MBG Chicago and Luiz Claudio Brazilian Jiu-jitsu join forces!!

MBG Chicago:) Going to be Amazing!!!:)
It's official Luiz Claudio Augusto Goncalves, my good friend of 15 years and Rickson Gracie 10 year black belt is moving to Chicago to teach his LCCT (luiz claudio combat team) Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at the MBG Chicago!!
This is big news and a dream come true for Luiz and i, we talked about doing this 10 years ago when he started teaching at his own LCCT Academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was 10 years ago we both started our businesses and it will be 10 years to the day almost when we join forces and open one of the most bad ass training facilities in the world!! This is really exciting and we both know it is only the beginning:) Luiz is moving up in January 2011 and will begin immediately teaching his BJJ that has won him and his brother Thiago multiple world championships and many of his students! Guarantee MBG Chicago and LCCT will produce many many more World Champions:)
QUESTION FOR YOU: Here is a suggestion and question for you all. Can you workout with a friend and instead of doing sets and reps, do what we've been talking about lately, work for pure movement skills...work to perfect a movement, breathing, feel of a movement. I use to do this with break-dancing back in the day when i use to break in downtown Chicago...when we were training we'd take our turn doing a series of movements, then my brother from another mother (greg velasquez) would tell me this was good, or try this instead, etc. We were 110% about perfecting the movements, we were so into it time just flew by and it was one of the greatest times of my life:) So Can you do this with movement, exercise? Can you do a series of chin up movements...like the bartendaz? or can you do a parkour type movement? or can you simply do a combination of bodyweight combination movements that you makeup completely? Then all you do is take turns like i use to do back in the day, i'd go then greg would go and we'd do this for hours and hours every night...it was heaven!! An amazing thing happened with it too, we got really really good! We were so good we won competitions in Milwaukee, Chicago and even New York City!! We got paid to perform almost 7 nights a week! We were living our bboy dream:)
So long story short, can you, me, we all be "Soul Trainers" and take turns with our friend and just train for purity of movements and simply work to improve those movements and have lots of fun doing it?
Lets have a blast this month, lets all be "Soul Trainers" lets do this my friends!!


  1. Awesome post as always my Soul Training partner...having fun and just doing stuff without worrying about scores, times and rules is the only w to get better at any physical activity. My brother and I used to do this also with everything from breakdancin' and tennis to basketball, baseball, skateboarding and surfing. And this is the same thing we try to teach our clients @ BRIGA...give 100% in every workout - have a blast and the results will come!
    Stay strong my soul training friend & God bless!


  2. Jonny Hinds, yoooo bruddah, MBG Chicago lookin' f**in' shaweeeeeeet!!!

    Man bro, I been talking about "Soul Lifters" for years, you ain't readin' my blog son :(

    I got the idea from an OLD surf movie, where the guy was teaching a young kid to surf not for competition, but for the love of the water.

    Laird Hamilton calls himself a soul surfer... he surfs on any board or no board, he loves the water and doesn't discriminate against the various boards and even uses machines (jet skis) or he uses nothing and simply body surfs.

    I think he is a guy we would connect with VERY much.

    I met Mr. Panama and his homeboy, Chino, last spring, some of the coolest homeboys I ever met, and of course, we spoke about Bruddah Jonny Hinds and how he is one Bad MoFo!!

    Much Love Bruddahs!

    Time to go Mtn Bikin'!!



  3. thanks my soul training brahs!!:) yeah you're both right, it's not new but it something we tend to forget as we get caught up in outcome stuff. we all use to do it, mr. panama bboy?? heck yeah!!! zach a riah i can see you doing some windmills too and i'm not talking about the kettlebell kind:) haha good to have friends like you guys. been talking with mike mahler too and he wants to come out to mbg chicago this summer and we'll do a seminar together, maybe you guys can come out and we'll do some soul workouts huh!!:) peace my brothers!!!

  4. count me in! I've been doing this on and off for a while. Should be fun to do it consistently!


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