Soul Trainers UNITE!! making that which is weak STRONG!!!

One of my favorite morning juices:) clean, strong!!
Been here in LA since Friday getting ready to do something BIG i hope:) Will tell you all about it after it happens:) haha Days spent traveling alot and seeing the sites out here a bit too, went to palm springs sunday and took the tram to the top of the mountains with jessie, mr. matt and his girl jenny and his mom joan too. We had a fun day out of it and it was really simple and fun:) and of course we ate great all day long too:) !!! Had some very cool e-mails and posts on this blog which i want to mention....first off i'm very very blessed to be able to do what i do, to have "soul training" brothers and sisters joining me all over in our mission to truly change the fitness world to one that is about really truly being healthy mind, body, soul! BEING 'connected' to movement skills and the joy and challenge that they bring is totally against mosts (not ours:) current mindset, as is the way people heal the pains in their bodies as is the way people eat. WE see thru the facade of what the current industry is about, the isolated training both muscular and socially (on machines, computer training? what is that about!!!! dang!!, the training for significance of appearance:) haha the dependence on others for healing our pains thru drugs or other dependency forms. 
After that drove up to LA to do something cool this morning with some kids out at Fillmore Middle school in ventura county. What a pleasure it was, the kids were amazing, smiling, energetic, super happy to move and play...that is as the ad says is....PRICELESS:)
We hope this can help more schools in the district also become healthier and happier as well as the kids in madison, WI and the outlining areas of the MBG Madison are now today...28 schools and growing at last count!!:)
I'm gonna do my best to catch up here and tell you all how i've been doing MBG3 style:)
MBG 1 restoration - keeping it simple and doing the beginner sequence wherever i can...did it last night in our hotel hallway...that was fun:) 
MBG 2 training - "Soul Trained" on the santa monica rings area for about hour and a half!! tons of muscle ups, around the worlds, slightly assisted muscle ups on the parallel bars! this one is a toughey:) handstand presses, walking it was fun!! Then after a green juice we went up to my good buddies henry akins & antoni hardonks dynamixx martial arts academy on 7th and wilshire and talked about much i put them and one of there guys thru a workout so another hour of training!! hahaha man it was so much fun...and yes, i was sore as hell later!! haha but it was fun:) and i'm all good now. The other night jess and i also did the EY sequence in the hallway we also did barefoot sprints for about 20 minutes too down the hallway...about 80 yards, that was awesome!!!:) haha soft, quiet, no people...great!!!
MBG 3 eating - generally having my green drink first thing out of bed, then had a spinach banana hemp protein smoothie, then for lunch maybe some brussel sprouts, wild rice and mushrooms, then a carrot juice, then for dinner like tonight had an amazing mock beef and brocolli and avocado burrito at golden mean on wilshire and about 9th....OFF THE HOOK!! The mock beef was made of amaranth an amazingly strong grain!
hope you all are good and i send out a big thanks to all my soul training brahs and sista's:)


  1. Jon, Hey as we have talked about in the past, the moment is the most powerful place to be. No matter what we are doing, or aren't doing. The moment combines our emotions, mentals, physicals and spritual states. The moment is so very powerful for any athlete, or anyone that moves. People talk about 'the zone' and what it is like to be there. Training for our own spirit and our heart, not for our heads (ego) is the open door to the moment and training the soul. Much like moving meditation, in the moment we could be connected to our bodies and all manifestations in our bodies from our minds and emotions. Soul training, is about exploration, mystery, childlike curiousity and amazement that your body can do something that it is doing. It is witnessing that beautiful movement as you're doing it. I think what Soul Trainers could do to enhance our movement skills is link the body to mindfullness and total present awareness, that incorporates our spirits in such a deep aboriginal way. Here is my challenge to all the peeps out there, do something new with your body today. Find a new movement you have never done or reinvent something you do all the time, and FEEL it fully! Thanks Jon for all you do, but thanks for realizing your courage to do it.



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