How do you have a blast and get leaner & stronger??:)

Cool video of my Bhutan trip, was just thinking about this trip i was awesome!!
Hey everybody, man today was cool, ate strong, trained strong and had alot of fun today:) haha AINT THAT COOL:) HAHA
7am - up, tea time and chillin' made Maca Tea and added some stevia = the bomb!!:) haha
7:30-8:30 ate!! made a big salad...mixed greens, arugula, brocolli, pumpkin seeds, kale, corn, pecans
8:30 - 10 caught up on e-mails and had some dates and seeds as pre-workout snacks!! heckie yay yay!
10:30-11:45 trained!! did slow L seats to planche press holds back and forth for about 4 sets of 5s, alternated those with around the worlds with super slow negatives..actually could go 1" at a time on the negs for this for the first time and that my friends is diz-ope!! hahaha improving on both, better control and cleaner reps:) haha
then we did some to the beat training which was a blast too!! keeping the beat to some old school house music (station barbara tucker on your pandora app:) while doing tons of variations with dips & chins, push ups and body rows...doing all types of side to side movements to the beat, spins, jumps, i gots to say this:) "Movement is Fun" hahahaha
11:45 after workout plant strong drink!!! went to willy st co-op for some carribean juice...fresh squeezed OJ, ginger and lemon and i added some hemp protein to the mix and that hooked me up quickly as i was needing something:) haha
12 went out to lifeline and discussed some products for mbg chicago for a minute then jess and i went and ran some other quick errands
1:00 ate lean, green & strong!! went to whole foods and had our great after workout meals:) i had kale with cranberries and pine nuts with some cous cous and butternut squash and some green lentils and walnuts on top...Dope!!:)
2-4:00 worked on mbg chicago, then read some books at borders my favorite gift books for friends...the way of the peaceful warrior and celestine phrophecies...both very cool books!!
4:15 went and say "the fighter" good movie!! dug it! two main dudes mark whalberg and the terminator guy crushed  it!! ate some good popcorn butter please:) haha
6-8 went and chilled and discussed more mbg chicago and then read the article that is coming out in march issue of muscle and fitness on me and the mbg and got to say the writer jess willard crushed  it! he really did a great job and it's gonna be a great article!!
8:15 ate plant strong again:) at a strong dinner, greens, quinoa, pecans....simple and strong!!!
you can see by my day i had a blast training:) ate delicious plant strong foods too and the result is a stronger, leaner, greener and happier me:) you:) people:) and planet:) 
fun:) lean:) green:) c what i mean:) hahaha


  1. Jon,

    That Bhutan trip sure was amazing. What a change in perspective it offered. That is so valuable, to get outside of our own bubble.

    Salad question: Do you add a dressing of any kind or just go rabbit/deer style?


  2. haha i use flax oil and vinegar:)
    peace brad

  3. Jon,
    Thanks for the tips on working with the kids. We did some partner relay races today, they had a blast!


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