muscle & fitness shoot, eating clean all day:)

Power Wheel Strength:) haha  
Whew!! Today was a long one:) haha. Not sure if i mentioned it...think i did:) but Muscle & Fitness is doing a big feature on me and the Monkey Bar Gym!! March 2011 issue! It's gonna be a full 6 page layout and the article is awesome! and today they did a hard core photo shoot from 11 to about 5pm!! Man we did all kinds of MBG stuff it was very fun and also pretty tiring:) We did the noon workout, then they shot us as we trained, thten we just kept going with more and more cool exercises...cliffhanger crawls, pole climbs, climbing window, planche handstands, box muscle ups, power wheel crawls, traveling rings, stair push ups....whew:) it was fun and hard work:) haha
TODAYS QUESTION: Is Mark Wahlberg in the movie "the Fighter" stronger for his level of boxing (he attained of world champion" OR for his being able to maintain focus and train hard despite his challenges from his family?
My answer? Well I bring this up because what he did was the ultimate type of goal to pursue which i feel all people should pursue if they pursue a goal, his...he wanted to box, to be his best he could be....AND THIS is what brought him to such high levels of performance in the ring AND in life! He focused even harder because of his surroundings. He did not focus on an appearance, like most all fitness folks, he focused 110% on a non appearance big goal...being the best boxer he could be which brought out of him....tremendous focus, skill, conditioning, mental strength and fortitude = your highest level of performance!! These are the best goals...not superficial appearance based, but higher pure best effort performance based....with a side effect of looking ripped:) hahahaha
One more point is how he dealt with his family, mental strength, that is the real key to high level success, look at someone who has dug and clawed his way to the top and you'll see someone who most likely came from humble beginnings. The book the Talent Code talks all about this, how pockets of poverty, unique thinkers and outside the box workers created something off the charts successful and brought great success to that sport or job they do. In this book they talked alot about these points in this book, it's a great read and will really make you think about things differently:)
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, Shoulder routine with chest expander
MBG 2 training - all the above exercises...starting with around the worlds with slow neg.s alternated with handstand push ups off bars with BXT assistance 70lbs...then box muscle ups....awesome!
Then the photo shoot began and we probably did about 30 more sets over the next 3 hours:)
MBG 3 plant based eating -
  1. maca tea
  2. mixed greens, arugula, dulse flakes, kale, cous cous, pecans
  3. flax organic food bar, cashews
  4. kale, veggie patties, corn, edemame, broccoli, hummus
  5. black beans for a snack
today was a bit odd for chances to eat but i still ate well:)


  1. Hey Jon,

    What is also great about this is that Mark Wahlberg had to wait on this movie for years in order for it to get picked up. Which meant he trained day in and day out like a boxer for "hopes" that one day it would be made.

    Not to mention Christian Bale's dedication to be great at what he does. Not that this is healthy in any way but check him out from "The Machinist" to the first Batman movie he did. You may not agree with how he transformed but you can't knock the mans WILL and DESIRE to play a role.

    Looking forward to your M&F spread!


  2. Jonny, I heard that movie rocked and I'll check it! I also heard Talent Code is the shiz, will check that as well!!! Miss U bro!

    Merry x Mas + Happy New yr, send my best to jesse and your dad!

  3. yeah they both actually were awesome, you're right nathan and zachariah man you got to see it, it's a good movie...pretty typical NJ family:) hahaha:) NOT:) haha both guys were great, and the book is awesome too!
    wish you all a great holidays and moving to chicago in about 1 week!!! wow:)
    eat strong my brothers!!

  4. Whenever someone does what Mark did it makes me wonder why is it so damn hard for people to commit to a training regime and get those results. These guys are usually aginst time, away from family and friends and on a work schedule from hell! Most people don't have all those things working against them, yet people like Mark are able to get this amazing results because of their drive, their desire. It's fire from can't be denied. We gotta get people into that "zone" so they can get where they "need" to go with their health and fitness. I didn't say where they "want to go" because most of the time they don't know where they should take their fitness levels and of course they don't know how to get there...

    I'm leaving tomorrow with my family to LA to spend X-Mas and we're gonna spend New Year's Eve with Mike in Vegas...we got big plans for next year! Hopefully I'll see you soon my soul training brother...



  5. While I agree that Mark exemplifies drive and commitment, it is important to note that he is able to dedicate himself totally to shaping his body for a role. It his his job. He has all the time, resources and incentive necessary to get himself in incredible shape. What is more impressive to me are the folks who manage to do the same while caring for families and holding down full-time jobs. I get awfully tired of celebrities being held-up as examples of health and fitness when their realities bear little resemblance to the rest of the world's. It sets up unrealistic expectations. Nothing against Mark, I just think a little perspective is in order.

    Happy Holidays everybody!

  6. :) yeah i agree with you on that brad, they have professional trainers, massage therapists, nutritionists, everything at their disposal and THAT helps for sure and on the same note though he has that desire few have...i have trained alot of pro athletes in my life and some have that extra level, most dont. Demi Moore had it, man she trained super hard, few other actors did, THAT i feel is what makes the big difference. Training while super busy though like you said and getting the super high results, now that is the true high is called a "Deep Practice" sort of like our soul training, we love it and train it daily:) That is what the book the talent code talks alot about:) Good points all:)


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