How to train a skill, enjoy the outdoors and get strong as a gorilla!!

jessie, me, mr.matt and jenny at palm springs:)

Today was a busy day, getting everything organized in LA before driving down to san diego this afternoon for a fitness expo jess and i are doing to show some of our Lifeline USA products my dad and i invented. So did not have alot of time for MBG 3's today so we did our best:)
Eischens Yoga a bit and a massage in san diego helped a ton:)
Did a super simple and hard core workout at the SM beach...jess and i did muscle ups on the parallel bars...simple, she would do a set of 3, then me...repeat for 100 reps each:) now i know i've been soul training all month and today we only had 30 minutes so had to soul train fast:) haha
The muscle ups on parallel bars are harder so i'd extend under the bars and pull back up then lightly touch my left foot to the floor and i'd be over the top of one of the's barely assisted and i was getting pretty close to no assistance on them so i'll have them soon!! man what a great workout!!:) it was fun, trained a great skill! we were on the santa monica beach!! and YES we were getting strong like gorillas!!:) hey hey hey!!! haha
eating same as usual, green drink, water, then went back to golden mean for same arugula and black rice salad with a brocolli and amaranth mock meat, avocado and more veggies!! awesome!
then snacked on figs, pumpkin seeds on the drive down, then had some great thai food for dinner! lots of green beans, spinach, bell peppers, some tofu and great thai sauces and some brown rice.
good day:) and it's sooo beautiful here! look forward to a few fun days here then back home to winter:) haha
stay warm, stay strong, eat, train, chill like a gorilla!:) thanks Z haha


  1. Hey bro! You're a blessing and I love keeping up to date of what's going on in your life!! I would give anything to come hangout with you for a day, haha.

    Question: What juicer do you use for your green drinks? I need to start getting into making super strong juices but there are too many juicers to chose from, I figured you probably knew what was up!! Thanks bro! Keep real, keep eating strong, and never change!!!


  2. Hey Jon,

    The Golden Mean is great. Just a short walk from my office. Soon Veggie Grill will open right next door. Enjoy your time in SD. Love that town and had the good fortune to live there for a few years. Keep putting the soul above the ego.


  3. Jonny boy is chillin and kickin ass at same time, LOVE it!!!!

  4. hey adam - glad you like the blog:) i use the juiceman juicer and it works great and is easy to clean! and thanks for the positive words brah!
    Hey brad - yeah the golden mean is awesome, next time for sure we'll meet there but for sure the NEW VEGGIE GRILL:) haha

    ZACH A RIAH - keep strong my friend and hope to see you again soon brather!:) haha


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