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One of the Coolest workouts of my life!!! Got to see this!!

Here is one of the very very cool routines we were doing today! This one is from the start of the workout...basic:) as we went we opened it up ALOT!! The video below shows Jess and Stef crushing it!!! We did rhythm reps for the whole workout! Not counting reps just reping to the reminded me of my ol' bboying days combined with our "Soul Training":)!! It was off the hook, we just kept training and training. I'll put the pulling video up next blog, put the pushing sets on this video:) It's off the hook!!!
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga back dome, supine bridge x 60 sec ea x 2 each...good! Indian clubs and shoulder routine with chest expander.
MBG 2 training - man today was cool as hell...practiced handstands on boxes from L seats and around the worlds with variations for a bit, then the workout really started to get super fun! We'd do a set of dips to the beat, then variations of chin ups to the beat...then i thought to make it a bit easier for both…

Whew!! Strong MBG 3 Day:) Gorilla workout, eating, restoration!!:)

Today was MBG 3 Strong!!:) Before i tell what my MBG 3 was today i wanted to talk a bit about a topic a friend asked me yesterday....Why is Eischens Yoga better than stretching? He was just wanting a answer for others who ask him this question...similar to when people ask you guys maybe about why plant based of which i hope was answered for you a few days ago:) Here is why EY is better by a long shot over any stretching routine and any other means of re-balancing the body. You probably already know alot of this but i'll just cover it all just incase:)
First EY is active stretching, almost all other forms of stretching are static, including alot of forms of yoga. So why is active better?
FirstALL ANIMALS ACTIVE STRETCH EXCEPT HUMANS!!! That should get their attention:) ...they wake up and do a bit of up dog, down dog and a few simple other yawning type of opening up movements....except snakes, not sure if i've ever seen one of them stretch:) yawn yes!! So yes 100%:)
Second it is …

15 total minutes of Holiday Hurt:) haha Gorilla Gift for you all:)

Wanted to get in a very short and intense workout today and this fit the bill perfect:) 12 minute workout:)
MBG 2 training: So we did the 15/15 x 6 minutes for 3 variations of presses and 6 minutes of 3 variations of pulls. If you cant read it above here it is:)
15/15 x 6 minutes of pushing
regular full push ups  x 15, 15, 15, 15 = 60 box planche dips (staying in extension) x 10, 10, 10, 10 = 40tiger push ups x 8, 8, 8, 8 = 32total pushing reps = 132 reps in 6 minutes

15/15 x 6 minutes of pulling
Kips x 10, 10, 10, 10 = 40JGXT muscle ups (no dip part) x 5, 5, 5, 5 = 20body rows x 6, 6, 6, 6 = 24total pulling reps = 84 reps in 6 minutes

216 reps in 12 minutes....Nice!!:) haha

LATER IN AFTERNOON feeling like a bit more work:)
15/15 x 6 minutes of legs stuff
hindu squats: 4 x 12
alternate leg step up jumps 18" box: 4 x 8s
lateral 18" box jumps: 4 x 6s

Then did same 15/15 x 6 minutes for GHD on floor w/sandbags on heels: with hands
at sides 4 x 12
cross chest 4 x 8
behind head 4 x 6...m…

Silverback bodyweight workout! Gorilla meals! Great warm up!!!

          Here is a video of me doing Press Ups off 6" boxes with a bit of BXT 70lb assistance!!
Today got alot of good work done, meetings for about 4 hours to start the day, then trained and had a strong workout:) Feeling Good and strong! Then ate super strong and lean and green today....but something i loved was our prep work we did for MBG Chicago....we're going back to my old ways, pure skill training, for our alignment, our skills and our strength:)!!
My question from yesterday was answered well by some of my good friends, while it is true Mark Wahlberg trained hard for the fight, he is an actor, he is wealthy and can have everything he wants and needs to make it easier to achieve his goals, but with that said, you can tell he has that higher level of effort and drive that shows...that is something earned from going thru the fire and coming out stronger on the other side...this is not something that can be taught later in life, it is a tough gift earned and learned young…

muscle & fitness shoot, eating clean all day:)

Whew!! Today was a long one:) haha. Not sure if i mentioned it...think i did:) but Muscle & Fitness is doing a big feature on me and the Monkey Bar Gym!! March 2011 issue! It's gonna be a full 6 page layout and the article is awesome! and today they did a hard core photo shoot from 11 to about 5pm!! Man we did all kinds of MBG stuff it was very fun and also pretty tiring:) We did the noon workout, then they shot us as we trained, thten we just kept going with more and more cool exercises...cliffhanger crawls, pole climbs, climbing window, planche handstands, box muscle ups, power wheel crawls, traveling rings, stair push ups....whew:) it was fun and hard work:) haha
TODAYS QUESTION: Is Mark Wahlberg in the movie "the Fighter" stronger for his level of boxing (he attained of world champion" OR for his being able to maintain focus and train hard despite his challenges from his family?
My answer? Well I bring this up because what he did was the ultimate type of goal …

How do you have a blast and get leaner & stronger??:)

Cool video of my Bhutan trip, was just thinking about this trip i was awesome!!
Hey everybody, man today was cool, ate strong, trained strong and had alot of fun today:) haha AINT THAT COOL:) HAHA
7am - up, tea time and chillin' made Maca Tea and added some stevia = the bomb!!:) haha
7:30-8:30 ate!! made a big salad...mixed greens, arugula, brocolli, pumpkin seeds, kale, corn, pecans
8:30 - 10 caught up on e-mails and had some dates and seeds as pre-workout snacks!! heckie yay yay!
10:30-11:45 trained!! did slow L seats to planche press holds back and forth for about 4 sets of 5s, alternated those with around the worlds with super slow negatives..actually could go 1" at a time on the negs for this for the first time and that my friends is diz-ope!! hahaha improving on both, better control and cleaner reps:) haha
then we did some to the beat training which was a blast too!! keeping the beat to some old school house music (station barbara tucker on your pandora app:) …

Goin' ol' school training today, ebook is nearer and more lessons:)

Before i get to writing about my day i want to ask you all for some help. As you might now i've been working on my book for awhile...10 years actually:) and with a bit of your help i got the first ebook clear The Monkey Bar Gym "The Way of the Warrior". How to get Lean, Mean and Green in 30 days!!! I think that is it:) haha It's a simple version of my MBG 3 philosophy...and a very clear and concise program for how to truly become a LM&G Warrior!!:) 30 days to guide you thru the training, the eating and restoration along with an entire plan of action on exactly how to do it:) It's looking really good and i've very excited to get this ebook done:) After this ebook is out, then my next project is the big full on MBG 3 book, the much more detailed book of walking the walk and getting to and living strong!! For this i'm going to ask if any of you following my blog know of a solid publisher, someone who might be interested in working with me to help me brin…

Great MBG workout Saturday, Juicing alot today and Eischens Yoga

Working on it all:)
Monkey Bar Gyms - growing, working with lots of schools too and that is growing as well, soon we hope to have some really big groups were going to work with
Myself - working to stay as healthy and strong as possible and to represent "walking the walk", reading to continually learn more (by reading the old school, vegan nutrition, living consciously)
Lifeline - working on getting all our products out all over the world:) my inventions and my dads are really beginning to get some props, they're in stores now, getting alot of notice, and we still got more work to do on a way bigger stage that is soon to come the Jungle Gym XT, the power wheel.
My book - each week it becomes clearer and clearer and i learn little lessons from so many various points, students, books, maybe a random quote...all bring to mind ways to clarify points that much better....people want to get leaner and stronger, then people want to move amazing - run faster, jump higher, climb higher…

juicing it today:) and did 7 tips of the weeks too:)

Boobie Hard Core CHILLIN' :)
Today turned out good, needed a simple day to help balance the body out:)
the tips of the week videos were a blast too! did one on the JGXT and PUR combo! another for the PUR and power wheel combo, then the Power Jumper for travel workouts??? YES:) and a very cool Power Wheel combo workout you'll for sure want to see, so stay tuned for our MBG E-blasts on all of them:)
After all the traveling i've done lately and business i thought it'd be good to take a day and do a juice fast. It went fine today, and i still got all my meetings and training done too, so it was a good day:) Yesterday i asked you all to answer honestly about bn a warrior...stepping up to the plate on all 3 points...made me think a bit more on it and it's needed my friends, i need your help, animals need your help, the planet needs your help. So i am asking a follow up question for comments, if you are not, why not? post it, lets talk a bit on it, it helps me for su…

MBG is growing!!!:) JGXT crushing it! awesome at home workout today!

Hey everybody been busy as a beaver lately getting ready for MBG Chicago, Working the Jungle Gym XT all over the world, and getting my training, restoration and eating down pat:)
NEWS: The JGXT is crushing it!! We got suspension trainers from all over the world telling us the new version of the JGXT is off the charts the best suspension trainer in the world:) Super cool:) We just did a demonstration in San Diego as i mentioned last week and got the same response, all the tr-ex trainers were coming over and checking it out and most admitted it's better, one said it's not the original and i had to set him straight (as his jaw dropped:) haha and i told him the truth, i invented the Jungle Gym in 2001, in 2002/3 i sent it to the navy seals to check out as they had told me they want to find a great new product to sell themselves in a big way...well then i never heard back and then find out what they did:)...nice :) well this guy and many others are finding out the truth:) it's f…

The feet and why aligning them is key to the whole body!

My story that led to learning about the truth of training the feet, legs and whole body! In 1994 i tore my left knee up, thinking it was just a fluke accident when playing basketball. It was to worsen drastically over the next 3 years to the point i could not stand in one place for more than a minute or two, or run and jump much at all...even sitting brought me serious pain...then the back pain began and got worse than the knee. Since no one in LA could help me much i just thought it was my lot  in life to have a bad back. Until i met Roger Eischens in the summer of 1997, immediately i realized this man knew more about the body than anyone i had ever met and that the depth of his knowledge was vast. After intense knee and back pain for 3 years with no relief, Roger said he could fix it pretty easy, despite my skepticism i met with him and within 2 minutes i knew he was right, relief of the pain. With this new knowledge i jumped in 110% and learned from this great man as much as i coul…

MBG 3: My presents i recieve grow each day:) and Power Wheel Plyos?

Some Power Wheel Plyo rollouts!!! YES!! Over the last week i was in California, showing my training and ideas to a school, martial artists, military and many fitness professionals. Giving as much of my knowledge as i can to as many as i can...spreading the word basically of MBG 3:) But the gifts over this last week are many that i was lucky enough to receive. Visiting Fillmore middle school to show them how to MBG 3 and have fun training natural movements, eating healthier and doing a bit of eischens was awesome, the kids have a pretty tough life there and they all shined with joy at everything we shared with them, they smiled, laughed alot when we did some fun calisthenics i like to do for warming up, they loved it....PRICELESS. Then their coach Dave, the man who followed our MBG training over the last few years, so open and honest and hardworking, ...he was so happy and appreciative to have us there to help his kids that tears came to his eyes when he talked with me after a…

How to train a skill, enjoy the outdoors and get strong as a gorilla!!

Today was a busy day, getting everything organized in LA before driving down to san diego this afternoon for a fitness expo jess and i are doing to show some of our Lifeline USA products my dad and i invented. So did not have alot of time for MBG 3's today so we did our best:)
Eischens Yoga a bit and a massage in san diego helped a ton:)
Did a super simple and hard core workout at the SM beach...jess and i did muscle ups on the parallel bars...simple, she would do a set of 3, then me...repeat for 100 reps each:) now i know i've been soul training all month and today we only had 30 minutes so had to soul train fast:) haha
The muscle ups on parallel bars are harder so i'd extend under the bars and pull back up then lightly touch my left foot to the floor and i'd be over the top of one of the's barely assisted and i was getting pretty close to no assistance on them so i'll have them soon!! man what a great workout!!:) it was fun, trained a great skill…