Honor or Freedom (via Money)?

"To thine own self be true", this is a question i've seen alot with business since i was a little boy...at about 9 my dad invented Lifeline USA. he had made the ropes to help his insurance clients get in better shape so they did not have to pay so much insurance...then it hit him one day to help lots more people with the Jump Rope program he made TO help those people and himself get and stay in great shape....it worked, he did an honorable thing and it worked. Over the years i've seen alot of people take his ideas and use them for their own benefit on the jump ropes and tubing...it's happened alot...my dad trusts people, so do i, it is business with a simple handshake...it is honorable. growing up i always saw this, trust and people never forget it, build true friends, get burned occassionally as well. it's no different today with all of business, saw the facebook movie tonight and man that was crazy the lack of honor among some of them....it is a movie, so only they know the truth. I just need to say something that my native american ancestors said (read "neither wolf nor dog") that strikes a chord here that many do not understand and still may not. it is the way native people live and most non native people live and it is a very important point today. To live with honor and do that which is right in your heart, that helps people and planet for now AND for future generations. OR to purely go for that almighty dollar irrelevent of it's effect on people and planet for now and definitely not for our future. "To thine own self be true". You, Me, We cannot lie to ourselves, so WHY? live a life that is not true?
I know i'm probably preaching to the choir here but i just felt like writing something different tonight. i truly write this out as much as i can to keep a log on what i do because people ask me how i train and eat alot...and i want to help them get on the same path i'm on....one that helps people and planet for now and our future....honestly, because it is the honorable path i feel.
I've felt this strong drive to train pure movements since i was a little boy...to follow nature...to train for pure enjoyment and improvement of movement skills!
I've always loved animals and never wanted to harm or kill them...and always wanted to not eat them but that was what i thought was the only way i could stay strong....in 2004 i found out this was not true, that the meat and milk and fast food industries had lied for a buck. On that day in 2004 i heard it is not best for me and my hand pain i could not change fast enough to a 100% plant based diet and despite not doing it right for the first 8 months and losing 12.5lbs of muscle and gaining it back in fat, i said no way am i going back to hunting for carcasses in stores. I WILL FIND A WAY! and i did!:)
Despite everyone telling me back in august 2000 that a gym without machines would NOT work, i did what my heart said was needed....i did not listen to the thoughts of you got to make money...i honestly never have. I've been homeless twice in my life and i know money is not everything....living with honor is, doing that which you love is, helping people and planet is.
And you know what it has been a very very challenging road, no one paved this before me.
But my heart says i must do it.
my heart says live with honor, help people to return to the old simple ways of movement for the joy of movement. help people to eat in a way that is best for our health and the planets heath by eating foods natural to our primate bodies...plants! help people to heal pains in minutes instead of just sending them to some PT or doctor who most likely is going to give them a prescription instead of healing the actual problem at hand....which for those of you who've done Eischens Yoga is usually very simple to fix!
I'm driving by my ancestors and this planet and nature to live with honor. and this is the best way i know how to do it...thru health and fitness.
I train skills, eat plants, realign my mind and body with Eischens Yoga DAILY.
Training skills is about enjoying how we move, not how we look, it's about connecting to our instincts, our planet, not to the mirror. Re-align the mind & body Daily, keep yourself in balance....this again is about connecting to ourselves and our planet.Eating plants is about connecting with how we eat, our foods, our planet and doing so without harming another being on this planet!! We actually heard someone say to us recently "well didnt god put animals on the planet for us to eat!" WHAT!! SERIOUSLY! That sounds very familiar to what slave owners said about black people back in the slavery times..."that they are here for our benefit". We are all here together on this planet. Chief Seattle 1852 said this: "This we know: the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites one family. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
life is simple, follow your heart, deep down in your gut you will know the truth and ask yourself these questions: You cannot buy honor!
Do you train for appearance or performance?
Do you eat animal products because of pear pressure or pleasure or do you eat plant based because you want to do what is right for you and the planet?
Do you honestly strive to learn how to heal your body the true way by going inward OR do you take the quick fix short term solutions via drugs or surgeries?
thanks for your thoughts my friends:)


  1. So, so true brother. Keep spreading the word!!

  2. Wow, Jon, you were feeling some passion with that post! I have been following you blog for more than a few weeks now and training with Jessica online and I have to say you and your family and staff have it right! I have been standing up for these things since seeing how much better I felt after 1 week of plant based eating and it's not easy. People look at you like you're nuts for not wanting to eat animals! I met your dad when I stopped at Lifeline to pick up my first set of kettlebells and first jungle gym (was passing through, wanted to save on shipping) and he was amazing. I had read about what he had done and he just came up and started talking and telling me about this new pull-up thing you guys were working on and recommending the best jungle gym for my needs at that time. that was probably 2 years ago and was a very positive first impression to the quality of people and the genuine nature of the whole thing--you guys could charge way more than you do with all the publicity you do in seminars, videos, and free daily workouts but you keep it within reach for anyone. I commend you on what you've done and what you will no doubt continue to do, and your blog and MBG is a major influence for me turning things around! Paul

  3. By the way, I work in an ER, so most of the time we are doing emergency ways of healing people, but I do talk to patients and family (and apply to myself) the natural ways of healing oneself through better diet (now I know about plant based eating thanks to you and Jessica) and exercise (I wouldn't pretend to teach Eichens at this point but point people to you guys even though most of my patients want drugs). I have in a short time already healed my body with your yoga dvd and hope more people will catch on. Keep on keepin' on! Paul

  4. Great post, Jon.
    It's always good to hear the philosophy behind the training and eating - perhaps we just need to meditate on our lives every once in a while in between workouts and mealtimes.
    PS Re: "Hunting for carcasses in stores..." Love it!

  5. Great post Jon. You wear your heart on your sleeve and because of your openness you have helped and inspired so many, myself included.

    This journey we are on will take TIME but it is well worth it for so many reasons, right?


  6. Hey Jon,

    I'm really feelin how you are talkin about more than just the training and eating, because though they are SO important! That said, i love that your talking about some of the interconnectedness between a truly holistic approach to training, food, and health, to every aspect of the way we live. I just started reading this book in this class of my mentor Dylan Miner's, called Contemporary Indigenous Knowledge, the book is called "Wasáse" by Taiaiake Alfred, and from what i've read its DOPE. He's talking about a warrior's way, based on non-violence not to be confused with passivity. Im going to stop talking, but it has some really awesome ideas, that I totally connect to MBG and the work you are doing.
    Bien salud.

  7. The bodhisattva's path sure isn't an easy one! Thanks for following it and bringing people like me so much joy, and so much further on our own journeys. I send you my love and strength to continue when it's rough, :) dawn

  8. Jonny Bruddah - SO true and so unfortunate to see this, it has made people skeptical to a very great degree regarding fitness and fitness products.

    It is best to continue following your heart and providing amazing value to those who love to learn from you.

    I wish things were different, and I am personally hurt when I see people copying me as well.

    I ask them as a Coach, would you tell or condone your athlete to steal?

    As a friend, to ask them, I am at a loss for words why someone would steal or copy

    And most of all, as adults, who know better, why copy, or steal?

    You've been a GREAT friend Jonny and I am honored and respect our relationship, I am psyched to see you again my man!


  9. Fantastic Jon! Honesty with ourselves and others is a rarity these days. Thank you for walking the talk and leading by example. It may be a steep and difficult path but is also, noble and important. Among the many things I have to be thankful for this holiday is finding you and MBG those few years ago. Thank you.

  10. thank you my friends:) my "soul training" brothers and sisters:) much love back to you all:) now save a turkey and get a tofurkey:)
    much love!

  11. Another AWESOME post Jon! Just get true to your nature and things fall into place. Be sure to take a look at my blog when you have the time www.Jungle-Fit.blogspot.com


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