MBG Chicago video, JGXT new exercises!!

MBG Chicago video at night! Window signs up!!!

Spent all day yesterday in chicago doing business and i mean all day!!! Meetings til 5pm! We're very excited with the team we are developing to make Monkey Bar Gym a household name:)
I'm very fortunate to have really good people around me. In the video i'm just showing you all the space, the buildout is to start this week, so lots of painting and then the bars, floor and locker rooms go in:) Then we're ready to go!! It is funny how when you put out good energy good things come your way, we are working hard and keeping MBG 3 in mind, working hard to help as many people as possible and to change the fitness world to as positive and healthy as possible. I just wanted to say i appreciate all those that are working with me now, all of you that support what we are doing and all those that have gone before me that have put me where i am today:) Peace and appreciation to you all:)
My good buddy Ory (mr. panama:) said something very cool the other day about our Ego-less training adventure...he called it "Soul Trainers"...("Spirit Trainers" is cool too:) i really liked that and connect with that as training simple and for the fun of it connect us to the movement, NOT the result...and i feel when we are in the moment, we are connected to our spirit or soul. I'm not a religious person, i am as my ancestors a believer that all things have a spirit, a soul, and that if we listen to it it will lead us down the best path. When Ory said that it made alot of sense. Big thanks my friend..."Soul Trainers unite!!" :) very cool brah very cool!!

My Day from a.m. to p.m. :
  • Today woke up and did my morning chest expander routine which i also posted a video of today, should come up soon....it's a simple routine that i do daily and have forgotten to mention it on my blog:) oops:) anyways i've done it for close to a year and it truly makes my shoulders feel amazing. Then i did my indian clubs routine:) again it's so part of my day i did not mention it:) but doing the chest expander routine, then indian clubs, then eischens yoga...that is a good start to the day my friends:) 
  • Then i drink my water and green powder...got to alkalize the body:)
  • after that made a salad with tons of steamed veggies and two veggie patties
  • went and worked on my book!! yes, you heard me right, i picked it back up a few days ago and said i'm doing this, it's been a project for 10 years!! it's a process, i'm being patient and it's coming along!!:) after that met with thiago veiga my good buddy and brother of my good friend and brother from another mother luiz claudio augusto goncalves (rickson gracie black belt for 10 years!!). Thiago and i met to plan out how to get luiz to come and be the BJJ man at MBG Chicago:) we're gonna do our best to get luiz and his family up here and be a big part of the MBG. right now thiago is doing a great job getting LCCT (luiz claudio combat team) growing here in the midwest and having luiz in chicago will make it complete so wish us luck:) he hates the cold:) hahaha. Then ate a great spinach wrap with hummus and veggies from ground zero cafe...simple and tasty!!
  • Then met with sam (our web manager) and we filmed a whole bunch of tips of the week for you all. This is something alot of people have requested and thought it would help alot...so we shot 5 weeks worth!
  • Then it's time to train. Greg metzler (MBG COO) was working out too and both of us just had a lot of fun working out with the JGXT....man the combination of exercises is off the chain! We went back and forth on assisted slow muscle ups to push ups, back to MU's, then back to variations on the push up...just playing with movement!! Loved it!! After doing those did some speed handstand walks afap for 15 yards alternated with 1 arm chin ups (assisted with other arm), then did rope climbs for technique and more HSW's:), then did more JGXT drills and i was finished...about 65 minutes of back and forth...hahaha couldnt stop:) 
  • Then biked home and made a great smoothie of baby spinach, mangos, bananas, almonds, coconut oil, bee pollen, pea protein and 1/2 scoop of SOlife for taste.....OKAY OKAY today i did NOT listen to my body:) it was telling me to STOP DRINKING YOUR SMOOTHIE:) of course it was so tasty i kept going and then wham....BOLO BELLY!!! haha so did not eat for another 5 hours til made some popcorn later on. 
besides my smoothie over-endulgence i had a good day, worked alot, trained alot, ate good and did alot of great restoration too:) time to sleep:)
peace out my friends!


  1. Love the window graphics Jon, looks awesome! I feel you on the smoothies too. Sooo tasty they're hard to put down. You do have a great team, you should be proud.

    Doing a nice spirit run tomorrow after some EY. Can't wait. Next, I gotta get my hands (and feet) on a JGXT!

  2. haha, thanks brad, yeah they look amazing! i like the idea for your run too! and for sure you got to get the jgxt...whenever they're available:) haha

  3. A spirit run is a run with no set time or distance, no watch either :)

    Also, here's a great book on the subject of fitness intuition:


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