Lots of lessons and gifts today:) Ego and No Ego:)

How to assist a FULL POWER WHEEL ROLLOUT...no knees:) haha
Today started out as any other work day, get up and go work for a few hours, then
train, eat, rest, then work some more. As of late you might of noticed that i'm working
on dealing with the stresses of alot of work, training, teaching, speaking, inventing,
doing dvds, etc etc:) So this week i began to de-stress to find that which makes me
move thru the day easier...still got to work:) but you get my point:) so i work to pay
attention to what i do during the day, how i feel and move.
So i worked from 9-12:15, then went to train some bjj again with my buddy thales.
Did not really warm up to much and about half way thru the training we were practicing
triangle escapes and bam, i tweak my low back....ahh i drop to my back and lay there
for about 20 minutes....then slowly begin doing my eischens yoga and it starts to feel
better...so i'm done with bjj for the day but then think maybe i'm gonna do a little
soul training workout...simple push ups, chin ups and some variations...starts to make me
feel better....so of course stef is doing the harder stuff, so of course i had to join him (ego:)
and do a set of L seat to planche press hold...and tweak number 2!!! :) hahaha
Can you say knucklehead club member!:) So back to the floor and more Eischens Yoga;
mostly front warrior, that did the trick instantly brought me back to feeling pretty good again
so i ask what is my lesson here...warm up...yes...do my Eischens Yoga more hardcore...yes.
So tonight i'm getting a deep tissue massage from chad our MBG massage therapist and a
really solid massage therapist. So we're talking and i'm telling him why i feel i tweaked my
back...but just before this we're talking about how people need to go thru the fire, to do that
which is hard for them but they know they need to do...we're talking about training mostly.
so i'm telling him about how i want to get all our trainers up to silverback level....(you'll see
this level soon). Any ways we're talking, then i'm telling him why i think my back is injured.
The stresses of so much travel, work, speaking, writing, meeting...etc. I admit yes i'm doing
my Eischens Yoga daily still but not as hard core as i use to do, so i shorten the sequence up
OR only do a few poses half intense...i say i'm just not patient enough to do it fully. We keep talking
then i'm telling him i got to deal with my stresses and work on moving and breathing in a way
that helps me to relax and feel better. Then Chad smiles and says, that is your fire...i say What?
he says that IS your fire, doing the Eischens Yoga Fully and Daily, to BE patient with it...THAT
IS MY GIFT, MY LESSON. It was simple and right on the money...thank you chad:)
Training something that takes patience trains my patience! I've heard this before but never like this.
It hit home, he was right. It is funny my friends how everything is a gift if you just pay attention
and look for the gift in everything that comes to you:)
peace my friends:)


  1. Great post Jon! Where can I get a book or a DVD on Eischens Yoga ???

  2. Knucklehead Group,

    You may have just given me a gift Jon. I sit here as I do every morning reading e-mails and following my favourite blogs :) However, this morning I woke up an hour later than I usually do because I needed some extra sleep. Yesterday was a stressful and long day at the wellness centre and we had some water damage from the storm the night before. Much more damage than what is seen in my video I posted on my facebook page....8 tall recycling bins worth of water was pumped out from the cardio area. YEEEESH! Plus meetings on our NEW budget and I had to make some decisions on things that I didn't have a lot of time to think about. Stuff, I am sure you know from opening a bunch of MBG Gymnasiums.

    Anyway, how does this all relate. Usually I do my morning routine of foam rolling, Eischens yoga, juicing and go soul train at the playground near my house. I just got the PullUp Revolution last night too (Our MBG shipment came in at the wellness centre) so I am very excited to get out and do some muscle ups. I was about to just leave for my workout without rolling and EY and pray that I didn't tweak anything (because I almost always do when not warming up, you know, common sense stuff).

    So now I am even more late because I took the time to tell everyone this.....lol! Truly a gift though, so THANK YOU pal!

    Be safe, Be smart, eat your greens and take some time for yourself!

    aka Knucklehead member

  3. SShearer,

    Check the MBG website for a great Eischen's DVD.

  4. thanks nathan:) good reply:) i understand:)
    brad:) thanks for answering sshearer:) too:)
    peace my friends!


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