15 total minutes of Holiday Hurt:) haha Gorilla Gift for you all:)

Todays Gorilla Gift for you:) haha a little Holiday Hurtin':)
Wanted to get in a very short and intense workout today and this fit the bill perfect:) 12 minute workout:)
MBG 2 training: So we did the 15/15 x 6 minutes for 3 variations of presses and 6 minutes of 3 variations of pulls. If you cant read it above here it is:)
15/15 x 6 minutes of pushing
  1. regular full push ups  x 15, 15, 15, 15 = 60 
  2. box planche dips (staying in extension) x 10, 10, 10, 10 = 40
  3. tiger push ups x 8, 8, 8, 8 = 32
total pushing reps = 132 reps in 6 minutes

15/15 x 6 minutes of pulling
  1. Kips x 10, 10, 10, 10 = 40
  2. JGXT muscle ups (no dip part) x 5, 5, 5, 5 = 20
  3. body rows x 6, 6, 6, 6 = 24
total pulling reps = 84 reps in 6 minutes

216 reps in 12 minutes....Nice!!:) haha

LATER IN AFTERNOON feeling like a bit more work:)
15/15 x 6 minutes of legs stuff
hindu squats: 4 x 12
alternate leg step up jumps 18" box: 4 x 8s
lateral 18" box jumps: 4 x 6s

Then did same 15/15 x 6 minutes for GHD on floor w/sandbags on heels: with hands
at sides 4 x 12
cross chest 4 x 8
behind head 4 x 6...man this felt good!!
Then did some 15/15 x 6 minutes of 
Full Power Wheel Rollouts assisted with 70lb bxt: 4 x 6
power wheel rollouts on knees out to chest: 4 x 7
hanging leg raises knees to elbows: 4 x 8
Did some jump rope trick practice and i'm done!!!:)
Overall for today did 30 minute workout...actual time training; 15 minutes!!!

Love doing this simple workout and it's been awhile since i've done a timed workout. So this was fun and gave me alot of extra "Chill like a Gorilla" time today as well.
Lately been eating and doing my restoration pretty much the same over the last few days too:
MBG 1 restoration: Eischens Yoga, shoulder routine, indian clubs
MBG 3 eating: 
quinoa, banana, nuts, seeds, raw protein
kale, butternut squash, walnuts, beans
rest of the day?? we'll see:) most likely a big salad, dulse flakes, seeds and a veggie patty!! mighty good:)
POINT I WANT TO MAKE: last night jessica wrote a very funny and to the point nutrition article "scared veganless", i thought it was great and very funny too. It is interesting to hear the positive and negative feedback an article can make...some questioning her on points, some dis-agree on other points, some laughed and loved it. The TRUTH? She wrote from her heart, you cannot dispute that:) Nutrition is something very close to peoples hearts, like religion, like politics...we are not trying to force anyone into doing anything, we are just following our hearts to do our best to make this world a better place now and for generations to come.  People often ask myself or jessica why vegans? Why not eat some meat? We (the MBG) promote a plant based diet which is to get people to follow a nutrition plan that is 90% or more plant based...this IS the healthiest way for all people to eat as shown by numerous studies, mainly the 750,000 plus people in the "China Study" written by Dr. Colin Campbell. So Why? We promote plant based nutrition (90% plus plants) because it is the healthiest for all people (as a diet over 10% animal products has been shown to lead to the 5 major killer diseases known to man) AND the planet as the transport of animal food(s) is one of the top reasons for global warming. SO getting people to transition from the typical western diet of 40-50% animal products to a plant based one is a smart and easier transition for all people. We have also proven that it does work with results of 17lbs of fat loss and 5.4lbs of muscle gain in their first 60 days of eating plant based and training MBG 3:) Then why do we (jess and I) eat 100% plants? Because of the above 2 huge reasons AND one more BIG reasons, we do not want to kill animals! We are proving to people along with many many others that it can be done. From our hearts it feels right knowing we are helping ourselves, the planet and all animals...it can be done! We are speaking from our hearts on this point, we are showing a simple transition step to a much healthier way of eating called plant based nutrition and we are proving it works....SIMPLE HUH:)
There is so much great info out there now to support this, my good friend Brendan Braziers book is probably the best for putting it all together. It's called "Thrive" and he hits all points you need to know and even gives you a complete 12 week nutrition program to follow too!
So do yourself a favor, do the planet a favor, do alot of animals a favor:) Go plant based this year!!


  1. hey jon! Great post, and I loved jessicas article! I actually ran into that response the other day (god put the animals here for us to eat) and I really don't get their logic. Holy cow. One of my goals this year is to learn a lot more info about plant based eating to be able do talk with people that have such a closed mind and definsive stance on eating meat. Do you guys have any other good tips to tell people other than the main points above that are helpful when dealing with helping people like that? Thanks for all you jess and the mbg do to help us and the planet! Have a merry christmas!

  2. I really enjoyed the scared veganless article. Keep up the great posts.

  3. Hey Jon, great comments. Loved the article by Jessica, definitely written from the heart - thank you for not going "politically correct" but saying it straight. I've transitioned to 95% vegan over the past year and am LOVING IT! FEEL GREAT! Have been surprised at how defensive people can be though, when I'm not even pushing my views on them. My husband has followed me in most of my diet changes - eating mostly plant based - and, at 51 yrs. has hit personal bests in all of his running races this year incl. winning one tough mountain race! Sweet :) I have 2 of Brendan Brazier's books - definitely recommend them. Stay healthy and thanks for sharing Jon!

  4. Hey Jon,
    I was wondering what are some good books to read relating to bodyweight training and natural training. I am going to read the Thrive Books, and Born to Run, but I am looking for more books on this style of traiining

  5. thanks my friends:) glad you like the post!
    for dealing with people you have lot of facts:
    the biggest nutrition study ever 750k proved a plant based diet is best for people and planet...so read the china study.
    second - the transportation of animal products is one of the top reasons for global warming!
    third - and very powerful...I DONT LIKE TO KILL ANIMALS!!
    Also get the book "meat is for pussies" by John Joseph lead singer of the cro mags...that book is amazingly powerful!
    On training...until my book comes out here is what i suggest:
    follow the daily workouts and videos first
    second, the mbg training dvds
    for books coach sommers gymnastics bodies is great as much as possible go old school though and look in physical culture books, then a recent good book is convict conditioning. those will all be great sources on training for sure. for sure read thrive deeply! great book!!

  6. Happy Holidays Jon & Jess,

    Loved the "Scared Veganless" article....haha. "Ignorant and ignorant" and "licking ourselves clean" great stuff!



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