Eischens Yoga AM, Monkey Barz PM, PB all day!! :)

Me on the Parallel Barz:) Getting there:) hahaha
Woke up and did my usual Indian clubs and chest expander morning routine, then my Eischens Yoga beginner sequence...man that feels amazing!!
Met with staff on MBG Chicago, loving where it's going, just alot of stress...so much money talk and so many things we're doing made my stomach upset and had to chill:) haha
Went for a short ride then watched my new young silverback trainer stef do a great job leading the noon class, that was very cool!
then Stef and i went to a middle school nearby and had a great Monkey Barz workout and played on them for about 45 minutes...we were toast:) since i'm going for training daily we decided to chill when we felt we were getting tired...so we'll see how that goes.
did lots of muscle ups on the bars, walking and jumping dips, planche 1/2 ROM handstand push ups, now even though it looks like about 2" reps, man they're still very hard:) haha
made a nice little sequence and that was what we were going for and it was alot of fun! 
look forward to doing it again tomorrow:)
began the day with simple apple and banana and some organic peanut butter, then half an organic food bar (this is a raw bar made of figs, nuts basically), then had an after workout chocalate pudding (thanks brendan brazier:) as it's super good! (if you dont know what i'm talking about get brendans book THRIVE:) then had some greens for dinner and then some popcorn as a later evening snack.
good day my friends,
who's joining me this month on the Monkey Barz?? :) 


  1. Jon,
    Do you have any videos of your indian club and chest expander routines? :) Thanks. have an awesome day.

  2. the chest expander shoulder routine i do every day is gonna be on my tip of the week very soon:)

  3. sweet...can't wait to see that!!!

  4. sweeeet shiz bruddah, there is a SIC school not far away from me w/monkey bars, in my OLD town, they removed ALL bars b/c one kid fell

    Good ol' commitment to "physical education"

    I'm bringing it BACK!

  5. :) heck yeah you're doing it brah:) good talking even for a minute today:) got a cool video i'm posting tonight bet you can do it!!:)


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