Jungle Gym XT "L" seats, dips, box planche press, great foods!!

Doing Planche Presses, working on bigger ROM:)
Focused today on being easy (Soul Training, YES:), training with control and enjoying some great foods!! As much as i want to chill all day long:) i got to work like a gorilla too:) haha
So all day i'm trying to stay calm, make decisions that make life easier, funner, more enjoyable:)
It's a process no doubt, on this note here's two good books for you all;
  1. The Curse of the Capable - co-written by my good friend John Allen Mollenhauer
  2. Thrive - by another good friend Brendan Brazier
Both books do a great job of giving some great pointers on how to live a happier and healthier life
The Thrive book by Brendan is a nutrition book with alot of great stress knowledge laid out in the front of the book that would be of value in a book by itself, but he's also got great vegan guidelines in it as well so it's a great book for you all anyways:) As he's a World Class athlete and a vegan...go ahead Brendan!
MBG 1 restoration - eischens yoga beginner sequence, hot / cold after workout shower, took 30 minute nap after that....felt good!!:)
MBG 2 training - practiced Jungle Gym XT muscle ups alternated with box planche 1/2 ROM presses. Then moved to reverse bar ups (going backwards around the bar as many times as possible) alternated with planche dips. Then moved to muscle up high pulls (not sure the name on this but i just pull as high as possible bar towards my hips) alternated with variation push ups (side to sides, tigers, 1 arm, super wide, etc). 
MBG 3 eating
  1. Green drink
  2. Quinoa, brazil nuts, grounded flax, SOLife, banana, goji berries
  3. Green drink and half organic food bar
  4. baby spinach, raspberries, blueberries, pea protein, walnuts, oats
  5. organic peanut butter
  6. kale, corn, 2 all organic and 100% veggies,  pink himalayan salt
  7. Green drink
Busy day and i did a good job of staying on point and had a good day:)
hope you all are doing good my friends:)


  1. great post jon! thanks for the tips and book recommendations. I've read many of the books you've suggested. Are there any others you have read lately that you would recommend? Also I know you said you enjoy the old time strength books, do you have a recomendation on any of those? Thanks a lot!


  2. hey joseph, glad you like the blog:) my favorite books on nutrition are the china study, thrive, engine 2, joel furhmans newest 2 books, the pleasure trap and skinny bitch. for old time training, go to abebooks.com and search physical culture and you'll get alot of options, look for old time gymnastics training (in english) along with old time strongmen and you'll see alot!!

  3. hey jon, thanks a lot! It's much appreciated!


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