GREAT outdoor workout today!! JGXT legs, strong PB meals

Spinning around the bar!!:)
Whew good day:) Another day of challenging myself but in a smart way:) haha NOT too much that i over tax myself. Still did some light training, had fun, did not go to my usual tuesday meetings!!:)hahaha instead had some fun and relaxed, ate great again and rested.
MBG 1 restoration - eischens yoga beginner sequence, mid afternoon nap after training, hot/cold shower and loofa and lots of good H2O:)
MBG 2 training
Just played here for some pulls and pushes, did no reps, just practiced getting into positions and then making a routine out of on the parallel bars; L seat, up into planche press hold to forward roll to muscle up to jump over the bar to ground. This was fun:) Then stef and i did a simple but killer leg workout of pistols to russian lunges alternated with glute ham developers all on the playground as i showed you all a few weeks these two are an awesome bodyweight duo that crushes the legs!!:) 
MBG 3 eating:)
  1. green drink
  2. quinoa, pumpkin seeds, flax ground up, goji berries, SOLife, brazil nuts
  3. raw cashew butter and bananas about an hour before training
  4. baby spinach and water, banana, cacao, goji, SOlife, brazil nuts, pea protein
  5. green drink
  6. kale, corn, 2 veg patties, 2 ezekial sprouted tortillas, red pepper hummus, pink himalayan salt
Good day, felt alot better not doing the meetings and chilling in the morning today:)
peace my friends,
ONE POINT i made on my facebook page about michael vick and the washington team:) he crushed them!!! one of the best games by a QB ever, he took the game over. I also mentioned maybe this will wake DC up to changing the horrible team name and how it would be like naming a team the carolina crackers or the kansas city klan or the brooklyn blackies. It's time to change that teams name man, makes me sick that the nations capital still holds that is not cool at all! Got some support on the point and it's good to hear and hope you all agree too...give it up DC!!


  1. Hey Jon,
    Really feelin the soul training, this is what our society needs, focusing on movements, and good plan foods. Also, thank you for saying that about team names in the like, not only should we be focused on our physical health, through our practices, but our whole health... aka a consciousness to not allow oppressive actions towards any. I don't know if you've heard about it, but this book "Sistah Vegan" by A. Breeze Harper, is dope.
    Bien salud.


  2. Cool Jon. What did I challenge myself with? A nice 40 minute hilly run with my dog followed by PW rollouts and JG runners 3x15. It was challenging because work has been preventing me from getting out nearly as much as I want to. Probably in the worst shape I have been in a long time. Trying to be patient. The fitness will come but for now I'm enjoying training without expectations.

  3. Oh, and the DC team name is an embarrassment . Long past time to get rid of it.

  4. hey tyler and brad, thanks for your solid feedback:) how about the DC dumbasses? haha
    on the soul training brad, it doesnt mean you cannot train hard at all, its good to open up and go for it completely 100%, but when you cannot, recover and then go for it again if you want. so much more quality over quantity or poor reps. a cheetah doesnt run half hearted after a gazelle now:) it goes 110% either catches or not but knows when it is done too... then repeats as needed:) haha your run sounds cool, especially with your dog and tyler i'm gonna check out that book:)


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