juicing it today:) and did 7 tips of the weeks too:)

Boobie Hard Core CHILLIN' :)

Today turned out good, needed a simple day to help balance the body out:)
the tips of the week videos were a blast too! did one on the JGXT and PUR combo! another for the PUR and power wheel combo, then the Power Jumper for travel workouts??? YES:) and a very cool Power Wheel combo workout you'll for sure want to see, so stay tuned for our MBG E-blasts on all of them:)
After all the traveling i've done lately and business i thought it'd be good to take a day and do a juice fast. It went fine today, and i still got all my meetings and training done too, so it was a good day:) Yesterday i asked you all to answer honestly about bn a warrior...stepping up to the plate on all 3 points...made me think a bit more on it and it's needed my friends, i need your help, animals need your help, the planet needs your help. So i am asking a follow up question for comments, if you are not, why not? post it, lets talk a bit on it, it helps me for sure and maybe can help us talk about it too:)

MBG 1 restoration - did my Eischens Yoga beginner this am, then my chest expander shoulder routine, then the indian clubs.
MBG 2 Soul Training - played on the bars with stef doing lots of muscle ups and combos, then went and did alot of handstands to planche holds, then went to the parallel boxes and did a whole bunch of fun combos of planche press hold to forward rolls, to box muscle ups, to backwards rolls....man we trained for about 90 minutes:) my good friend joe gorshe stopped by too to say hey....hes a good dude and hope to have him back in town again soon:)
MBG 3 eating....or juicing in my case today:)
  1. most morning i drank my green drink
  2. then juiced 6 carrots, 6 apples, 1 bunch of celery, 1 bunch of romaine lettuce, 1 cucumber, 1 lime....that was super good:)
  3. then in the afternoon drank, 3 beets and stalks, 6 carrots, 1 lemon, 1 bunch of celery and romaine each, 1 cucumber
  4. then for evening had 6 carrots, 1 lime, 5 apples, 1 bunch cel and romaine each
  5. then late evening had a green drink
peace my friends!


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  2. Hey Jon,

    I was up in San Francisco for a quick meeting yesterday so I didn't get a chance to post an answer to your post. Here goes...

    1. I train to feel good not look good. In the past I have done the opposite but a funny thing happened. I got sick more often, my performance suffered, I had less fun AND I didn't look that great.

    2. Diet is pretty strong but could be better. I am 90% PB/Vegan but the 10% feels like 60%. When I go back to old habits, the effects are immediate. I really think if we simply payed attention to what foods made us feel light, strong and alert, there wouldn't be a need for labels or diets. The body knows what it needs.

    3. I am much better about this now. In the past, I'd stick to my plan until I ran myself down and got sick or injured. Now I listen to my body and heed the signals. One problem I have is that my work schedule has been so brutal that I am tired all the time. It's hard to rest sometimes, even when you know it's the right thing to do. After a couple of days without exercise, I start to go a little nuts. No matter what I make sure to do my Eischen's and Indian Clubs (these really help combat the ill effects of sitting in front of a computer all day).

    Out of curiosity, what type of juicer do you use?

    Keep walking the walk and talking the talk my friend.


  3. matthew - man good goals my friend! YOU WILL be crazy strong, just keep doing it and make sure you are getting good strong reps in of each exercise too and not just doing movement combos. for dunking, no doubt get the power jumper and do the workouts on the dvd 2 x week and you will improve fast! keep in touch with me on that and if you want to be a silverback i'll help you:)
    brad - good answers, understand this though, working out for the reps and sets stuff is fine too...the problem most people do incorrectly is to not listen when they are done...first rep is the same as the last rep is my mantra:) on your eating...the hand plan is king still:) dont eat anything (except salad:) bigger than your hand:) almost a mindset of eating to just satisfy:) ur doing good my friend:)
    and it's a juiceman:)
    peace my friends!!

  4. Thanks Jon. I've got nothing against reps or sets and nothing against training for appearance if that's what floats your boat. It doesn't work for me though. Listening is the key for sure.

    On the eating, how do you measure a hand's worth of smoothie?

    PS- Ordered my JGXT today!


  5. Jon,
    Hell yea I want to be a silverback. Is it okay just to follow the article on the MBG website for the power jumper. And what kind of exercises should I throw in on top of the daily workouts?

  6. brad - glad you got the jgxt, you're gonna love it! on the smoothie, this is something we will explain more in my book or ebooks...you actually eat less and less the better you eat:) but for now, think about the size of your hand and the mug you might grab....maybe 12 oz - 16 oz.
    matthew - yeah you can follow the article, but watching the dvd is much better, i break down the technique alot and you'll see the progressions exactly too...in either case, do the jumps before the workouts 2 x week and you'll be good!

  7. Thanks Jon. Looking forward to the (e)books. Based on your comment, my smoothies are waaay too big. :)

  8. haha:) i understand brad, we're gonna make it really clear to eat in a way that gives you optimal energy and strength from eating smarter:)
    it's simple but it's gonna be laid out for all really clear:) remember the hand plan, take it literally....hand size cup, bowl, plate...simple:)


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