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Soul Trainers UNITE!! making that which is weak STRONG!!!


Carpe Diem...Yes or No?

Some "SOUL TRAINING" today!!:) Last night i wrote from my heart, talked about being true to yourself...walking and living a life of honor. Many of you responded and i truly appreciate your words, it really helps me stay focused and strong knowing i'm getting thru to some people out there:) haha
So, lately i've been really thinking alot about my monkey bar gym and how we really do the MBG3. When i first opened i was the only No machine, No mirror, No shoes gym anywhere. The way we trained then is now becoming mainstream...sort of:) haha SO for the first 5 years the mbg had no kettlebells or d-balls, i found them to be solid tools for training and so i added them. Since adding them though i have to be honest and say my overall physical strength and skills dropped. i kept thinking ahh i'm just so busy or this or that....but after 4 years of training with them i never beat any of my previous records...not one performance goal. SO last year i began to use them less and…

Honor or Freedom (via Money)?

"To thine own self be true", this is a question i've seen alot with business since i was a little about 9 my dad invented Lifeline USA. he had made the ropes to help his insurance clients get in better shape so they did not have to pay so much insurance...then it hit him one day to help lots more people with the Jump Rope program he made TO help those people and himself get and stay in great worked, he did an honorable thing and it worked. Over the years i've seen alot of people take his ideas and use them for their own benefit on the jump ropes and's happened dad trusts people, so do i, it is business with a simple is honorable. growing up i always saw this, trust and people never forget it, build true friends, get burned occassionally as well. it's no different today with all of business, saw the facebook movie tonight and man that was crazy the lack of honor among some of is a movie, so o…

Crazy weekend, perfected the assisted muscle up today!!

Doing Glute Ham Developers with the Jungle Gym XT!! QUESTION FOR YOU, HOW MANY JGXT 90 degree MUSCLE UPS CAN YOU DO IN A ROW? Start directly under the JGXT, pull to touch your ribs, then pause at the top, then touch the ribs on the descent to full arms extension and repeat:) It's harder than it looks:)
This weekend was sort of crazy weekend...drove to iowa to do 2 lectures, one of em 4 hours and the second was 90 minutes. both went along fine and had good groups at both, all the attendees were cool and dug what i was teaching alot:) so that was cool. but on the drive back we drove way out of our way to go get my dog...i was super excited about it, we drove about 300 miles actually out of our way to get him...and we drive up, i see no dog? so i ask where he is and she tells me someone at my gym told her i wasnt going to get him!!! what the hell!! man that sucked big time...i had told her twice i was coming and she gets someone from my gym on the phone who i had never talked to abou…

2 Travel Workout Videos: JGXT MU's, PJ hspu's, full PW rollouts in room!!

hey you all:) i'm down in iowa doing some speaking, today did a 4 hour lecture and tomorrow doing a 90 minute lecture at a local high school. Speaking to trainer, physical education teachers and coaches on bodyweight & cable training for performance....MBG style training:) Jess doing off the door Power Jumper Press ups! Started the session with a nice and long Eischens Yoga was great! took our time, did it right:) After the seminar went to a local health food store and had some split pea soup and a hummus wrap and some mashed sweet potato:) good!
After that we went back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit and then decided to workout ourselves and did a great in hotel room workout and proved just how amazing our stuff is :) If i may say so myself:) haha
So started off with Jungle Gym XT assisted muscle ups...yes muscle ups in the hotel room off the door:) It worked great, sets of 10 slow and controlled was great and challenging and is a perfect transition to the real…

Lots of lessons and gifts today:) Ego and No Ego:)

How to assist a FULL POWER WHEEL knees:) haha
Today started out as any other work day, get up and go work for a few hours, then
train, eat, rest, then work some more. As of late you might of noticed that i'm working
on dealing with the stresses of alot of work, training, teaching, speaking, inventing,
doing dvds, etc etc:) So this week i began to de-stress to find that which makes me
move thru the day easier...still got to work:) but you get my point:) so i work to pay
attention to what i do during the day, how i feel and move.
So i worked from 9-12:15, then went to train some bjj again with my buddy thales.
Did not really warm up to much and about half way thru the training we were practicing
triangle escapes and bam, i tweak my low back....ahh i drop to my back and lay there
for about 20 minutes....then slowly begin doing my eischens yoga and it starts to feel i'm done with bjj for the day but then think maybe i'm gonna do a little
soul training …

GREAT outdoor workout today!! JGXT legs, strong PB meals

Spinning around the bar!!:) Whew good day:) Another day of challenging myself but in a smart way:) haha NOT too much that i over tax myself. Still did some light training, had fun, did not go to my usual tuesday meetings!!:)hahaha instead had some fun and relaxed, ate great again and rested. So my question for you, WHAT DID YOU CHALLENGE YOURSELF WITH DOING TODAY? MBG 1 restoration - eischens yoga beginner sequence, mid afternoon nap after training, hot/cold shower and loofa and lots of good H2O:) MBG 2 training -  Just played here for some pulls and pushes, did no reps, just practiced getting into positions and then making a routine out of on the parallel bars; L seat, up into planche press hold to forward roll to muscle up to jump over the bar to ground. This was fun:) Then stef and i did a simple but killer leg workout of pistols to russian lunges alternated with glute ham developers all on the playground as i showed you all a few weeks these two are an awesome b…

Jungle Gym XT "L" seats, dips, box planche press, great foods!!

Doing Planche Presses, working on bigger ROM:) Focused today on being easy (Soul Training, YES:), training with control and enjoying some great foods!! As much as i want to chill all day long:) i got to work like a gorilla too:) haha So all day i'm trying to stay calm, make decisions that make life easier, funner, more enjoyable:) It's a process no doubt, on this note here's two good books for you all; The Curse of the Capable - co-written by my good friend John Allen MollenhauerThrive - by another good friend Brendan BrazierBoth books do a great job of giving some great pointers on how to live a happier and healthier life The Thrive book by Brendan is a nutrition book with alot of great stress knowledge laid out in the front of the book that would be of value in a book by itself, but he's also got great vegan guidelines in it as well so it's a great book for you all anyways:) As he's a World Class athlete and a vegan...go ahead Brendan! MBG 1 restoration - eischens …

Soul Training:) RE-ENERGIZING!! Jungle Gym XT planche video!!

Jungle Gym XT "L seat" to Planche hold
Yesterday was a tough day, meetings all day and a good talk gave me some insight to chill like a gorilla:) Sometimes in life we get caught up, we work like mad, train like mad and then we forget to make sure we re-charge the batteries by sleeping 4-6 hours and not taking any rest breaks during the day:) I learned a big lesson and actually listened:) haha My friend John Allen Mollenhauer and i were talking and we talked about re-charging the batteries, i've not been doing it enough:) yesterday i was dragging, he called me on it and was right on the money. So i went home, ate a good meal and went to bed at 10pm...about 2 hours early for me:) and i slept til 8:30am!! Then just chilled, did only what i wanted to do, passed on meetings, relaxed, ate good foods, drank a ton of water, then had a super fun, easy yet sort of challenging workout, then ate some more good food, then slept for almost another hour:) haha good recovery day!
Then w…

Two gifts from friends today:) split grip Muscle up!! Strong plants:)

Today was very stressful, as i've mentioned with all the work going on to open MBG Chicago, MBG Madison, working on new inventions with my families business Lifeline USA and planning my move to chicago:)....oh yeah, training, restoring and eating too:) haha.
So today i needed a little brotherly love:) and i got it in the form of a very very funny card and gift from a good friend Jared T out in LA, sent me a super funny card with a cat chillin' on the front and on the inside it said "I meditate, I chant, I do yoga every day...and i still want to smack someone!! :) haha That is exactly how i felt today:) and i really really needed to read that! Super funny and the cat has this look on his face like "what the fu*k you looking at!!:)
My second gift was talking on the phone with my boy Zach-E from Jersey...he made me laugh again even though i had 'just' gotten out of 4 more hours of meetings today...we talked only a few minutes but he always brings a smile to my fac…

Eischens Yoga AM, Monkey Barz PM, PB all day!! :)

Me on the Parallel Barz:) Getting there:) hahaha Woke up and did my usual Indian clubs and chest expander morning routine, then my Eischens Yoga beginner that feels amazing!! Met with staff on MBG Chicago, loving where it's going, just alot of much money talk and so many things we're doing made my stomach upset and had to chill:) haha Went for a short ride then watched my new young silverback trainer stef do a great job leading the noon class, that was very cool! then Stef and i went to a middle school nearby and had a great Monkey Barz workout and played on them for about 45 minutes...we were toast:) since i'm going for training daily we decided to chill when we felt we were getting we'll see how that goes. did lots of muscle ups on the bars, walking and jumping dips, planche 1/2 ROM handstand push ups, now even though it looks like about 2" reps, man they're still very hard:) haha made a nice little sequence and that was what…

MBG Chicago and Luiz Claudio Brazilian Jiu-jitsu join forces!!

It's official Luiz Claudio Augusto Goncalves, my good friend of 15 years and Rickson Gracie 10 year black belt is moving to Chicago to teach his LCCT (luiz claudio combat team) Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at the MBG Chicago!!
This is big news and a dream come true for Luiz and i, we talked about doing this 10 years ago when he started teaching at his own LCCT Academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was 10 years ago we both started our businesses and it will be 10 years to the day almost when we join forces and open one of the most bad ass training facilities in the world!! This is really exciting and we both know it is only the beginning:) Luiz is moving up in January 2011 and will begin immediately teaching his BJJ that has won him and his brother Thiago multiple world championships and many of his students! Guarantee MBG Chicago and LCCT will produce many many more World Champions:)
QUESTION FOR YOU: Here is a suggestion and question for you all. Can you workout with a friend and instead o…

MBG Chicago video, JGXT new exercises!!

MBG Chicago video at night! Window signs up!!!
Spent all day yesterday in chicago doing business and i mean all day!!! Meetings til 5pm! We're very excited with the team we are developing to make Monkey Bar Gym a household name:)
I'm very fortunate to have really good people around me. In the video i'm just showing you all the space, the buildout is to start this week, so lots of painting and then the bars, floor and locker rooms go in:) Then we're ready to go!! It is funny how when you put out good energy good things come your way, we are working hard and keeping MBG 3 in mind, working hard to help as many people as possible and to change the fitness world to as positive and healthy as possible. I just wanted to say i appreciate all those that are working with me now, all of you that support what we are doing and all those that have gone before me that have put me where i am today:) Peace and appreciation to you all:)
My good buddy Ory (mr. panama:) said something ver…

No Ego workout, JGXT muscle ups, stair crawls, power wheel & lots more:)

Tonight i got another massage from MBG Super Masseur Chad Yonkus and while he was inflicting some serious pain:) we always talk about good books, quotes and muscles and pain. Tonight we discussed the egoless training, he made a good point that people really need to just live egoless:) true that my friend true that:)
Why ego-less workouts or training? Because it is training peacefulness, being in the moment and the biggest reason, cause it is just plan fun, you're not caught up in the outcome!! The more we practice this the more it's gonna become a part of our life. I look at it like brazilian jiu-jitsu training or any other martial art, you hear it all the time, you train so you dont have to FIGHT!! To develop that inner peace and confidence that you do not have to show off how tough you are...thus being ego-less:). In bjj you train this and reach the black belt and higher levels by not forcing things, by not resisting life, by flowing....ego-less. My old bjj instructor Rickson…

New Power Wheel in the works! Biked madison all day:)

Man i rode my bike a ton today:) loved it, cool, about 45 and sunny,, so great for riding:)
MBG meetings we got alot going on and it's super exciting! More MBG's wanted all over the world! Very cool:) More video tips coming up on our e-blasts for everyone! And 2011 is gonna be crazy awesome! Got big things for January:)
Yesterday i asked about training 100% for enjoyment, NOT FOR EGO!! but purely for the pureness of improving movement and enjoying that training without thinking i got to get that pump!

Lifeline Meeting right after MBG meeting...long day!!:) haha Talked about the new Power Wheel, it's gonna be off the hook!! Look for it next fall though as we're in development right now but the drawings are amazing:) We're working on my Power Wheel, my Jungle Gym XT and some others, it's fun i love inventing stuff and me and my dad are always competing with who can out invent the other:) It's alot of fun, just can overwhelm me a bit sometimes when i'm so …

MBG test day results, Jungle Gym XT...better get one:) it's Badass!!

Decided to just do a MBG workout for today and it was cool:) Just did the tests, then did some 1 arm handstand holds, some weighted backdomes and some traveling rings....pure fun:)
LAST NIGHT i was reading and a sentence hit me, are we really ourselves, or do we play the role of someone else? For sure when we meet some people we are different, we ACT like someone else. Now the same can be said about the way we train, are we training for a look, or for pure movement, for fun, for just getting better at our basic survival skills of running, jumping, crawling, climbing? Sometimes even with full body functional movements we can get caught up with the constant drive of training for improving our reps or weights on a full body exercise like cleans, swings, this is cool for sure, it without question improves performance....our goal. All i am asking here is, is this really the most natural way? Do we all have to compete to get bigger? Cant we just have fun swinging on bars, jumping ,…