Soul Training:) RE-ENERGIZING!! Jungle Gym XT planche video!!

Jungle Gym XT "L seat" to Planche hold
Yesterday was a tough day, meetings all day and a good talk gave me some insight to chill like a gorilla:) Sometimes in life we get caught up, we work like mad, train like mad and then we forget to make sure we re-charge the batteries by sleeping 4-6 hours and not taking any rest breaks during the day:) I learned a big lesson and actually listened:) haha My friend John Allen Mollenhauer and i were talking and we talked about re-charging the batteries, i've not been doing it enough:) yesterday i was dragging, he called me on it and was right on the money. So i went home, ate a good meal and went to bed at 10pm...about 2 hours early for me:) and i slept til 8:30am!! Then just chilled, did only what i wanted to do, passed on meetings, relaxed, ate good foods, drank a ton of water, then had a super fun, easy yet sort of challenging workout, then ate some more good food, then slept for almost another hour:) haha good recovery day!
Then we had a meeting/potluck for our members who just finished the MBG 60 Day Fitness Challenge. They talked, told stories, their stories about how they've challenged themselves, how they've overcome obstacles and changed their was pretty awesome:) They're on new paths, healthier paths and now THEY can tell their stories of inspiration to others and help those to change as well:) Very cool huh:)
MBG 1 restoration & RE-GENERATION!! - Eischens Yoga and about 10 hours of sleep!!:) haha
MBG 2 training -
about 90 minutes of handstand presses on boxes, reverse bar circles?? not sure the name of this one but i've been doing it for awhile, jump up and the lift legs up as high as possible until hips are above the bar, then legs come all the way over til your on top of the bar on your hips, then slow resisted the muscle up part down...great practice for muscle ups (for pure strength ones:), did alot of Jungle Gym XT L seats to planches, did alot of german hangs too. I'd do a set, then stef, then jess, we took our time and had alot of fun and never felt exhausted which was a prerequisite for todays training and we succeeded:)
MBG 3 eating -
  • green powder in about 20 oz of water, then some herbal tea
  • quinoa, goji berries, walnuts, SOlife, pumpkin seeds
  • kale, butternut squash, walnuts, brussel sprouts
  • banana, apple, peanut butter
  • spinach, curry, tofu
  • popcorn, flax oil, coconut oil, pink himalayan salt

feel alot better today and glad i'm listening to my body and my buddies:) haha!!!


  1. Good job, Jonny, keep resting up, lights out by 10 PM for you for the next week will be great, BUT, get in bed at 9:30 and read a good book so you can chill for the last 30 minutes.

    I'm currently reading 'confessions of an ultra marathoner' which is an amazing book and an easy read - it's good to read at night as it will calm you, plus, this book has awesome stories this guy tells of his training.

    Lay low Bruddah, everything will get done no worries :)

    Talk soon!


  2. thanks zach man!! much appreciated:)
    laying low:)

  3. Are we on the same menstrual cycles? LOL, I took Friday off as well to just relax and do what I wanted to do and at my own speed. Opening a facility requires a lot of work, and the type of work (meetings, computer, phone)that I am not accustomed to.

    Anyway, after EY I just threw on my Vibrams and went for a discovery run in the city. The stairs around the Rogers Centre (Sky Dome) and the playground next door to it provided a good workout.

    Overall, a relaxing day but I joined your knucklehead club when I got into some treats from a Toronto vegan bakery called "Sweets from the Earth."

    Congrats on a new batch of members who have their own stories now!!! Powerful!



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