Crazy weekend, perfected the assisted muscle up today!!

Doing Glute Ham Developers with the Jungle Gym XT!!
QUESTION FOR YOU, HOW MANY JGXT 90 degree MUSCLE UPS CAN YOU DO IN A ROW? Start directly under the JGXT, pull to touch your ribs, then pause at the top, then touch the ribs on the descent to full arms extension and repeat:) It's harder than it looks:)
This weekend was sort of crazy weekend...drove to iowa to do 2 lectures, one of em 4 hours and the second was 90 minutes. both went along fine and had good groups at both, all the attendees were cool and dug what i was teaching alot:) so that was cool. but on the drive back we drove way out of our way to go get my dog...i was super excited about it, we drove about 300 miles actually out of our way to get him...and we drive up, i see no dog? so i ask where he is and she tells me someone at my gym told her i wasnt going to get him!!! what the hell!! man that sucked big time...i had told her twice i was coming and she gets someone from my gym on the phone who i had never talked to about my dog! ahhhh
well maybe it is for the better at least that is what i hope, he is a very cool dog!
So we're back in madison and as i always say, it's good to get back home, eat, rest and train the way i like to:)
MBG 1 restoration - did about 40 minutes of Eischens Yoga today using a yoga belt and block and man it felt great! Then i trained, after training did a hot / cold shower with loofa.
MBG 2 training - GREAT stuff today!! figured out exactly how to use the Pull Up Revolution to do muscle ups, worked perfect and so jess and i just took turns doing sets of a few reps each...we did it for about 10-12 sets each probably...wasnt counting, just having fun:) then did fist handstand push ups with 1 yellow bxt band for amap, then did tons of variation push ups, then did tiger push ups for amap alternated with JGXT muscle ups for amap with tight, slow this crushes the arms:) hahaha
MBG 3 eating - Great stuff here too!
  1. beet, parsley, carrot juice 
  2. kale/pine nut salad with some black eyed peas and brussel sprouts and this was good:) 
  3. green drink
  4. big dinner salad with kale, spinach, corn and 2 veggie patties and some pink himalayan salt:)
  5. popcorn
  6. green drink and an apple


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