Goin' ol' school training today, ebook is nearer and more lessons:)

Turtle in Stream:) haha Ahh for summer weather now:)
Before i get to writing about my day i want to ask you all for some help. As you might now i've been working on my book for awhile...10 years actually:) and with a bit of your help i got the first ebook clear The Monkey Bar Gym "The Way of the Warrior". How to get Lean, Mean and Green in 30 days!!! I think that is it:) haha It's a simple version of my MBG 3 philosophy...and a very clear and concise program for how to truly become a LM&G Warrior!!:) 30 days to guide you thru the training, the eating and restoration along with an entire plan of action on exactly how to do it:) It's looking really good and i've very excited to get this ebook done:) After this ebook is out, then my next project is the big full on MBG 3 book, the much more detailed book of walking the walk and getting to and living strong!! For this i'm going to ask if any of you following my blog know of a solid publisher, someone who might be interested in working with me to help me bring this full on MBG training book to completion. I'd really appreciate any serious publisher leads and introductions as well:)
Now on to my day:)
MBG 1 restoration - did some early morning Eischens Yoga and then again before my workout
MBG 2 training - felt like doing some simple ol' school training with stef and jess. So we went over to one of the tallest buildings in madison...14 stories:) wow huge huh:) and decided to walk the stairs as fast as possible...me carrying stef on my back and him carrying me on his back switching every 2 flights and to make it fair since jess did not have a partner of equal weight (stef weighs 205 and i weight 210, jess weighs 135). So jess carried a pair of 20kg kbs with her...the challenge was could stef and i make it two times up and down before jess can make it one time...but she cannot set the bells down, if she does she has to run back down and up and continue! Right off the bat we knew this was gonna be some fun, i've done this before and seen lots of wrestlers do it too, but stef is the heaviest guy i've carried and it was good hard work!!:) So we're off and stef and i get a lead make it up and then right around the 7th floor we see jessie, so we pick up the pace a bit but man the thighs burn, we are crusing cause we know she is super competitive:) Right around the 7th floor shes running down, she must of set them down, but not for long, she's weightless and will be right back up, our thighs and lungs are burning! We press on and make it with jess right next to us!! Man this was a simple and hard workout...FUN:) then we go back to the mbg and do a few sets of Hammy Dips (GHD's actual old school name is dips haha:) to balance us out a bit and it works...that is it for the day!:)
MBG 3 eating -
  1. Green drink first thing in the AM, (perfect food)
  2. Go Raw granola, soaked oats, bee pollen, raw power, blueberries and a banana
  3. 2 apples, pumpkin seeds
  4. kale, cranberries, cous cous, pine nuts, walnuts, brussel sprouts, squash (this meal is off the hook!)
  5. dates, sunflower seeds
  6. brocolli, kale, corn, bell peppers, tabouli, veggie patty (100% natural, nothing processed:)
  7. popcorn, flax oil, pink himalayan salt
LESSON for today - It's funny how everything that gets you up and down in life is a lesson to be listened too. Are we listening and swimming upstream or flowing with the stream. Rickson Gracie use to say "Flow with the go"...he meant Go with the flow, but his english was not so good then...but we knew what he meant:) Today an opportunity came to get really upset about some work, i began too... one of my employees i felt was not doing something in the best interest of the mbg...but i thought about what Rickson had said, Flow with the Go:) and thought just chill man, chill, wait and see. And you know what, i'm really glad i did, i almost got upset, thinking they had done wrong and when i waited, i find they actually had the true best interest of the mbg in their mind. I really learned a big lesson here because it was more than just the pausing and listening but the learning that this person was seriously cool, looking out for me, the mbg and doing what was the righteous thing to do. It actually was really really cool and i'm sooo glad i listened and chilled:) So when life seems a little off, or someone does something that really seems wrong and you're just about to get mad, think what Rickson said and "Flow with the Go:)"
peace my friends!!


  1. Jon,
    Awesome stuff. When is your ebook coming out?

  2. Good stuff as always Jon! Can't wait for the book to come out, hope you take a look at my blog as well =) at www.Jungle-Fit.blogspot.com!

  3. Hi Jon,
    I always enjoy reading your blog and incorporating the mbg3 into my daily life. I teach middle school students who have behavior and social/emotional difficulties and have been taking them to the gym daily for exercise. I would love to find out what you do with the middle school kids you have worked with. By the way they love the power wheel and jungle gym.

  4. Hey Jon

    Take your time protect your vision!
    Peace Jon!


  5. matthew and tim - thanks my friends!, hope to have ebook come out in the end of jan 2011:)
    dave - the kids love the same stuff we do with adults:) move naturally and have fun doing it:) making sure to do alot of partner drills in challenging ways:)...the jungle gym and especially the power wheel crawl is always fun and challenging too:) haha
    keith - thanks for sending the link my friend and yes, i've been taking my time...i know it will happen when it is right...i've been working on it for 10 years:) appreciate it though my friend:)


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