Carpe Diem...Yes or No?

Some "SOUL TRAINING" today!!:)
Last night i wrote from my heart, talked about being true to yourself...walking and living a life of honor. Many of you responded and i truly appreciate your words, it really helps me stay focused and strong knowing i'm getting thru to some people out there:) haha
So, lately i've been really thinking alot about my monkey bar gym and how we really do the MBG3. When i first opened i was the only No machine, No mirror, No shoes gym anywhere. The way we trained then is now becoming mainstream...sort of:) haha SO for the first 5 years the mbg had no kettlebells or d-balls, i found them to be solid tools for training and so i added them. Since adding them though i have to be honest and say my overall physical strength and skills dropped. i kept thinking ahh i'm just so busy or this or that....but after 4 years of training with them i never beat any of my previous records...not one performance goal. SO last year i began to use them less and less until recently i realized that i never use them anymore:) haha I have 100% gone back to my old ways of training...pure bodyweight and some cables to assist or resist a skill movement....100% bodyweight!! and i must say i'm having more fun than i have in years and feel really good and strong at all my skills. So that is one clear path, no doubt in my mind bodyweight training resisted or assisted with cables or occassional vest works best!! I KNOW IT WORKS BEST for fun, skills, connecting with our bodies, minds, spirits and friends:)
Next in 2004 i began eating plant based (100% vegan), at my monkey bar gym though we followed a slightly safer route and told all our members to eat a 80-90% plant based diet. Now although this is alot better, it's still not really doing people and planet the best...NO LONGER AM I PLAYIN' IT SAFE HERE it's time to just be honest and to the point:) I'm a vegan, i know it's the best for people and planet and plan on showing all how to do it in a way that produces the highest levels of performance as well...people will re-think what vegetarians and vegans look like:)

Next the practice of Eischens Yoga, been doing it since Roger healed my bad back and knee in june of 1997. He healed my body so i could jump and run full out again. Since that time i've always done EY but after my knee and back pain lightened up i lightened up on it as well....sort of only doing it if in pain sort of thing. Recently i learned a bigger lesson, much bigger and longer lasting pain, that of the mind. I mentioned it on my blog a week ago, about how chad a good dude who occassionally does some work on me (deep tissue massage) said your stress relief is right there infront of you in the form of Eischens Yoga...i said patience has been hard for me lately, so a movie came to mind that said, in order to practice patience, you must be put in situations that require patience:) haha SO i had become impatient with my EY practice and with life...blaming it all on working too much, having no outlet for my constant work....the answer was infront of me and it feels good!....again:) Looking at my EY practice in this way completely changes it for me. I look at relaxing into each pose, thinking how can i improve this pose, can i extend and expand a little bit more while maintaining my alignment. not rushing thru it but enjoying it! taking my time with it makes the difference big time.
These points are all important for me to express as they are what i do, they are my message i'm speaking in this life and i am doing them my best:)
MBG 1 restoration - morning Eischens Yoga practice for about 40 minutes with blocks and belt, after workout hot/cold and loofa shower, 30 min nap this afternoon and lots of water:)
MBG 2 training - did alot of assisted PUR muscle ups alternated with planche handstand presses, then did traveling monkey bar chin ups alternated with planche dips and tiger push ups...getting a nice little sequence too going on the blue boxes:) on the video:)
MBG 3 vegan eating:) -
  1. 2 lemons, 2 oranges, 6 carrots juiced, man this was awesome!!
  2. quinoa, SOlife, walnuts, flax seeds, goji berries, hemp seeds - great substitute for oatmeal!!!
  3. kale, butternut squash, lentils and tomatoes
  4. green drink
  5. kale, butternut squash, corn, lentils, tomatoes
  6. popcorn
  7. celery and hummus snack
Saw the movie dead poets society, strong movie on living life in the moment, not waiting another moment! SO as i mentioned last night in my blog, live with honor, live with passion, go for it, follow your instincts....LEAD!!


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  2. Bodyweight movement, cable, jungle gym, power wheel & jump rope, simple tools, but power results. Cables & bodyweight was a power tool that help me recover after my first opening heart surgery & after my second surgery which was my heart transplant & I have never looked back. Wish I had the jungle gym at the time(Jon), but Mr. Hinds didn't have it on the market at the time, but I'm glad he has it now. I know what you you mean Jon, it has done wonders for my body & still is. Lets keep spreading the word & showing the world how it's done. Do your thing Jon!!!

  3. WhooooRAH!!!

    Once you settle in and can find some time to visit Toronto...My corporate wellness centre can benefit greatly from hearing you speak.

    I am taking heat for having a plant based facility....BIG TIME! I have helped people cure their cancer, stomach issues and acne with a raw food plan and yet people won't give it/me a chance. Frustrating!

    Plant Strong!

  4. Jon,
    Are the workouts of the day going to reflect your own personal training? I have added more gymnastic type movement everyday and did my first muscle up!

  5. Hey Jon, you know I've been Soul Training for a while and I feel you bro! I hadn't done heavy lifting in a while 'cause I've been on my Soul Training trip...lot's of handstands, wall and floor drills and of course climbing and power wheelin'!
    Thursday night I deadlifted 435lbs for 8 reps twice and with perfect form, after not doing anything like that in 4 months, just working on my body control and taking my time doing my Eischens Yoga for restoration. You know I've been eating plant based for a while too and I've never felt stronger!

    The more I get better because of my MBG3 and my own Soul Training more guys @ BRIGA are joining me on our mission. So it's not just for me, I gotta stay on top and get better because the more people realize you can be vegan and strong, do Yoga and not weigh below 100lbs and not rely on weights to have huge numbers...the more people are going to join our "army".

    I wrote a cool note for facebook I'll upload soon about my Soul Training jorney, I know you'll love it and be proud of it. You have changed the way I train and the way run my gym and the ways I live my life, I could never thank you enough...

    I'm a better person because of it and so are my clients that follow my lead...

    Soul Trainers Unite!


  6. right on my friends!!:)
    cos - you've been on the strong path always:)
    matthew - congrats my friend and yes the workouts are without a doubt starting the year 2011 more my style of training:)
    jonathan - whooo rhah back at ya!!:) for sure next time in toronto we r there !! yelling with you my friend..."LOOK, IT CAN BE DONE!!! AND WITH GREATER SUCCESS!!!!:)
    ory - thanks so much brah, means ALOT to me what you say my friend, very very cool! knew it when i met ya....soul brothers, soul trainers:)!!!


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