2 Travel Workout Videos: JGXT MU's, PJ hspu's, full PW rollouts in room!!

hey you all:) i'm down in iowa doing some speaking, today did a 4 hour lecture and tomorrow doing a 90 minute lecture at a local high school. Speaking to trainer, physical education teachers and coaches on bodyweight & cable training for performance....MBG style training:)
Jess doing off the door Power Jumper Press ups!
Started the session with a nice and long Eischens Yoga sequence...it was great! took our time, did it right:) After the seminar went to a local health food store and had some split pea soup and a hummus wrap and some mashed sweet potato:) good!
After that we went back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit and then decided to workout ourselves and did a great in hotel room workout and proved just how amazing our stuff is :) If i may say so myself:) haha
So started off with Jungle Gym XT assisted muscle ups...yes muscle ups in the hotel room off the door:) It worked great, sets of 10 slow and controlled was great and challenging and is a perfect transition to the real muscle ups:) We alternated these with Power Jumper Press ups (handstand push ups all the way down til your chest touches the floor....did a video of jess doing these and then i showed an easier version of simple assisted push ups....both great depending on your level. After doing these two for about 50 reps each, then we alternated JGXT glute ham developers (GHDs) and full power wheel rollouts assisted.
Jess doing off the door JGXT Muscle Ups!!!
Ate pretty good after that had some great snacks, cacao, goji berries, nuts and seeds, then chilled and read for awhile more and then went and had a great dinner at this place called exotic thai. Now i've eaten thai food all over the world and got to say this was one of the best thai restaurants i've ever been to in my life...amazing food. Jess had a great thai salad and i had an amazing basil veggie chicken dinner with lots of veggies:) brown rice and then this out of this world mock veggie chicken that was off the charts good:) 
Tomorrow we're doing another shorter seminar and doing alot of suspended training, poles, ropes, Jungle Gym XT drills, handstands and some power wheel drills:) Then we're off to maybe pick up a dog:) been thinking about getting a dog and found one that looks great so jess and i are gonna go meet this dooger near chicago on our way home and hope he's as cool in person as he looks online:) so excited about that big time and chicago is getting closer and closer!!!:)
QUESTION FOR YOU: how to do MBG your workouts on the road? straight up traditional push ups with the power push up? Jumping rope? Or outside the box like jess and i did? tell me what you do okay:)
Now chill, help someone you dont know today and laugh alot:)


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