MBG 3: My presents i recieve grow each day:) and Power Wheel Plyos?

Some Power Wheel Plyo rollouts!!! YES!!
Over the last week i was in California, showing my training and ideas to a school, martial artists, military and many fitness professionals. Giving as much of my knowledge as i can to as many as i can...spreading the word basically of MBG 3:) But the gifts over this last week are many that i was lucky enough to receive. Visiting Fillmore middle school to show them how to MBG 3 and have fun training natural movements, eating healthier and doing a bit of eischens yoga...it was awesome, the kids have a pretty tough life there and they all shined with joy at everything we shared with them, they smiled, laughed alot when we did some fun calisthenics i like to do for warming up, they loved it....PRICELESS. Then their coach Dave, the man who followed our MBG training over the last few years, so open and honest and hardworking, ...he was so happy and appreciative to have us there to help his kids that tears came to his eyes when he talked with me after about his road to where he is and how much it meant to have me come out....PRICELESS.  My good friend Ory from Panama:) who wrote so wonderfully about "Soul Training" http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1096145363&v=wall#!/notes/ory-ortega/why-are-we-soul-trainers/470270951774 , his kind and honest words meant alot to me...PRICELESS. He understands Soul Training, he gets it and how important it really is, he sees what the fitness industry has become and he gets what it can now be with Soul Training..PRICELESS:) Being able to hang out with my good friend David Weck and just having fun thinking outside the box and talking training for hours at his beautiful house:) Then at the end of it being able to share a gift with him...our Eischens Yoga....since a football accident at 14 years old David has not been able to straighten his left arm out, i mean it is bent quite a bit and has little muscle activity in it....impossible to hold a 1 arm push up position. we talked about this and i wanted and knew i could help him out, so jessica and i put him in kneeling table and worked his arms with some partner feedback we do, he stood and with amazement almost straightened his left arm...then held a 1 arm push up position for a bit...it was shaky but he did it!! So we did it again, this time with a bit more feedback and the result was even greater...his arm was almost completely straight!!! and he held a 1 arm push up position solid!!! The joy and amazement in his face when he got up was PRICELESS!!!
then the excitement of doing all of these great events and having someone there with me who supports me 100% and helps me to help others, and brings excitement and new ideas as well to the table is jessica rucker my sweetie and best friend....PRICELESS:)
Dave, Kids, Ory, David and Jessica you are all gifts as are all of you out there who inspire and help others as well. WE are all doing it and together we are making a huge difference!
As Malcolm X said; seperate we are weak like the fingers, but together we are strong like the fist!!!
  1. MBG 1 restoration - rested most of the day:) traveled 14 hours yesterday to get back home:) so today did some eischens yoga this morning and some more this evening:) then did my shoulder routine with the chest expander and did some tea cup drills too, but this time holding basketballs...thanks David!!
  2. MBG 2 training - rested today:) tomorrow back at it but saturday man we had fun at the show doing all types of off the wall fun soulfull training stuff:) check out the video....can you say dizzzope!!!:)
  3. MBG 3 eating - green drink first thing, lots of water and herbal tea, then some brocolli, greens, onions, black beans and potatoes. then late lunch had some sprouted quinoa, flax, pecans, pumpkin seeds and some SOlife. Then for dinner had big mixed greens, arugula, pumpkin seeds, sprouted alfalfa, dulse flakes. Then for a snack had some dates and seeds...man i love this one:)
These are all gifts, much love to all my friends and Soul Trainers!!:)


  1. Where did you get those pull up rack that are in this video and the promo for the PUR? They look great.


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