New Power Wheel in the works! Biked madison all day:)

Soon to be home of MBG Chicago!!!!:)
Man i rode my bike a ton today:) loved it, cool, about 45 and sunny,, so great for riding:)
MBG meetings we got alot going on and it's super exciting! More MBG's wanted all over the world! Very cool:) More video tips coming up on our e-blasts for everyone! And 2011 is gonna be crazy awesome! Got big things for January:)
Yesterday i asked about training 100% for enjoyment, NOT FOR EGO!! but purely for the pureness of improving movement and enjoying that training without thinking i got to get that pump!

Lifeline Meeting right after MBG meeting...long day!!:) haha Talked about the new Power Wheel, it's gonna be off the hook!! Look for it next fall though as we're in development right now but the drawings are amazing:) We're working on my Power Wheel, my Jungle Gym XT and some others, it's fun i love inventing stuff and me and my dad are always competing with who can out invent the other:) It's alot of fun, just can overwhelm me a bit sometimes when i'm so busy with the MBG too:) It's fun though:)
After that i mostly rode all over Madison...about 20 miles i guess, my day could of crushed me i know if i did not eat so well.
Did what i wanted to do training wise today, and restoration too, eating wise ate my natural foods and felt great all day:)
MBG 1 restoration - had fun with this today and it turned out great! Did a eischens yoga pose, then did some foam roller on tight areas, then did a different pose, some more foam, etc. this was fun and really felt great, after my deep sport massage last night i said a great goal for me is to really open my shoulders and hips, two areas all power athletes have to always deal with....No doubt Eischens Yoga has saved me, one thing i thought about was the massive amounts of scare tissue i have and i've used "the stick" and foam rollers before but always rolled back and forth and never really got any lasting benefit. for sure nothing like Eischens Yoga has done for me. So i thought to try just going to pain points and holding it til it released, then back to a pose again....this felt good, it was relaxed as well so after alot of riding, this combo did me fine....i feel the Eischens Yoga is without question the best and so did alot more poses today that help me to open my hips and shoulders. Back domes, supine bridge, elbow stands and supine mountain and more. Very good day for restoration:)
MBG 2 training - Eischens Yoga and biking:)
MBG 3 lean & green warrior eating -
soaked oats, berries, nuts, SOlife
banana, mango, plant protein, nuts
kale, butternut squash, pine nuts
green powder and water
2 ezekial tortillas, red pepper hummus, 2 homemade veggie nut burgers!! brocolli, peas
green powder and water

good day my friends, worked MBG, worked Lifeline, did my Eischens Yoga, ate my plants and enjoyed my bike ride around the city:) that is cool:)
"No Ego Training (nothing in iso, nothing for appearance), No Ego Eating (massive amounts of protein)" Lets have some fun my friends, help the planet and people too:)!!!!


  1. New Power Wheel , eh? Sounds cool. Still working on the JGXT? Didn't you just redesign it. :) I'm on board with the No Ego training for sure. I'm gonna spend the next month not counting reps, just moving, running and having fun!

    Keep walking the talk my friend!

  2. Hi Jon

    you're awesome. so's your dad. let's reconnect - John Kim - World's Coolest Sports Products - sold a lot of powerwheels - excited to see the new one...

  3. haha:) thanks guys:) glad you're gonna join me on the no ego training this month brad:) New Power Wheel YES, coming next spring. the JGXT no changes on the new version, just got planning for it that's all:)
    john kim!! man havent talked with you in a long time my friend:) haha yeah you have sold alot of power wheels:) haha i'm coming out to san diego in december (2nd and 3rd) arent you in that area? be good to see you:) peace my friends!


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