Great MBG workout Saturday, Juicing alot today and Eischens Yoga

One of the many Monkey Bar Gyms in Wisconsin middle schools

Working on it all:)
Monkey Bar Gyms - growing, working with lots of schools too and that is growing as well, soon we hope to have some really big groups were going to work with
Myself - working to stay as healthy and strong as possible and to represent "walking the walk", reading to continually learn more (by reading the old school, vegan nutrition, living consciously)
Lifeline - working on getting all our products out all over the world:) my inventions and my dads are really beginning to get some props, they're in stores now, getting alot of notice, and we still got more work to do on a way bigger stage that is soon to come the Jungle Gym XT, the power wheel.
My book - each week it becomes clearer and clearer and i learn little lessons from so many various points, students, books, maybe a random quote...all bring to mind ways to clarify points that much better....people want to get leaner and stronger, then people want to move amazing - run faster, jump higher, climb higher, walk on there hands better and then put them all together, then after that it seems people want to make a difference on the planet, be a bit greener, recycle, reuse a bit more, then lastly people want to do what is good for them:).....things that bring them balance of body, mind and spirit:) Tell me if i'm wrong but that is what i've noticed alot of over the years:) lean, mean, green and pain free:) My book is to help people to get healthier and happier, kids, adults, athletes and injured all over the world, to show how to simply train, eat, restore in ways that make people & planet leaner, stronger, healthier and happier:)
Yesterday and today were good days, yesterday ate amazing foods, had a fantastic workout with jess and stef, drove all over in a blizzard:) and then watched some great UFC fights. It's really fun to train with friends, challenge each other and just get that great strong feeling from a great workout!
MBG 1 restoration - still doing my Eischens Yoga every day:), Indian clubs routine and my chest expander routine to open up the shoulders.
MBG 2 training - jess, stef and i just took turns with nice strong reps of;
around the world and handstand push ups for about 5 sets of 5 each:) the form was tight, the ATW's are an amazing exercise to help with muscle ups as both the pull up and hips/legs up to bar and over and then the negative are extremely similar to the MU movement and slowing the negative really helps a ton! After that we did box muscle ups alternating sets of fast reps for one set and then the next set would be with pauses in the lever and planche positions...this was great! After that did a simple core routine that you'll want to do that is old school, simple and strong...we did 50 solid clean reps of sit ups and dips (the proper ol' school name for glute ham developers GHD's) til my nose touched the floor with hands across the chest....after doing these two in alternating sets of about 15-20 each til done i saw these two are actually perfect opposites and after we were done, we all agreed we felt great from those two and the whole rest of the workout. Again really focusing on solid reps all across the board, first rep is the same as the last rep. Then shoveled alot of snow too today about 7-8" for about an hour! That is a great full body workout!
MBG 3 eating - feeling good and clean!!
  1. Green Juice first thing and alot of pure water
  2. mixed greens, arugula, dulse flakes, walnuts, flax oil, pumpkin seeds
  3. Green juice
  4. kale, butternut squash, cous cous, brussel sprouts
  5. apple
  6. mixed greens, veggie patty (all plants no subs), arugula, dulse, pecans, flax oil
  7. dates and some go raw seeds i love these two together:)
  8. popcorn in coconut oil, pink himalayan salt


  1. When is your book/ebook coming out, Jon? Can't wait to read it!

  2. Hey Jon,
    Just awesome stuff!!

    Would you have an idea what the cost to outfit a facility like the one pictured in the middle school?

    All the best!


  3. Jon, can't wait for the book. Your principles and advice are right on. Love to have a MBG up in the Fort Collins, CO area. Fort Collins seems to have much in common with Madison. Got the JGXT 2 weeks ago and it rocks. It is version number 3 of the JG for me (I and II). You nailed it. Keep up the dream brother, you are an inspiration every time I read something from you. Thanks

  4. hey marc, keith and fred, thanks my friends:)
    marc - my ebook is due to be released by jan 31st, my hard copy (which is much longer:) is due out this summer...i hope:) got to find the right publisher:)
    keith - laying out an mbg is super easy and low priced...that school was less than 2,000 for all the equipment!!! outfitting a home is really really simple. tell me if you guys would like my suggestions for a perfect home gym too:)
    fred - glad you like it:) an mbg fort collins would be great! we've gotten lots of love in co and would love to do something there for sure:) we're growing steady and smart:) quality over quantity and we're really happy with all of the people who are opening mbgs all over the world:) i'm lucky:)
    peace my friends!

  5. Hey Jon, saw you in Davenport a couple months ago and am interested in doing some work with kids fitness. How did you go about getting hooked up with the schools and do you run any classes for kids at Monkey Bar Gym.


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