Two gifts from friends today:) split grip Muscle up!! Strong plants:)

Today was very stressful, as i've mentioned with all the work going on to open MBG Chicago, MBG Madison, working on new inventions with my families business Lifeline USA and planning my move to chicago:)....oh yeah, training, restoring and eating too:) haha.
So today i needed a little brotherly love:) and i got it in the form of a very very funny card and gift from a good friend Jared T out in LA, sent me a super funny card with a cat chillin' on the front and on the inside it said "I meditate, I chant, I do yoga every day...and i still want to smack someone!! :) haha That is exactly how i felt today:) and i really really needed to read that! Super funny and the cat has this look on his face like "what the fu*k you looking at!!:)
My second gift was talking on the phone with my boy Zach-E from Jersey...he made me laugh again even though i had 'just' gotten out of 4 more hours of meetings today...we talked only a few minutes but he always brings a smile to my face:)
Much love my friends!!
MBG 1 restoration - did my chest expander, indian club routines tonight after training, then followed that with my Eischens Yoga, followed that with a hot/cold shower with did that all help!!!!:) feeling alot better now:)
MBG 2 training - rode my bike out and back to lifeline about 12 miles, then trained with my boy stef and we went and did some park training again. Muscle ups (got a new record of 7!!), levers, planche push ups, bars handstand push ups (only 1/3 ROM, but still doing em':) and lots more...had a great time just doing as many different challenging routines as possible!
Got to say a big thanks (my 3rd gift of the day!!) to all the dudes on the east coast who show what they do, cause i've been doing bodyweight training my whole life and this type of training on the bars brings me back to my roots, my breakdancing, my love of movement again! It's the Shiznit!!:) So thanks Giant, Beastmode dudes like Lord Vital, Juice, Hannibal...they are all bad asses:) Something interesting, i'm beat my muscle up record and had not even tried one in many months, the only thing that prepared me for this was doing the Jungle Gym XT assisted muscle ups, i feel it helped me pull lower towards my waist and that made it alot easier...still not a bad ass like the east coasters but i'm improving:) and that is what counts, we're having alot of fun and it reminds me of when i was a bboy, i'd do a move then my brother greg would and we'd go back and forth for hours like that, stef and i did the same today...went for almost 2 hours!! Had a blast!! Chicago get ready!!
MBG 3 eating plant based - wanted to alkalize alot today so tons of greens and water!!!!
  • Green powder with lots of water
  • quinoa, flax, banana, water, greens powder, SOlife, almonds, goji berries, bee pollen
  • organic food bar
  • greens powder
  • spinach, banana, greens powder, SOlife, hemp seeds, walnuts, flax seeds
  • greens powder
  • big salad of mixed greens, brocolli, peas, portabella mushrooms, pumpkin seeds
Rough middle of day with all the meetings but thanks to Jared T, Zach E and the BARZ love i'm doing much much better!!
big hugs all around:)


  1. Hey Jon,
    Can you possibly put up some more videos demonstrating various levers, planches, l-sits, etc. , it would be real helpful in seeing what I should work on everyday.

  2. on it my friend, adding a bunch of tips workouts already:) thanks matt!

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  4. man matthew all i ever did was push ups, chin ups and jumping and seeing them advance those moves made me do the same and i've only been doing it as all my workouts for about a year and it just takes time, what really helps is having a partner to do it with, they do a series of moves, then you do something, try new stuff, create combos and just have's awesome and you improve daily:) glad you like it my friend!!

  5. I like the term "soul train". We've already got a theme song too. Hopefully listening to it will bring a smile to your face Jon!

    "Get on board!"

  6. Hey Jon,
    I've told you before, but the work you do is amazing. Unlike so many folks out there, you and your gym are constantly growing in the way that you are, as gym, how you train, how you eat, how you recover. For about a week and half now I've just been practicing movements, and though its still just on my own, I'm having a ton of fun, a feeling way stronger. Keep growing. Bien salud.

  7. Hey Jon,

    Great blog. Have a question, when you eat the: quinoa, flax, banana, water, greens powder, SOlife, almonds, goji berries, bee pollen

    You make a smoothie of that right? And how do you use the quinoa? Cooked of raw or flakes?

    Thanks a bunch,
    Bartendaz for life!


  8. hey volcmar:) cooked it the night before and then cooled it and ate it in the am:) tastes great!

  9. Jonny, niiiiiiiice work bruddah!!!

    Yea man, U gots 2 chill, bruddah!!!

    U r the Masta!!


  10. will do! Thanks man, and good luck with the opening in Chicago


  11. That's right Zach...tha boy's got to chill! It's funny you wrote about re-charging...I chilled all day 'cause yesterday was a loooong ass day with meetings with new sponsors and business, so I ended up sleeping late and the baby wasn't healping much either! today was all about resting. So much that after closing I felt like doing a few things so I did some pull-ups variations, flipped tires a bit and jumped rope and did burpees variations...went for 45 minutes, just going by soul. Hahaha...I've been talking about my SOUL TRAINING so much around the gym, that people are starting to call me "Don Cornelius"...hahaha...

    So peace and Soul my brothers!

  12. i'm chillin i'm chillin i'm hard core chillin!!:) hhaha:) it's feeling good for sure just stay the path and listening to my body:) thanks brahs:)


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