MBG test day results, Jungle Gym XT...better get one:) it's Badass!!

44k's Back dome....wicked man!!!:) Wanna open the hips & shoulders? Do this exercise:)
Decided to just do a MBG workout for today and it was cool:) Just did the tests, then did some 1 arm handstand holds, some weighted backdomes and some traveling rings....pure fun:)
LAST NIGHT i was reading and a sentence hit me, are we really ourselves, or do we play the role of someone else? For sure when we meet some people we are different, we ACT like someone else. Now the same can be said about the way we train, are we training for a look, or for pure movement, for fun, for just getting better at our basic survival skills of running, jumping, crawling, climbing? Sometimes even with full body functional movements we can get caught up with the constant drive of training for improving our reps or weights on a full body exercise like cleans, swings, etc...now this is cool for sure, it without question improves performance....our goal. All i am asking here is, is this really the most natural way? Do we all have to compete to get bigger? Cant we just have fun swinging on bars, jumping , running and crawling on, over and around objects and have a blast, improve our skills and still be bad asses? YES:) So why do we still do this? We're caught...STILL!!....in the way of the ego, in the look, in the matrix! Can we purely do what is natural...just train skills, train whenever you feel like it, open up your body a few times a day with some simple natural active alignment movements (e.g. Eischens Yoga:)
QUESTION: How many of you will join me this month, train ONLY pure skills, heal your body amap everyday to get it fully healthy and pain free....like all animals would do if injured!! How many will join me?
MBG 1 - RESTORATION: november 1st, did my Eischens Yoga, hot/cold shower with loofa, got a 90 minute crazy deep tissue massage and drank tons of water!
MBG 2 - TRAINING: test day:)
  1. HSPU x 7, added 21lb vest and did 1:)
  2. Chin ups to sternum + 21lb vest x 5, 10 without vest
  3. Jungle Gym XT + 21lb vest atomic push ups x 21 reps
  4. JGXT x 90 degree + 21lb vest muscle ups x 11 reps, without x 20
Then did 5 sets of:
  1. 1 arm handstand holds for about 10 seconds while holding a 16k with my other hand
  2. alternated these with back domes + 32k's x 15 seconds
  3. traveling rings down and back
Blackberries, mangos, bananas, coconut oil, bee pollen, seeds, SOLife
spinach, mangos, bee pollen, SOlife
Cacao, silken tofu, rice milk, pea protein, walnuts after workout cacao pudding...super good!!
mixed greens, bell peppers, nut veg burger, seeds, beets, corn, peas, onions, mushrooms

Good day my friends, got alot done, good work, good workout, great restoration:)
sleep well my friends:)


  1. Jon, I'm in...
    Would it be beneficial to follow some of the extra stuff you do everyday on top of the daily workouts? or would you recommend just picking your own goals?

  2. You know I'm down with you bro. Train purely for movement & skills now that's what I'm talking about. Lets do this with the body & have lots of fun doing it. The human body is an amazing machine & loves to move!!!

  3. Right on JH,

    I read Eckhart Tolle's book "A New Earth" recently and remember thinking similar things, the ego dictates our life.

    In regard to your monthly quest, my parallel bars arrive any day now so definitly count me in.

    I have just come out of a 6 week gymnastic style body weight cycle with no bells and its the best I have felt in years.I Started back with the bells 2 weeks ago and already I am stiff and sore in the wrong places.

    Looking forward to it.


  4. I'm in too Jon,

    I just threw down some goals in my blog.


    By the way, do you prefer using a loofa over a skin brush? I use a skin brush now and love it.

  5. Hey Jon,
    How can I get a MBG shirt?

  6. awesome everybody!! lets keep in touch and throw out what enlightening things we learn!!
    i recommend doing all the bw workouts and changing the kb ones to bodyweight training days, stuff like handstands, planches, levers, climbing poles/ropes, etc.
    pick your own SKILL goals to improve on, walk another 5 yards on your hands, hold a 1 arm handstand with feet touching the wall for 30 seconds, etc.
    right on everyone, WE are gonna have some fun:)
    how about crawling across, over under, up stairs forwards backwards, sideways on the wall, etc, man that is a great exercise for sure lets have that in the mix!
    OZ for sure got to use the dip bars!! walking dips, plyo dips, dips swings, man a bunch!!
    cos - your my boy, chicago here we come!!!!
    nathan - loofa is what i use:) works great!
    matthew, online maybe?? haha or call and order from our front deskies at the mbg:) 608.663.7511


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