MBG is growing!!!:) JGXT crushing it! awesome at home workout today!

laying the floor out before matting the new MBG Chicago!!
Hey everybody been busy as a beaver lately getting ready for MBG Chicago, Working the Jungle Gym XT all over the world, and getting my training, restoration and eating down pat:)
NEWS: The JGXT is crushing it!! We got suspension trainers from all over the world telling us the new version of the JGXT is off the charts the best suspension trainer in the world:) Super cool:) We just did a demonstration in San Diego as i mentioned last week and got the same response, all the tr-ex trainers were coming over and checking it out and most admitted it's better, one said it's not the original and i had to set him straight (as his jaw dropped:) haha and i told him the truth, i invented the Jungle Gym in 2001, in 2002/3 i sent it to the navy seals to check out as they had told me they want to find a great new product to sell themselves in a big way...well then i never heard back and then find out what they did:)...nice :) well this guy and many others are finding out the truth:) it's funny:)
Well it's time and it's not even comparable, the JGXT is far better!!
QUESTION FOR YOU: last night i was reading about what true warriors are...the 4 agreements actually audio was talking about it...that a warrior fights for what is right and true. So my question for you is....
  1. are you a warrior in your training, do you train for appearance or performance? right answer is performance by the way:)
  2. do you eat for reasons the industry has told you (whey protein, animal products) or do you eat for what is healthiest for people and planet? right answer is for people and planet:)
  3. lastly do you take the time to listen to your body and and heal it or do you go the quick route and take drugs to mask aches and pains and not deal with the truth of the problem? right answer is to deal with the aches and pains yourself!!
Now if you answered all 3 correct you truly are a MBG Warrior and you are walking the walk, if you did not get all the answers correct then i want you to walk on over to the mirror and look at yourself. And ask yourself WHY you are living less than your best, less than what is best for your person, people and planet!!
I ask myself daily, i feel if you truly want to talk the walk then you better dam well walk the walk 110% and nothing less!!
MBG 1 restoration - did a few Eischens Yoga poses alternating this morning, just two, prone mountain and cobra for a few sets each and held each for about 30 seconds each...felt great! Then did my chest expander drills (just so you all know it is a product called the chest expander i invented for matt furey many years back to replicate the old school drills the old time strongmen use to do with springs and cable strands...it was called strand pulling i believe and matt furey brought it back and it's a great tool which i use for a shoulder circles routine i put online about a week ago). After that did my indian club drills...and then read for about 3 hours today on some of my favorite old school books:) That is truly fun and relaxing:)
MBG 2 training - simple today, so i stayed at home and just alternated push ups on an unstable small kneeling stool and various types of chin ups....then progressed those to backwards stair push ups and body rows, then did some leg training with two simple but fun drills...touch and jump up to the next stair up 2 flights (touch the fist to the stair i'm on then jump up to the next...alternated with an old school exercise called dips...no not the upper body exercise but an old school kneeling on the ground and then bending at the hips til your nose touches the floor, made harder with hands behind my head. love this one and it's simple for all and yet easily progressed to super high levels!! felt good for sure after this workout and look forward to having a fun one tomorrow...doing lots of partner drills!:)
MBG 3 eating - great green eating today:)
  1. Green drink using perfect food mix, man this is sprouted grasses like crazy and is a super green!
  2. mixed greens, arugula, mung bean sprouts, dulse flakes, go raw pumpkin seed mix, flax, pecans
  3. raw power mix (brazil nuts protein, maca and other good greens and stuff) felt energized!!
  4. steamed kale, cranberries, walnuts, cous cous, lentils
  5. Green drink (perfect food) like this alot!
  6. 2 ezekial tortillas, red pepper hummus, dulse flakes, sprouts, brocolli, kale, bell peppers, veg patty
  7. apple
Amazing how some sleep and eating good helps:) last night was my best sleep in the last two weeks, all the traveling and work has kept me very busy and yesterday i said i'm eating great today, i'm resting on my training, listening to my body and mind and reading alot...it's good:)
sleep well, be a warrior and lead the way:)
peace my soul training warriors:)


  1. hey jon! Great post! I don't always comment but I always read, thanks for the great content! I think I've noticed less fruit on your menu, is this because of trying to eat in season foods? also im having a little trouble getting my right ankle into proper alighnment do you think yoga blocks between the feet would do the trick? Thanks again, I hope to make it back to madison in april again for the intinsive to help and learn some more. I'd love to go to see paul in austrailia but I don't think that's in my budget right now ha! See ya!

  2. hey joseph, good to hear from you my friend! glad you like the blog too:) the fruit, yeah seasonal a bit, also just eating alot more veggies:) and it feels good, i do my best to listen to what my body/mind wants and needs and listen when i'm eating too to make sure i feel good.
    on your right ankle, for sure a yoga block will help also do alot (3 sets of about 45 seconds each leg) of warrior 3. Chicago in august is alot closer and that will be awesome too!!:) hope you are doing really good my friend!! and thanks for posting too!!


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