Day 88 of 90: almost there my friends:) hahaha great training today!!

My Mom (Joy:) and my Dad (Bobby) amazing people!!
Okay i realize my 90 day challenge is up in just two days:) I'm cool with that fact that i'm not hitting them:) Going for them is the point, despite my travels and work crushing my training, i kept doing my best:) I'm still going for them and will get them as soon as i can....think i might get the Power Wheel + 40 vest for 100 yards soon:) the Dunk next and then the, that one is a big time challenge for sure:) we'll keep you posted on that:) hahaha
A few days i wrote about one of my Dads accomplishments...1 of Many:) haha
It was the 63 reps in 10 seconds jumping rope back in 1974 at the age of 43!! It is many
times we see in life that people do not appreciate how amazing their parents are...i had
my spell for sure, rebelled, but i'm so appreciative now to be able to see how amazing they
are, filled with love for life, health, their children and grandchildren:) But got to also say some more
achievements they both have done physically...they're impressive:)
My Dad: Multiple times NCAA boxing champion, Golden Gloves Champion, 6-0 record as a pro (had to retire due to bad break in his wrist, Jump Rope World Record of 63 reps in 10 seconds...these are some. Today he easily can do 10 "L" seat chin ups, tons of push ups and does 5 times to the top of his stairwell daily...that is 14 flights!!! Ha! Bad Ass!!
My Mom: at 80 is probably the only woman in the world who can do a wicked triple threat!!
She can do a chin up from hanging! She can kick up into a handstand!! And squat and hold a full squat butt to heels with feet all the way together and hold it!! Amazing! She has been training at my MBG ever since she had open heart surgery 4 years ago and then 2 anerisms the next summer...shes really amazing!
They both have been eating plant based since and both feel really strong and healthy and vibrant big time! I'm a lucky man:)
QUESTION FOR YOU: parents or not, someone helped you, someone made you the person you are today even if you did not appreciate them along time ago, you are here my friends....give thanks, they helped make you strong, gave you the gifts you have and also gave you some things to work more on:) haha.
MBG 1 restoration - quick Eischen Yoga sequence today, then quick hot/cold shower too:) haha
MBG 2 training - practiced 1 arm handstand holds with fingers against wall and 1 arm hands for 15 seconds each for about 4-5 sets of these:)
Handstand negative to planche 1" off floor x 5 reps, then x 5 press ups off wall w/70lb bxt cable
1 arm chin up (held other wrist) x 5, then 5 1 arm JGXT (on 1 leg) chin ups
Did 4 sets of each for 40 total reps of this felt awesome!!!
Then trained BJJ with some of my brazilian friends Danielo and Mosquito, young and wicked good!!
Trained straight for about 75 minutes....whew:)
MBG 3 eating plant based -
soaked oats, blueberries, cranberries, SOLife, walnuts
kale, carrots, beans, parsley, sunflower seeds, beets, amaranth, lentils
spinach, fresh squeezed beets, kale and apple, SOlife, walnuts
peace out my friends:) appreciate the love, no matter how you got where you got, you're here:) appreciate it:)


  1. It's been great following your progress - congratulations on the 90 days! Amazing what you can do and how much better your recovery is on a plant based diet. Also, can not believe your Mom is 80! And can't believe she is able to do chins - totally inspirational! Keep up the great work! Steve


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