No Ego workout, JGXT muscle ups, stair crawls, power wheel & lots more:)

Bike Rack?? Nah Dips, Rows, Pistols, Big Swings...YES:) haha
Tonight i got another massage from MBG Super Masseur Chad Yonkus and while he was inflicting some serious pain:) we always talk about good books, quotes and muscles and pain. Tonight we discussed the egoless training, he made a good point that people really need to just live egoless:) true that my friend true that:)
Why ego-less workouts or training? Because it is training peacefulness, being in the moment and the biggest reason, cause it is just plan fun, you're not caught up in the outcome!! The more we practice this the more it's gonna become a part of our life. I look at it like brazilian jiu-jitsu training or any other martial art, you hear it all the time, you train so you dont have to FIGHT!! To develop that inner peace and confidence that you do not have to show off how tough you are...thus being ego-less:). In bjj you train this and reach the black belt and higher levels by not forcing things, by not resisting life, by flowing....ego-less. My old bjj instructor Rickson Gracie told me that a long time ago and he said it applies to life. Didnt know what he meant at the time but began to the more i taught bjj. The more i flowed and did not worry about the outcome, the easier it became, the more peaceful i was, the more fun i have and the happier i am when leaving the workouts:)
QUESTION FOR YOU: What do you notice when you workout/train ego-less?
MBG 1 restoration - massage (solid), bit of Eischens Yoga:)
MBG 2 training - man this was fun today:) understand that i went back and forth alot on each of these: BXT 70lb handstand push ups on my fists & chin ups to my sternum (alternated these for about 20 minutes:) then did some Power Wheel crawls + 40lb vest x 30 yards & slow pole climbs with arms and legs x 25y
then did some backwards stair climbs up/down & bar work:) side to sides, in/outs, circles, spinners
then did some Jungle Gym XT muscle ups @ 90 deg & box muscle ups (man i love these:)
MBG 3 eating - soaked oats, bee pollen, sunflower seeds, SOlife, cranberries, almonds, cashews
organic food bar
spinach, mango, banana, SOlife, bee pollen, hemp seeds
kale, butternut squash, green leafy ball like things i cant remember their names:) haha, pecans, tabouli
popcorn, coconut oil, himalayan pink salt
good day my friends:)


  1. blog from last night parallels yours.

    To answer your Question....Ego-less = FUN! Kind of like when I was a kid hanging out at the park way before things started to get competitive between friends, before coaches needed me to run a 40 under a certain time, before 2 a day football practices, before vertical jump labeled your skill level as a basketball player and many years before being judged if the outer sweep of my quad muscle was symmetrical to one another. lol!

    PS- Power Jumper arrived this morning.....OORAH!

  2. hahaha, awesome nathan!!! all perfect points!! laughed at the last one!!! haha so true, a good friend on my FB page posted his comment and said it's like "Soul Trainers" not training for a look, or to hit a certain rep, but purely for the fun:) That is Soulfull Training, i love it, maybe we can start something up huh:) nice comment nathan:) your friend, jon


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