was cool as hell...practiced handstands on boxes from L seats and around the worlds with variations for a bit, then the workout really started to get super fun! We'd do a set of dips to the beat, then variations of chin ups to the beat...then i thought to make it a bit easier for both use a bit of assistance so we can really make some cool movements and get nice full range too on em.
We did presses with assistance from the BXT, alternated these with variations of chin ups off a bar at shoulder height...and it worked awesome!! I'll show you that video next blog i write...both are amazing, both are very very fun and give you and insane workout....we ended up training for 2 full hours and did not realize it til we were all just about totally exhausted and then saw DANG:) it's been 2 hours:) hahaha The more and more we did it the cooler it got, check out Jess and Stef messin' it up!!!!!

  1. Spring water and some raw protein (maca, goji, greens, brazil nuts)
  2. broccoli, peas, corn, dulse, veggie patty, blanched spinach
  3. kale, cranberries, pine nuts, walnuts, edemame, cous cous, olive oil
  4. quinoa, kale, bell peppers, refried beans, dulse, some hot sauce:)
  5. small popcorn (organic), pink himalayan salt, flax oil (this stuff was super tasty!!)
Yesterday jess and i took the day off to take care of alot of business in chicago, moving down there sunday with a full truck:) Moving into our new place and we're pretty excited about it!!:)
peace my friends,


  1. Hey Jon! Cool stuff my friend. Gotta try it soon.

    Question about how exactly you are adding protein to the juice, tea, etc. Is it a powder? Just a little unclear from your description.

    Peace and happy new year!


  2. Hey Jon Mike Garner Here, I was wondering do you Soak the Raw seeds and nuts or do you eat as is which I have been doing? I have read different things so I was wondering what you would recommend? I have been a meat eater forever but I am slowly changing up . I am starting off the New year with a all fruit and water 5 day cleanse /fast. I have been drinking Raw Milk eating farm fresh eggs and eating Raw local Honey and using Raw apple cider Vinegar, also what do you think of kubucha tea?. You don't use any dairy? I stear clear of soy because of the bad press what is your view? I reall want to work on raw and natural eating so I dropped all supplements, creatine whey protein so now I am learning what works for me. I was thinking natural pea,rice or hemp protein? THanks Jon And Happy New Year!!!!!!

  3. hey y'all hope you'all are doing good and i want to first wish a happy new year and wish you all have a great 2011:)
    BRAD - my morning protein in water is RAW POWER and it's ingredients are hemp, goji, brazil nut, maca,'s easy to mix with water too. Either that or PERFECT FOOD which is tons of great sprouted's an awesome morning drink and i alternate using these too for my morning drink:)
    MIKE - yes i soak my almonds overnight always. good you're beginning to move away from all the animal products! i've been a vegan for 7 years (no animal products) soy is not bad, the hype is overdramatic:) pea, rice, hemp combo plant protein is solid too!
    RYAN - glad you like em:)
    peace everybody and have a safe, healthy and happy new years!!


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